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Food bank use up, home evictions at record high, growth stalling, human rights to be ignored but let's talk UKIP for 15 minutes #bbcqt — David Schneider
Exclusive: Sources in Ukip now alleging Farage never officially resigned in ‘stitch-up’ to avoid a leadership contest — Isabel Hardman
Each constituency coloured for the party that increased its vote share the most in it - 496 coloured purple for UKIP — UKIP
Former Ukip MEP Ashley Mote has been convicted of fraudulently claiming £500,000 in expenses — The Independent
Government aren't serious about EU referendum, they never meant to be, as only proposed to deal with electoral threat that UKIP presented — UKIP
Amazing how the media can fabricate "a huge row within UKIP" based on ill-judged remarks from a couple of disgruntled individuals. — Roger Helmer
Only UKIP has the internationalist view. By leaving the EU we can re-establish our links with the Commonwealth and the rest of the world. — UKIP
#UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage on Short Money - — UKIP
Ukip spy who infiltrated protest group 'tried to encourage abuse of Farage' — The Guardian
#UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage: "Let's start thinking a bit more about the rest of the world and not be so obsessed with the markets in Europe" — UKIP
Tories run up the white flag over Europe says #UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage — UKIP
Tristram Hunt's Stoke result from just last week: Labour - 12,220 UKIP - 7,041 Tories - 7,008 If you want to beat Tristram... #VoteUKIP — UKIP
UKIP increased its vote share more than any other party in 469 constituencies across the UK. — UKIP
#UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage: " Philip Hammond has thrown away the stick and replaced it with a white flag" — UKIP
The map which shows how #UKIP support is growing in every constituency but two — UKIP

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