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Poll suggests Ukip set for big win in Clacton by-election — ITV News
MAIL ON SUNDAY FRONT PAGE: Shock poll: Cameron faces UKIP by-election bloodbath. #skypapers — Sky News
Here's detail of Mail on Sunday / Survation Claton poll that gives #UKIP 44 point lead. #tomorrowspaperstoday — Nick Sutton
#Clacton by-election poll: UKIP 64% Con 20% Lab 13%. Should UK leave EU: Yes 54% Main issue: immigration 47% EU 13%. — Gerry Hassan
Ukip leader Farage: By-election win in Clacton would signal a "landslide in British politics" — ITV News
UKIP drop 5 in tonight's Opinium poll for Observer CON 30+2 LAB 36+4 LD 7-3 UKIP 16-5 GRN 4-1 — Mike Smithson
UKIP Leader @Nigel_Farage and @DouglasCarswell kicking off today's action day in #Clacton — UKIP
All you lovely metropolitan elitists will be delighted to hear UKIP has gone through 240k on Facebook, oh yeah... — Patrick O'Flynn
Opinium/Observer poll CON 30% LAB 36% LDEM 7% UKIP 16% GRNS 4% — Lord Ashcroft
Clacton By-Election. Survation/MOS Headline Voting Intention: UKIP 64% (+64) CON 20% (-33) LAB 13% (-12) LD 2% (-11) AP 1% — Survation
UKIP polling 64% in Clacton. Not bad. @DouglasCarswell can make history as the first UKIP MP with your help! — Michael Heaver
The staggering Carswell/UKIP h 44% lead in the MoS/Survation poll could encourage other potential CON defectors. That must be Dave's fear — Mike Smithson
I was struck in Clacton today by the esteem in which Douglas Carswell is held. UKIP must help him get the win he deserves #deliverfordouglas — Patrick O'Flynn
Douglas Carswell’s defection reminds us that the Tories have the most to fear from Ukip — The Independent

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