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"I hate all this coverage the Green Party are getting on the BBC, when will UKIP get a turn?!" Said nobody, ever. #bbcqt — George Aylett
It's Juncker. Game, set and match to Brussels. Join us in our fight versus the EU #PeoplesArmy — UKIP
UKIP leader @Nigel_Farage: David Cameron has been humiliated in Brussels after fighting the wrong battle and losing — UKIP
Looks like UKIP asked for a clarification in the Times. And er... got one: — Raheem Kassam
UKIP have 0 MPs, yet have appeared on #bbcqt more times than representatives of the Greens, Plaid Cymru, the DUP and Sinn Fein combined. — Oliver James
Paul Nuttall is the panellist representing UKIP tonight. He wants full privatisation of our NHS #bbcqt — George Aylett
New homes on brownfield sites will be exempt from stamp duty, says UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage — UKIP
Do people who would vote UKIP know this? They should — NHA Party
The final YouGov poll of the week has LAB lead up to 5 CON 33 LAB 38 LD 8 UKIP 13 — Mike Smithson
UKIP's @paulnuttallukip: Let’s leave the EU, be friends with our European partners, trade with them, but let’s leave the politics behind — UKIP
WATCH: UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage: 'Game, set and match to Brussels' — UKIP
Former Thurrock Labour councillor Richard Bingley joins UKIP — UKIP
.@paulnuttallukip:"Lets stop involving ourselves in far flung middle-east wars that have absolutely nothing to do with us" #bbcqt — UKIP
Richard Bingley, a former Labour Party Press Officer has announced that he has joined UKIP — UKIP
Unison branch officers sign declaration of support to #voteYes It beats being on same side as Tories & UKIP. #indyref — Kevin Pringle

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