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Have been reading "The Accidental Prime Minister" for past 2 days, Sanjay Baru is like a witness: Arun Jaitley, BJP — ANI
When will The Accidental Prime Minister find his own voice? My #cartoon — MANJUL
Can I get a copy of the book 'The Accidental Prime Minister' autographed by Manmohan Singh ji....ohh wait... — Paresh Rawal
Arun Jaitley says book 'The Accidental Prime Minister' only confirms what the country ordinarily suspected #India2014 — TIMES NOW
En-Route To The Accidental Prime Minister: On May 16, 2014 #KejriKatha का अंत.."हम पॉजिटिव है, क्या #AAPPositive है?" — Rajdeep Chakraborty
Sunday read: The Accidental Prime Minister. We can qs @barugaru book timing, but great to have ringside view of key period in our politics. — Rajdeep Sardesai
Accident between vehicles will cause little harm, but The Accidental Prime Minister can harm 125 crore Indians : NAMO #ModiKiAdalat — Modi Bharosa
"Sins of Outsourced Leadership", Srivatsa Krishna, IAS officer, on #SanjayaBaru book "The Accidental Prime Minister" — Srivatsa Krishna
An accidental Prime Minister can kill 125 crore citizens of the country: Modi — Niti Central
The Accidental Prime Minister has put seal of confirmation on open secret that power rested with Sonia Gandhi & MMS was just a Rubber Stamp — Virender Puri
The book (The Accidental Prime Minister) brings to light a lot of important issues: LK Advani on S Baru's book — ANI
The Accidental Prime Minister now available on Amazon. All offline book stores sold out and new stocks only on Thursday! — Madhavan Narayanan
The Accidental Prime Minister is a clever attempt by a mute MMS to ensure that history doesn't hold him in bad light @PMOIndia — Devinder Sharma
Spent the night reading 'The accidental Prime Minister' . Wonder why MMS had to get Baru to ghostwrite it. Every bit clearly vetted by him ! — Rana Ayyub
संजय बारू और पी. सी पारेख की किताबों से यही साबित होता है कि सत्य को पस्त किया जा सकता है, लेकिन पराजित नहीं ! The Accidental Prime Minister — 300+ NaMoBharat

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