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Eggs: Dyed. Chocolate: Eaten. Time to relax with some #Xbox. — Xbox
Not texting girls back because we are playing Xbox is a legitimate excuse.. — GuyCodes
RT/Fav to enter the giveaway. $10 xbox code, not much but still something Winner picked later today — C4s
Retweet for a chance at $29.99 Microsoft card!!! 2,100 xbox points!!! #MyMannn — Edwin Castro
Feeling lucky? @drewbrees is holding a charity raffle and the prize is the #SB48 #XboxOne. — Xbox
COMPETITION If all Premier League teams score this Weekend, 1 follower will WIN an Xbox or PS4 RETWEET to enter ✅ — DoubleBubble Tips ⚽
Retweet this for a chance at 30k!!!! My mannn! Xbox and PS!!! #MyMannn #Packsss @Twitch — Edwin Castro
4 reasons why PS4 is outselling Xbox One: — Forbes
Cleared Friends list, Going to add 10 people on Xbox that RT´s this! — BeGoz
What does it take to run a global gaming service like Xbox Live? @thevowel talks about it in this article: — Larry Hryb
XBOX ONE GIVEAWAY If Mata scores first and United win against Everton RT FOLLOW @92Extras to enter Good luck — Latest Football News
12 tips and tricks for using the Xbox One: — UberFacts
Everyone is waiting for this #FaZe5 video to get uploaded so they can run to they're xbox like — Gamma Merc
What are you doing next Saturday? Join me in New Mexico and let’s dig up video game history — Larry Hryb
Microsoft is making it possible to make unified apps for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox — Forbes Tech News

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