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Saddened to report I've had an official complaint from UKIP press office about something I tweeted last night. — Sathnam Sanghera
And 99 reasons tomorrow, 98 day after and zero reasons to vote UKIP on election day. You didn't think this through. — Karl Sharro
British support for EU membership grows, despite Ukip popularity — The Independent
UKIP's @SuzanneEvans1: "Lets’ leave the EU, invest in the NHS, and keep it free for us and for future generations" — UKIP
UKIP has absolutely no plans to privatise the NHS or charge you to see your GP — UKIP
Ukip candidate being questioned after gay people called 'paedophiles' — IndyPeople
While we could probably come up with a whole lot more, here are 100 reasons to vote UKIP — UKIP
A Stockport Councillor defects to UKIP "Ukip are bringing back common sense approach to local politics" : — Paul Nuttall
In case you missed 100 reasons to vote UKIP, read the Mail's summary here: — UKIP
A Europe without borders is a '20th century fantasy' says UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage — UKIP
UKIP believes we should leave the EU and spend £3 billion of the £10 billion we pay out every year in membership fees on the NHS instead — UKIP
Who says we're a 1 issue party? 100 days till the election, 100 reasons to vote @UKIP. Retweet to spread our message — Steven Woolfe MEP
Another day, another Ukip scandal... — The Independent
We could've come up with 100 more, but how's this for a start? 100 days until the election. 100 reasons to #VoteUKIP: — Nigel Farage

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