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Dear christian:this lovely bracelet was under the xmas tree w no tag. Myb it wasnt 4 me? So pretty. @51ShadesOfGrey http://t.co/gyWjXwzZrU — Marcia Gay Harden
#LFC were top on Xmas Day & had a whole month to get players in and build on that & guarantee 4th spot. Failed miserably. Feel for Rodgers — Jay
http://t.co/N4MsCAynoA Guard has "blood on his hands" from involvement in Xmas Island. Will Morrison deny the facts again? — julianburnside
whispers* I wonder if zayn will tweet harry whispers* that would be a xmas miracle whispers* xmas was over a month ago whispers* oh yeah — Zayn Malik
SHELTERED being developed as a film. Guess we don't have to keep this secret anymore: http://t.co/ggf4jMjPWW @j_xmas @sharihes @ImageComics — Ed Brisson
THE WALKING DEAD producers are bringing SHELTERED to the Big-Screen. @edbrisson @j_xmas: http://t.co/yWaZ7r0fsH — Image Comics
[VID] 131225 Youngmin - Dance Time at LOVE COMMUNICATION PREMIUM EVENT ~ Pinky Xmas ~ (cr: charismagical) http://t.co/cfNcGgh9KF — BFheree♬
The reason Christmas is known as Xmas is that the ‘x’ is the Greek letter chi, which is the 1st letter of Christ’s name in Greek (Χριστός). — Most Wow Facts
Forget New Year's Day and Xmas day for Jim White today is THE day of the year! Deadline day madness ⚽️⚽️⚽️ — Elliott Bennett
Being a #ncfc fan on transfer deadline day is like being a Jehovah's witness on Xmas day. Watching as other fans get their prezzies. 😴 — Stephen Ives
"We were constantly monitoring them & we let them die." A former immigration dept employee on her time on Xmas Island http://t.co/wzUK3QVall — Crikey.com.au
Although the credit card bill from Xmas can be difficult, it’s NEVER an excuse for domestic abuse. #TakeTheFirstStep http://t.co/hLQyyUpi5X — Surrey Police
C'mon Bill for once can us Everton Fans wake up to a surprise in the morning? Pretend it's Xmas Pls! Heitinga left! Money available #EFC — Michael Ball
On the 2nd week of Xmas my teachers gave to me 5 all-nighters 4 hrs of crying 3 mental breakdowns 2 thoughts of dropout & a month of anxiety — Relatable
#Photo: braidyntopor12 - "if I don't have my family in my corner I don't have anything" - J. @ our family Xmas '11" http://t.co/v8EFge4u0P — beliebers.

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