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West coast GREY'S loyalists, Scandal gladiators and How to Get Away with Murder enthusiasts! 72 hours and 11 minutes...Bring. It. On. — Jessica Capshaw
I will be live tweeting with the cast tonight for both west coast and east coast feeds of the show. And I want to see some cosplay! — Chloe Bennet
EPIC collapse by the #Athletics h/t California Baseball: West Coast War http://t.co/OFEt7PdLjZ — MLB Memes
New girl is on in 10 minutes on the west coast! — zooey deschanel
West Coast, is Charming bout to get lit up? An all-new episode of #SOAFX starts NOW. #FinalRide http://t.co/RQjHOYENLx — Sons of Anarchy_FX
“@likejimmmy: West coast bound in less then 24. ☀” can't wait to see all this new merch 😍 wristbands, Tshirts, hoodies, and pictures — Jacob Whitesides
RT if you're watching the #VoicePremiere continue on @nbc right NOW, West Coast! http://t.co/0NBrSyQF4E — The Voice
West Coast: RT if you're here to witness the start of it all. #gotham starts NOW. #GothamPremiere http://t.co/hrHFi1y7GC — Gotham
RT if you're loving tonight's #VoicePremiere episode, West Coast! — The Voice
#ChicagoFire West coast enjoy the show, thanks to everyone for tuning in! Sending lots of love! — Taylor Kinney
hey west coast, we're close! so excited so proud of everyone involved! hey Bruce WE DID IT! xox c #WinningAgain http://t.co/ye3QtWC4Oz — Charlie Sheen
Marvel's #AgentsofSHIELD STARTS NOW, West Coast! http://t.co/dYgVvY4xWC — Agents of SHIELD
Between live tweeting the east and west coast broadcasts, the cast and execs are having a Q&A session… http://t.co/plNmD8uUIL — Agents of SHIELD
Mark your calendars: @TeganAndSara have announced a string of West Coast headlining tour dates http://t.co/BQfpME4n8O http://t.co/rgKHyNVUnX — Alter The Press!
45 minutes to go, West Coast. #FinalRide — Sons of Anarchy_FX

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