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Happy New Year NEW YORK!! Tony and I are in our spaceship back to Vegas to play our 10:30 gig! See you at midnight west coast!! 🎉🎉🎉 — Lady Gaga
3 more hours till the ball drops on the west coast and we can celebrate the Year of #Friends. http://t.co/oA6UEBcktS — Netflix US
West coast still in 2014 like http://t.co/AwJ3dQwfNH — Frank Lotion
West coast followers still stayin in 2014 like... http://t.co/v0VZUFU2Y5 — LilCurve
West coast! Turn your TVs to @HBO and @HBOLatino at 9p. #DanceAgainHBO http://t.co/xaT6jI9nMR — Jennifer Lopez
yall on the West Coast still in 2014 like http://t.co/nyI04aCGZU — вlaѕιan ʝєѕυѕ
HAPPY NEW YEAR WEST COAST!!!!! To everyone that is reading this, lets make 2015 better than 2014 i know we can do it <3 — BryanStars
Alright guys. Stop tweeting Happy New Year. We all know how uptight West Coast twitter gets about spoilers. — Larry Beyince
Happy new year west coast!!! #2015baby 🎉❤️ @harveyguillen http://t.co/EUikdzZfq9 — Victoria Justice
HAPPY NEW YEAR West Coast, we made it! Wishing all of our followers a happy and healthy 2015! http://t.co/wPQRorLS6m — E! Online
Happy New Year, West Coast!! 🎉🎶🎉🎶 http://t.co/ih5sWTeXw1 — Vevo
West coast followers waiting on New Years like http://t.co/Tufxi1nklG — NFL Humor
'West coast followers still in 2014 like...' http://t.co/1XTssNoRXy — G
West Coast Youth of the 1950s http://t.co/1rsfi2QRCv — Historical Pics
Lana Del Rey's 'West Coast' ranked at #11 on @thedailybeast '14 Best Songs Of 2014' list http://t.co/prS0xE11at — Lana Del Rey Crew

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