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Reminded: Rotherham Council took 3 East European children from Ukip foster parents because Ukip agst ‘active promotion of multiculturalism’. — Andrew Neil
As of tomorrow, the UK will have spent more than £7,200,000 surveilling #Assange #val2014 #swgreens #ukip — WikiLeaks
And just a reminder from 2012: Joyce Thacker's unbelievable decision against UKIP foster carers. #RotherhamAbuse — Suzanne Evans
UK: @DouglasCarswell to resign, triggering a by-election. Will seek reelection as a UKIP MP. 2010 result in Clacton: — electionista
The three tired old parties don't want UKIP breaking through into Parliament and they most certainly do not want to see me elected — Nigel Farage
Tory official response to UKIP defection - 'This is a regrettable & frankly counterproductive decision'. Unofficial response - ??!!$*€!%#! — Nick Robinson
Flashback to 2012: Joyce Thacker, Rotheram's UKIP Child-Catcher, is following Common Purpose's Progressive Agenda — Guido Fawkes
Carswell will resign his seat and fight a by-election as UKIP candidate. Double wow!!!! — Andrew Neil
Mega busy day, @DouglasCarswell joins UKIP and causing a by-election is the biggest event yet in our history. — Nigel Farage
UKIP protest vote: Vent fury at wealthy, public school-educated politicians by voting for wealthy, public school-educated UKIP politicians. — George Aylett
Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay, says Thurrock's UKIP candidate @Tim_Aker — UKIP
.. @DouglasCarswell , a Tory MP who I have immense respect for has defected to @UKIP and triggers a by-election #whonextmewonders — Lord Ashcroft
Tory MP Douglas Carswell defects to Ukip — Guardian news
Tory Douglas Carswell is defecting to UKIP. He's trying to court NHS vote but remember UKIP dep leader's words on NHS — The NHA Party
Tory MP switching to UKIP co authored a book calling for NHS to be Dismantled (with Jeremy Hunt). UKIP = Thatcherite — Dr Éoin Clarke

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