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Clearly the Greens deserve to be in the Leaders debate. Same number of MPs as UKIP; higher in the polls than the LibDems. Shame on the BBC. — Zac Goldsmith
YouGov poll shows Greens pushing LDs into 5th place for first time LAB 34% CON 31% UKIP 17% GRN 7% LD 6% They should be in TV debates. — Sunny Hundal
Exclusive STV poll on general election intentions: SNP 52% LAB 23%;Con 10%; LD 6% GRN 6%: UKIP 2%; Other 1% — STV News
Apostrophe error means UKIP hoodie has opposite message than the one intended — Usvsth3m
Almost half of all Labour Rochester voters are going to back UKIP — UKIP
If more immigration is driving support for UKIP, why is their support highest in place where immigration is lowest? — Sunny Hundal
Liberal shows like Mock The Week just can’t understand why Ukip has so many supporters: — Nigel Farage
PM's EU Referendum Bill has failed. Tories neither can nor will deliver an EU referendum. The jig, Mr Cameron, is up. — UKIP
Say nothing, do nothing. Labour's policy in South Yorkshire. Vote Jack Clarkson for @SouthyorkPCC on Thursday. — UKIP
BBC refuse Greens place in TV debate despite being ahead of LD in @YouGov poll: LAB 34% CON 31% UKIP 17% GRN 7% LD 6% — Dawn Foster
Green party will not appear in 2015 General Election TV debate alongside Ukip, says BBC — The Independent
A special thank you to Sir John Nott, UK Defence Sec during Falklands War, for voting #UKIP in the Euro Elections: — Nigel Farage
YouGov/Sun poll - Labour lead by three, Greens push Lib Dems into fifth place for first time: CON 31%, LAB 34%, LD 6%, UKIP 17%, GRN 7% — Sun Politics
Veto idea from Sturgeon stroke of genius. One thing for UK estab to say 'STAY with us' another to say 'COME with us' to UKIP Little England. — Irvine Welsh
YouGov/Sun poll tonight: Greens push Libs into 5th for 1st time with @YouGov - LAB 34%, CON 31%, UKIP 17%, GRN 7%, LD 6%. Yet no TV debate? — Tom Newton Dunn

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