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Elon Musk says self-driving Tesla cars will be on American roads by this summer http://t.co/o7twsG3wMs — The New York Times
Isis beheads aid workers, slaughters minorities, throws gay men off buildings. And Will Self feels we're being "hysterical" about it #bbcqt — Tim Stanley
Will Self on the housing crisis: #bbcqt http://t.co/OhJC7vvhTk — BBC Question Time
I love that guy who plays 'Will Self'. Who is it again? Can't find him on IMDB. #BBCQT — Mark Gatiss
That's not a solar eclipse on your TV screen. It's just Will Self's ego blocking out the sun. #bbcqt — Tim Stanley
"What lies behind this is massive cuts that are ahead of us in the next parliament. You ain't seen nothing yet." Will Self on #Budget2015 — BBC Question Time
"Tony Blair was more right wing than Thatcher - he absolutely was." Will Self. #bbcqt — BBC Question Time
this @TeslaMotors article is just insane, self-driving cars in … 3-months! http://t.co/HGZaFNW4Mq — Kevin Rose
There's still time to print out and laminate your Will Self Big Word Bingo Card before we get underway. http://t.co/Tf46aLZ5HE — The Sunday People
Tesla will roll out autonomous driving software for its Model S sedan in the next 3 months http://t.co/2yzZ6wvK5u http://t.co/dvEV92Ripp — CNET
Will Self has just reviewed @Nigel_Farage 's autobiography.#bbcqt http://t.co/PJEyMhkf8t http://t.co/KrO1CQnPYO — BBC Question Time
Will Self: "If it is a recovery it is a frothy coffee kind of recovery." #bbcqt — BBC Question Time
6 BILLION minutes are wasted in traffic every single day. How much time will self-driving cars give people back? #TED http://t.co/iT1YPUoh2v — Bill Gross
You know that future where we own self-driving cars? It's happening in 3 months: http://t.co/hu0Pz2LKv7 #TeslaMotors http://t.co/XjklyOGe48 — Bridget Carey
This is Will Self's wikipedia entry:it is possibly slightly longer. #bbcqt http://t.co/djBrB0helD http://t.co/L2OKOAZrx8 — BBC Question Time

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