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#MagnaCarta is something we should be immensely proud of. — UKIP
#Ukip's Nigel Farage accuses David Cameron of 'FIFA-style' levels of corruption over EU vote — Daily Express
No surprise Labour abstaining on govt evading purdah. They want this to run and run. Govt efforts to rig referendum will drive votes to UKIP — Mark Reckless
Please let it be Jeremy! I'm so hoping Mr Corbyn gets it! UKIP 2020 strategy to displace Labour wld get another boost — Douglas Carswell MP
BREAKING: @dailyexpressuk reports on my visit to new Calais 'unofficial' squatter camp @UKIP — Steven Woolfe MEP
I'll be on @LBC at 8:30 tomorrow morning discussing UKIP's vision for a more prosperous UK outside of the EU, free to trade globally. — Nigel Farage
.@UKIP is driving the agenda on international migration issues. Here are my proposals on the #MedMigration crisis - — Steven Woolfe MEP
BREAKING: Read my challenge to Labour and the Govt in @dailyexpressuk to work with @UKIP to solve #MedMigrant Crisis — Steven Woolfe MEP
Lords demand electoral reform – saying #UKIP was cheated by current voting system #ElectoralReform — UKIP
David Cameron showing Fifa-style levels of corruption over EU referendum laws, says #UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage — UKIP
WATCH: #UKIP Migration Spokesman @Steven_Woolfe visits Calais unofficial Migrant Squatter Camp — UKIP
#UKIP planned for this in our manifesto. No need for expensive consultants - just visit ! — Suzanne Evans
Ex Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson has joined a far right grouping in EP, enabling millions in public funding for Front National, others — Faisal Islam
Nigel Farage thinks its prejudiced that UKIP is banned from the Pride in London Parade — The Independent

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