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Maya Moore scores 48 points in 2OT win for Minnesota Lynx, 2nd-most in WNBA history. Moore: 16-30 FG, 7-9 3-pt FG. http://t.co/ML3SELVTzV — SportsCenter
This is why nobody respects the WNBA https://t.co/QPO8u8iKbG — No Chill
A new career-high 48 points (2nd most ever) for @MooreMaya as @minnesotalynx defeat @AtlantaDream 112-108 in 2OT! http://t.co/8uD1lYnaLM — WNBA
Maya Moore w/ 47p w/ time left in 2OT. Reminder: WNBA record for single-game pts is 51... — WNBA
This is why people don’t like WNBA https://t.co/wicM7EMvS2 — Black Mario
Crazy dunk in the WNBA 😱🏀 https://t.co/EDoRgvABYX — Joey Shmurda ♚
rt if u wud rathr find $5 on teh street than hav ur staets WNBA teem win teh champiunship — Lebrun Jemz
WNBA off the backboard alley-oop FAIL at All-Star Game: http://t.co/nq4lsJ5qA8 | https://t.co/QXA936mjZc — Ballislife.com
"why don't you watch WNBA??" https://t.co/noSZGwiu4v — BANDANA GAWD
Maya Moore finishes with 48 points in @minnesotalynx 2OT win, the 2nd-most points in a game in WNBA history. — ESPN Stats & Info
Gotta love the WNBA https://t.co/ogR8rzwx8H — N B A T A L K
Former Lakers guard and current WNBA coach Michael Cooper revealed that he has been diagnosed with tongue cancer http://t.co/ozrXCeVLxw — Bleacher Report
Can Maya Moore reach WNBA record 51 pts?? She now has career-high 40p early in Q4 — WNBA
Maya Moore (MIN): Career-high 40 pts with over 6 min left in the 4th quarter. The WNBA single-game high is 51 points. — ESPN Stats & Info
The @Dollbaby_duo are the sexiest athletes I've seen along with @SkyDigg4. Im a UNLV fan and a WNBA fan now. Beauty and beasts in one. 👌 — Daniel Sturridge

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