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With Rajinikanth ji http://t.co/ErTqvfr8Lx — Narendra Modi
Inspired by Modi's meeting with Rajinikanth ;Our Yugpurush also tried to meet him. http://t.co/vYlLCWq82c — Ishrat Ke Pappa©#SDL
#AAPpositive ? Hope U Haven't Forgotten The Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case In Delhi ?#Nilekani420 With Rajinikanth #namo4pm http://t.co/GvOM85yRmj — tarun
Narendra Modi met with Rajinikanth. Now BJP will win seats in Mars and Jupiter too. — Sir Ravindra Jadeja
Superstar Rajinikanth on @narendramodi ji-"My good wishes to him" With Rajinikanth http://t.co/JSdpuD6Eu8 — BJPAmethi
Lol!! #NaMo tweeted "With Rajinikanth Ji" and "With Rajinikanth" is Trending Worldwide. http://t.co/475DkX3Ylb — Sir Ravindra Jadeja
That Moment When A Chaiwalla meets a Bus Conductor. With Rajinikanth #ModiKiAdalat http://t.co/fGbULYJrFo — Sir Ravindra Jadeja
Kejriwal: Rajinikanth is an Ambani agent. Rajni Sir: Enna Rascalla, Ambani is my Agent. #ModiMeetsRajinikanth Modi with Rajinikanth. — Sir Ravindra Jadeja
Rajinikanth says there's nothing political about his meeting with Narendra Modi http://t.co/e21K3YbXY3 — Times of India
namo was With Rajinikanth & soniaji was with the casting couch king (old photo) http://t.co/lk1HOcT4QH — fan of arun shourie
Just See the No of Likes--> Jab Mile Do Super Star.. #AbKiBaarModiSarkaar ! With Rajinikanth #Nilekani420 #delhi4modi http://t.co/Ce1Gb8IlWf — tarun
Go home, haters. Game. Set. Match. RT @narendramodi With Rajinikanth ji http://t.co/7YkyZN7dZE — Ajayendar Shahzada
RT @tamilnadubjp: Superstar Rajinikanth Family with Shri. @narendramodi http://t.co/vBhcJ6o416 — Mission272+ for BJP
Since #NaMo is with Rajinikanth, so #AK49 can call Rajinikanth as Ambani Agent or Corrupt or Communal or will issue dis-honesty certificate. — Shan_Ravi
Wow! So instead of actors going to meet Modi, this is the reverse. "@narendramodi: With Rajinikanth ji http://t.co/YQcsPfXy8D" — sangeetha devi

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