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I hate it when I get a text, but it's not from the person I wanted — Dailyteenwords
If a #Cancer wanted revenge, they usually do it in the simplest yet most hurtful way. No need for a drama show. — Xstrology™
DeSean Jackson on why he joined the #Redskins: "I wanted to play Philly twice, so I had to choose between RGIII, Romo, or Eli. Nuff said." — NOTSportsCenter
When people say "you've changed " there's a 95% chance that you just stopped acting the way they wanted you to. — Fact
It was everything we wanted it to be, The summer of 19 you and me. #Dan&Shay — Country Music Quotes
Have you ever craved someone? Not in a sexual way , but you just wanted to hear the sound of their voice or warmth of their body 😒😔🙇🙇🚶🚶😥😥😥😥😥 — Dante Stanley
I also wanted to say how much I loved being on @GLEEonFOX this season. I learned so much & had so much fun. Thanks to the cast and fans. — ADAM LAMBERT
The man who wanted to 'take out Obama' has been sentenced. See the details of the assassination attempt: — CNN
Allegedly, Zayn Malik of One Direction wanted to quit the band due to racism, but the other members helped him get through it. — Fact
Petition to go back to the days with Jayne, Kev, Martin, the wanted and the UK band, jay writing the mailer and where every day was a TW day — Emily Hash Brown
'this is what you wanted,' said the voice in my head. 'you chose this for yourself and now you have to live with it' — this is life
yes that was the 1 picture I wanted to show you now gimme my phone back — TED
The HIMYM Finale Was Pleasant And What We All Secretly Wanted — Thought Catalog
The first time's a one time feeling and I never wanted nothing more. #KennyChesney — Country Music Quotes
#Capricorn's can shut out the world if they wanted. — Best of Capricorn

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