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This man does not have #ukip permission to use our corporate colours, block and report — UKIP Trumpton
LAB takes 7% lead in latet Opinium poll for Observer LAB 36+2 CON 29= UKIP 16-3 LD 6= GRN 5 — Mike Smithson
"Just another foreigner coming into our country illegally with the sole purpose of breaking into our homes" - UKIP calls for ban on Santa. — David Schneider
Local newspaper ad shows surprise U-turn in Ukip's political agenda — The Independent
Would never have guessed that the owner of this newspaper has just given £300,000 to UKIP — Nick Lowles
In a shock development today @ukip have threatened to go back to 1965 and sue Parlophone for copyright infringement — UKIP Trumpton
If anyone ever claims that #UKIP doesn't attract racists, just show them this. (via @hrtbps) — J. Ali
Apparently we're being spied on by UKIP, so you better make sure not to call them racist/homophobic/misogynist then. — Pete Wishart
Ukip GAGS members on social media in a bid to avoid any more scandals — Daily Mirror
Latest poll predicts HUGE Labour majority National opinion (Populus): LAB-36% CON-29% UKIP-16% LDEM-6% GRN-5% — George Aylett
Merry Christmas everyone - UKIP prints a Christmas ad which says "Say No to the UK". A fitting end to an absurd year — Daily Mail Comments
Vote Ukip, say no to the UK! Wait... — i100
Twitter « déconseillé » pour les militants du parti europhobe Ukip — Le Monde
This local newspaper ad may be one of Ukip's more unfortunate Freudian slips... — i100
UKIP have expelled a councillor "jaw dropping" comments that haven't been aired yet. Looking forward to this — Sunny Hundal

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