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UKIP has today launched our biggest ever advertising campaign. Take a look at the posters here — Nigel Farage
Vote UKIP on May 22nd and cause an earthquake in British politics — UKIP
Not sure why Ukip bothered splashing out on immigrant-bashing billboards. The Establishment media do it for them at no expense — Owen Jones
UKIP, your anti-immigrant posters would be less silly if you weren't paying a French firm (JCDecaux) to put them up: — Larry the Cat
Fitting that listening to news of Moyes's departure as head to UKIP election launch. He took United out of Europe. — Nick Robinson
St George's Day tomorrow a nightmare for Ukip & BNP when England's patron saint was a Turkish migrant worker who they'd ban — Kevin Maguire
Ukip claim to be anti-Establishment, but they're the Establishment's shield: blame immigrants instead of bankers/tax dodgers/low paying boss — Owen Jones
Now remind me which Ukip leader employs his German wife on up to £30k at British taxpayers' expense? — David Prescott
See the UKIP billboards everyone is talking about here: — UKIP
Wow, 70% of Sunday Express readers are planning to vote UKIP next month — Patrick O'Flynn
Take back control of our country - vote UKIP on May 22nd — UKIP
UKIP launch new election poster #Moyes — Political Scrapbook
On the way to Sheffield for the launch of UKIP's European Election Campaign and the People's Army tour. — Nigel Farage
On day UKIP publish posters warning that Europeans are queuing up to take your job he says that no-one British could do be his secretary 1/2 — Nick Robinson
I’m concerned about the UKIP billboards, and have just been briefed on their plans should they ever get into power. — Iain Duncan Smith MP

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