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My cat is sad because he has just heard Mike Read's UKIP calypso song and finally lost all hope for humanity. — WHY MY CAT IS SAD
Help get the UKIP Calypso by The Independents to Number 1 — Nigel Farage
What we really need now is for Holly Johnson to ask Radio 1 to ban Mike Read's UKIP single. — Nick Pettigrew
An ex-Radio 1 DJ's released a calypso song praising UKIP and Nigel Farage. Have a listen here. — Sky News
UKIP: The anti-establishment party. — George Aylett
Ukip does deal with far-right, racist Holocaust-denier to save EU funding — Guardian news
UKIP forms alliance with Polish MEP, who's too fascist for Marine Le Pen, to keep £1m EU funding — Paul Lewis
#UKIPCalypso is number 23 in the itunes chart, 22 more to go, only 79p with 20p to UKIP — UKIP
Can this be true? Is UKIP really doing a deal with a far-right, racist Holocaust-denier to save its EU funding? — Ian Austin
The Nazis had Wagner. UKIP have Mike Read putting on a racist cod-Jamaican accent. Fascism isn't what it used to be. — Nick Pettigrew
In modern world we need foreign workers. We musn’t follow the “nonsense” of UKIP - Ken Clarke #r4today — BBC Radio 4 Today
Under a #UKIP government Jimi Hendrix would have never been allowed in the UK. But never mind we have Mike Read. — Peter Smith
I have Written a Song for UKIP. The words to the Song are: UKIP UKIP UKIP UKIP UKIP If you're Brown, they'll put you on a Container Ship. — Jon Pigeon
UKIP making deals with racist, rape apologising holocaust deniers who want to repeal votes for women — Sarah M
Help the UKIP Calypso get to Number One! — UKIP

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