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Hell is not a place, it's the two weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break — College Student
It's not thanksgiving anymore but I'm still more than thankful for each and every single one of you I hope you know that — Jacob Whitesides
trying to relax on thanksgiving break when I know I have 2 papers 2 finals & the cure for cancer due when I get back — female struggles
Now that Thanksgiving is over....TIS THE SEASON — Girl Facts!
whenever you come back from thanksgiving break and school hits you like — PARKER
Thanksgiving break was basically the pregame to Christmas break — College Student
Thanksgiving break is over — Fill Werrell
So, in addition to the turkeys i bought for thanksgiving i also got a duck, but he was too cute to eat........ so now i have a pet duck. — AZEALIA ⚓️ BANKS
Thanksgiving break is over — Sincerely Tumblr
Check out our trip to New York City for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! — Before You Exit
Thanksgiving break is over now we just waiting on Christmas Break 😂👌 —
I'm honestly not even sorry for everything I ate over Thanksgiving. — Women's Humor
thanksgiving break is over — Girl Notes♔

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