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Just saw performance!! YESSSSS @THESTEVIRITCHIE camp as Xmas but he rocked it! End of the day is up there having some serious fun.. Why not! — Olly Murs
Apparently it's Xmas time lol the mall is packed!!!! — Sierra Dallas
I'm writing some video ideas for the rest of the year, what would you like to see? Might inc some collabs for xmas 🙈💗 http://t.co/OSXC7La9O2 — GABRIANA
No matter what you believe, if someone wishes you Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc. Say thank you. It's an act of kindness. — Interesting Facts
【cube presents PRINCE LIVE~2014 Xmas~】12/24、25CBGKシブゲキ!! 出演予定:松下洸平、上山竜治、白洲迅、木戸邑弥、川原一馬、加藤諒、金井成大、24日:海老澤健次/25日:君沢ユウキ、他! http://t.co/8lFrMNZCs2 — キューブ舞台制作
Meet The Vamps will be available at @Target on Nov. 4 - a very special Xmas version!! http://t.co/sLr1usQlUy — WaddySolomon
On the 2nd week of Xmas my teachers gave to me 5 all-nighters 4 hrs of crying 3 mental breakdowns 2 thoughts of dropout & a month of anxiety — The Happy Page
Christmas is just around the corner - shop our new Xmas collection, including our Xmas Jumper! http://t.co/45anmaGcsd http://t.co/XEjFGvbVgo — Help for Heroes
今年のディズニー♪ ハロウィン&Xmas🎄🎄🎄🎄 ペアルックor制服 冬は寒いけど最高ヽ(*´∀`)ノ もう行くしかないでしょ(・∀・)ゞテ゛シッ!! 思い出作りできるといいね〜♪ http://t.co/EGzT1fuCNo — RYO---MA【伶真】
【PRINCE LIVE~2014 Xmas~】12/24•25 CBGKシブゲキ!! 松下洸平、上山竜治、白洲迅、木戸邑弥、川原一馬、加藤諒、金井成大、花塚廉太郎、上條駿、緒方陽太、井阪郁巳、中山大輔、村上貴亮/海老澤健次、君沢ユウキhttp://t.co/qNPYdA0qiW — キューブ舞台制作
The French are unhappy with their new XMAS tree statue - can't imagine why! #parisstatue http://t.co/epbxCUVYzz — Jacqueline Gold
Just confirmed. RTE TV to show 1 HR documentary on 32 Marathons in 32 Days adventure b4 XMAS. Here's a sneak preview.https://t.co/Q7xqp70CRc — Gerry Duffy
トナカイ 初コスプレ(´∀`。)>* うさ飼いの皆様に素敵な Xmasが過ごせますように http://t.co/fKNevldbHm @18Smsk — とことんうさぎ画像Gold
“@mrsfuzzymuzzy: @ollyofficial #askolly what do you want for Xmas ....apart from Trifle lol” good present for a change 😜✌️ — Olly Murs

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