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I could eat Taco Bell for the rest of my life. — Taco Bell
How most boyfriends be with their girls: "Goodnight baby I love U sooo much." Me: "let's go get Taco Bell I'm hungry af." — Kayden Stephenson
*smokes weed* "Dude the opposite of good is bad. & bad sounds like sad, so maybe the government is lik- bro pull into taco bell right here" — ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If a relationship doesn't involve pizza, alcohol, Taco Bell, the gym, & football weekends is it really a relationship? I think NOT. — Geller Nick
Congrats @JillianOfCanada for winning a date with @tyleroakley. Hope you enjoyed the Taco Bell! http://t.co/uWqRWDorQ8 — Taco Bell
Go on Taco Bell dates with me at 12 am so I know it's real — Adolf TwitlerⓂ️
We just drove through Taco Bell and Joshua DIDNT ORDER ANYTHING! Who is this man?!?? What is happening???? — Colleen Ballinger
We all know someone who needs some Taco Bell right now! — We All Know A...
I have a love hate relationship with Taco Bell — Trey ~~✈
I meet her mom etc and we go to the basement and start working. I had Taco Bell earlier and it was finally hitting me but this girl — Token
if the purge really happened, I wouldn't kill you I'll probably steal the taco bell truck. — Gerson R.
get taco bell, be happy. — Gerson R.
I'm sittin here tearing up at a This American Life story on the radio, sitting in my car eating Taco Bell and lookin at some dude's crack.. — Pendleton Ward
taco bell is love. taco bell is happiness. — Gerson R.
I just want Taco Bell all the time — BrownHairDontCare

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