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Nigel Farage facing expenses complaint over UKIP office costs, @thetimes reports — BBC News (UK)
Ukip councillor asked children in care how it felt 'to be takers from the system.' Latest update here — The Independent
My cat is sad because he and my other cat are canvassing for the Cat Green Party in an area dominated by Cat UKIP. — WHY MY CAT IS SAD
Ukip councillor tells children in care they are 'takers from society' to their faces. Nice one, you utter idiot. — Felicity Morse
SAVE time going to a lengthy UKIP conference by simply taking a taxi and starting a conversation with the driver. (via @StePorter1979) — Twop Twips
A Ukip MEP guide to Europe. The capital city of Belgium is Brussels. The people who live there are called Foreigners — UkipWeather
Sun admits Ukip claim about EU axing MoT centres was made up. 'We have been informed no such EU proposals exist' — Giles Goodall
For those ladies out there considering voting UKIP in the European Parliamentary elections, please do your research! — Ben Murphy
UK: ICM poll LAB 37% CON 32% LD 12% UKIP 11% #EP2014: LAB 36% CON 25% UKIP 20% LD 6% GRN 6% — electionista
Most convincing reason yet to vote Ukip. — Felicity Morse
.@Telegraph readers explain why they are now going to vote UKIP — UKIP
Bookies now making UKIP favourites to win the Euro elections ahead of Lab. Other parties nowhere — Patrick O'Flynn
Still thinking of voting Ukip?? — vickyford MEP
Nigel Farage explains why £50,000 of EU funds were paid into his personal account... #ukip — Unnamed Insider
£50,000 of EU expenses has 'gone missing' in Nigel Farage's personal bank account! Well racism doesn't pay for itself you know! #ukip — Unnamed Insider

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