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'@Nigel_Farage vows to make St George's Day a bank holiday (and St David's Day for Wales) — UKIP
YouGov /SundayTimes poll LAB 36% CON 32% UKIP 13% LDEM 8% GRNS 6% — Lord Ashcroft
I'm delighted to announce that #UKIP would pursue a bank holiday for St George's day: — Nigel Farage
The Prime Minister didn't even know the scale of Britain's debt when asked last night. UKIP has the real plans: — Nigel Farage
UKIP believes in Britain, and we celebrate Britishness. Let’s all of us in the UK fly our flags with pride — UKIP
Bookies constituency seats favourites forecast at GE15 CON 276 LAB 274.5 SNP 42.5 LDEM 30 UKIP 3 — Lord Ashcroft
Opinium/Observer Poll CON 34% LAB 33% LDEM 8% UKIP 13% GRNS 7% — Lord Ashcroft
UKIP would like to see St George’s Day and St David’s Day become national days of celebration — UKIP
UKIP believes England should have a new public holiday on St George’s Day, March 1 would be a new day off for Wales to honour St David. — UKIP
YouGov poll for The Sunday Times suggests 36% support #Labour, 32% support #Conservatives, 13% #UKIP, 11% other parties and 8% #LibDems — Sky News Newsdesk
Tories have had five years to open GP surgeries at evenings & weekends. Why now? Oh yes, @ukip announced it at our #NHS launch. — Suzanne Evans
I've got a Ukip mug, and even it's more liberal on immigration than Labour's — Michael Deacon
Labour's selling the perfect mug... provided you're an ardent Ukip supporter — HuffPostUKPolitics
Labour has devised the perfect mug for the ardent Ukip supporter in your life — Jack Sommers
Team #ukip out in force in Sutton — Douglas Carswell

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