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UKIP's candidate in Wimbledon. — Owen Jones
Big announcement tomorrow at 12:00 regarding UKIP's biggest ever outreach campaign to get the UK out of the EU. — Nigel Farage
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...the world according to a UKIP parliamentary candidate: — Mehdi Hasan
Sound working this time! My response to UKIP MEP who said we can't accept refugees until we know where they come from — Humza Yousaf
To the 2476 people who voted UKIP in Wimbledon. This is who you were voting for. — John O'Farrell
This former UKIP candidate's phone is switched off. I can't think why. — Jamie Ross
EU refugee crisis: shocking tweet from Ukip election candidate causes outrage — The Telegraph
Is there a way to have Ukip parliamentary candidate Peter Bucklitsch deported to Syria? — Toby Harnden
Este tarao fue candidato por el UKIP (un partido liberal y ultraconservador británico) por Wimbledon — Quique Peinado
Ukip candidate blames #AylanKurdi's 'greedy parents' for death of Syrian boy — ITV News
Tabloids accused of 'sheer hypocrisy' over drowned Syrian toddler front page — HuffPostUK Politics
#UKIP win first EU debate of the campaign Follow @UKIPEastern for more in East of England — UKIP
England's Tea Party, UKIP, gives the worst response the Internet has to offer on the Syrian boy. Ht @MojAliMasood — Arash Karami
Ukip man claims dead toddler's refugee family were 'greedy for the good life' — Mirror Politics
Wimbledon UKIP member’s response to death of toddler. — Emma Kennedy

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