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SNP take 16% lead in post-IndyRef 2016 Holyrood election (const) from Survation has %:- SNP 49.2 LAB 32.7 CON 13.4 LD 3.4 UKIP 0.2 GRN 0.6 — Mike Smithson
Ni som tror SD minskar om vi minskar vår unikt stora migration, hur förklarar ni Le Pens 30%, Wilders, Dansk Folkeparti & FPÖ 20%, UKIP 15%? — Johan Norberg
Ladies and gentlemen, meet UKIP supporter Richard Donovan. @RSDonovan — J. Ali
LAB lead moves to 5% in the S Times/YouGov poll LAB 36% (+1) CON 31% (-2) UKIP 16% (+2) LD 7% (-1) GRN 5% (=) — Mike Smithson
Big big thank you to everyone who helped in #clacton today! Solid progress. Let's keep pushing all the way.... #ukip — Douglas Carswell
UKIP and Tories at 55% combined in tomorrows ComRes poll. Ponder that. — Andrew Wilson
This is Sturgeon cracking UKIP jokes. #SexySocialism — Angry Salmond
Update: Lab lead at 5 - Latest YouGov / Sunday Times results 19th Sept - Con 31%, Lab 36%, LD 7%, UKIP 16%; APP -25 — YouGov
YouGov/Sunday Times poll CON 31%, LAB 36%, LDEM 7%, UKIP 16% — Lord Ashcroft
Let English make rules for England, claims Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson | Thanet Gazette — Janice Atkinson MEP
Latest Survation national poll has UKIP on 23, just ten points off Lab on 33 and seven off Cons on 30. Huge potential for us now. — Patrick O'Flynn
When it comes to economic policy, this country has 4 Tory parties (Tories LibDems Labour UKIP). Democracy eroded by bond markets & the City — Clive Peedell
Labour's main problem is that they will have to try and win back the lost 45 in Scotland whilst appealing to UKIP voters in England. — Pete Wishart
Just finished a good days canvassing in Heywood, here with the chairman of the UKIP Bury branch! — Steven Woolfe MEP
We have @DianeJamesMEP and Skye out to support @DouglasCarswell in #Clacton — UKIP

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