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@Luke5SOS No need for amnesia, this love is real. #Xbox — Xbox
I hope it's an xbox — Baby Animals
Both PSN and Xbox Live are down. — IGN
Why do they make you pay for online services if it can be taken down by a bunch of 14-15 year olds who buy booters? @Xbox @PlayStation — The Finest
A Christmas Miracle. How @MegaPrivacy saved @Xbox & @PlayStation from the @LizardMafia attack. Enjoy your games! :-) — Kim Dotcom
Xbox and PSN have been restored. Give it about 30min to an hour for full service. — The Finest
Xbox should be pretty much restored. Still working on PSN. #FinestSquad — The Finest
Usuarios de PlayStation y Xbox reportan problemas en las redes por un posible ciberataque — CNN en Español
7pm GMT tonight I'll do a giveaway for either an xbox one or ps4. Help me pick RT for Xbox One, Favourite for PS4. — TBJZL
PlayStation, Xbox Live problems force users offline. Hackers claim responsibility. — CNN Breaking News
RT and FAV If you can sign into PS4, PS3, or Xbox. #FinestSquad. — The Finest
XBox Live and PlayStation Network both down due to an apparent attack — Engadget
Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are having problems, and hackers could be responsible — The Verge
Hacked? Xbox and Playstation networks both go down — NBC News

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