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2014 Lok Sabha Elections is a contest between good governance agenda of NDA versus the misgovernance and corruption of UPA. — Narendra Modi
Addressing NRIs in Jan, PM had said bad days are over, good days are coming. He is right- UPA is a burden for India & people will reject UPA — Narendra Modi
BJP leaders launch multi pronged attack on UPA over policies and economy,hold news conferences across several cities http://t.co/wohMO5mjX5 — TIMES NOW
Yet another scam in the UPA Govt, this time the farmers at the receiving end! Follow the link below to read more. http://t.co/p2t47DDClb — Ashish Khetan
ABP News-Nielsen National Poll -NDA likely to get 233 seats, UPA 119, Left 23, Others 168. http://t.co/3vzOmf2UD9 — ABP News
BJP-led NDA to win 233 seats, Congress-led UPA facing major rout may get only 119 seats: ABP-Nielsen Opinion Poll http://t.co/wqMHBw75TE — ABP News
Comparing UPA & NDA on 3 critical pts (GDP,Inflation,Jobs),stuff that matters 2 you & me. Still Cong, BJP same,same? http://t.co/XUcmSEAU8w — Suvie Kaul
In a new tactic... first YashwantS & now Piyush Goyal are bombarding with pressers on failed UPA economic polices... Good tactics @BJP4India — MediaCrooks
#KBPM - ABP News-Nielsen National Poll -NDA likely to get 233 seats, UPA 119, Left 23, Others 168. — ABP News
Smriti Irani : Congress led UPA is leaving behind a subsidy burden of more than 1 lakh 20 thousand crores http://t.co/lYIh4BfWVk — ANI
The country is experiencing what a burden the UPA is for the people of India. This has never happened: Narendra Modi http://t.co/FsxK4LRG1I — narendramodi_in
Gross mismanagement of Congress led UPA govt- http://t.co/7MhbAKDvHb. Comparative graphs at http://t.co/GaHYhL8vjj. http://t.co/RBXy9HfUD6 — BJP
Zero percent growth: BJP launches attack on UPA’s economic policies Read more here: http://t.co/cWkIZD6z4K http://t.co/OYUinXoxvd — Firstpost
One of UPA's biggest achievements. Starting with Yasin, the entire top leadership of IM in India has been arrested. http://t.co/n1xIM7qMlz — Priyanka Chaturvedi
233 seats for NDA, 119 for UPA: Poll http://t.co/MnMNFV2wDO — Times of India

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