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RT (and follow) to win an XBox One with Madden 15! #ESPNNFL1Million — NFL on ESPN
Xbox One burgers now available in Hong Kong: — Kotaku
Hot tip for those of you wanting an @Xbox One: Buy it in Hong Kong, get a free burger with it — IGN
Hand of Fate for Xbox One - code. Just RT for your chance to win. Will draw winner fast - so be qwik ;) #XboxOne — Mike Ybarra
XCLUSIVE: Find out how to WIN a custom-themed #XboxOne controller! #XboxSweeps —
New Guitar Hero and Rock Band games are reportedly coming to Xbox One and PS4 — The Verge
Surprise early release of Xbox One update is a surprise... — 4J Studios
We could see a new installment of 'Guitar Hero' for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: — Mashable
It's official. Neverwinter coming to @Xbox One on 3/31! #DefendTheRealms — Neverwinter
Report: A "more realistic" Guitar Hero is in the works for PS4, Xbox One. — GameSpot
A "more realistic" Guitar Hero for Xbox One & PS4 could be announced at E3 in June. — GameSpot
Xbox One gets free-to-play MMO Neverwinter this March. — GameSpot
LIMITED!! Grab an XBOX ONE 1TB CoD: Advanced Warfare Console + CoD:AW + Forza 5 for £299.99! —
Neverwinter Coming to Xbox One end of March cc @NeverwinterGame — Larry Hryb
If you buy an Xbox One in Hong Kong you get a free Burger 😳 — Matt Craig

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