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Bowling next to Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson — Carter Reynolds
Aquí te dejo a Zac Efron por sí tuviste un mal día. — Barbie Harp
Zac Efron just gets hotter and hotter omg 😍 — Real Talk
SELENA GOMEZ REMEMBER: #36 Selena Gomez, Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens — Ziperativo @TVZNEWS
thinkin' bout zac efron, do not disturb — Tyler Oakley
Trágame tierra y escupeme en el cuarto de Zac Efron. — Barbie Harp
Whoever ends up marrying Zac Efron will win at life basically — Bitch Problems ♔
Zac Efron is beautiful 😩😍 — Lady Boners
Zac Efron is the type of guy that when your pregnancy test comes out negative you get disappointed. — Typical Girl
Zac Efron has been crowned this year’s "Hottest Hunk Alive" and rightly so!!! — The LASS Bible
It's almost too much hot for 1 pic! Zac Efron & Robert Pattinson hung out last night & we're swooning. PICS: —
Zac Efron หิ้วกระเป๋าขึ้นรถ หลังไปค้างคืนที่บ้านแฟนสาวหมาดๆ Michelle Rodriguez ! — Gun EFM
We all just bowled with Zac Efron and Robert Patenson. Never a dull moment. — Romeo Lacoste
Michelle Rodriguez -- Workin' The Pole During Zac Efron Makeout Sesh (PHOTOS) - #celebrities #gossip #kudunews — KUDU!NEWS
when zac efron talked about Zayn being hot #MTVHottest One Direction — #4YearsOf1D

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