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When you drive past Taco Bell and don't stop. 😭 — Taco Bell
Taco Bell is changing my life. — Taco Bell
The new Taco Bell Keurig! https://t.co/AHPVgtPJEW — Men's Humor
Thrilled to announce I’m partnering with @TacoBell4Teens, encouraging teens to graduate from high school: http://t.co/HFLAz8soKx — Tyler Oakley
99 problems and taco bell solves all of them — Taco Bell Problems
taco bell i appreciate u — lindslay
No matter how bad your day seems, just remember that someone out there has to clean the bathrooms at Taco Bell.  — Dory
Had Taco Bell for breakfast years before they sold it #MustHaveBeenHigh @midnight — Mike Lawrence
Welcome to Taco Bell. "Uhh, can I get a Diet Dr. Pepsi?" — Really High Guy
Maybe Taco Bell will cheer me up.. — Taco Bell Problems
“@fadedcarpenter: jacob, if you hug me when we meet. i will buy you $50 worth of taco bell” I'll hug you for free. — Jacob Whitesides
i want taco bell — Life of a Blonde
Police car gets stuck on top of a boulder at a Taco Bell: http://t.co/gdfS0wkVK5 Internal Affairs Unit investigating http://t.co/EQC5YO4uqJ — Yahoo
Taco Bell, ¿porqué no haces delivery? — Gabriela Navas
McDonald's sales slide as Taco Bell launches breakfast menu http://t.co/5aBcUbwe5y — Huffington Post

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