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"Circus Avenue Night" - El show que haremos una sola vez, en Madrid. Además, una de las entradas te lleva directo a MCA 2014 - Xmas! — Blas Cantó
I memorizing lines for an Xmas movie for @lifetimetv. I'm not acting in the Aaliyah movie, I'm exec producing. — Wendy Williams
???Xmas Disney??? 行きたい人はRT♪*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:* http://t.co/YzXLbl55he — 腹黒過ぎるお姫様
Dante Exum jersey made from ink & a sunburn > new Miami Heat Xmas jerseys | http://t.co/AYJB2yefHr http://t.co/I4c7ScaI4p — Ballislife.com
The only way Practice Lang Daw Talaga recovers from this is if they bring in Michael Jordan to go 1 on 1 with Lebron James on xmas day. — Hardball
Good days to bury bad news: Xmas Eve: Lab says won't publish rpt on alleged comp hacking by H Jones son. Today, eyes elsewhere, she quits — Michael Crick
Shania Twain, with a series of cameras shooting her show @ Caesars Palace on Tues, reportedly for a TV special & DVD release before Xmas #fb — Norm Clarke
国際的要人「な、何だ貴様は!どこから入った!警備は何をしてる!」サンタさん「ちょっと子守唄歌ってやったら簡単に寝んねしちまって。さぁクリスマスプレゼントの時間だ(デザートイーグルの銃口を向ける)」「し、至急援護を寄こせ!こ、殺さ」 「Merry Xmas」\パンッ/ — 裏ワロスwwwBOT
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Diwali 15), Bajirao Mastani (Christmas 15), Sultan (Eid 16 unconfirmed), Shhuddhi (Diwali 16), Ayan-Ranbir (Xmas 16). — Indicine.com
Whoa! @DriveThruCards has a weeklong Xmas in July sale! ALL Smart Play Games 25% off! http://t.co/jG0GiUHogo http://t.co/JneuBY8Sx1 — Daniel Solis
Look what's back #BeanieFound http://t.co/jZ7zX5kRPO Xmas in July http://t.co/f1XOkRs9xY — Seahawks Pro Shop
Job tweet: Do you want extra money this Xmas?@QVC_UK_Careers are recruiting at their call centre in Knowsley: http://t.co/PBbwVXnzWx — Liverpool Echo
Xmasイブですけど平日ですけど。ええ。 — 平成ギャルbot
Xmasは恋人と過ごしましょう的な風潮まじやめてほしい #好きな人すらいません — 平成ギャルbot
Xmasが終わってちょっと切ない気持ち。 — 平成ギャルbot

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