Taco Bell - The Most Popular Tweets

Let's not forget what Taco Bell did last 4/20 http://t.co/hPdk2HlnyC — Korean Nigga
let's not forget what Taco Bell said last 4/20 😂 http://t.co/DVojX1QWJK — Seriously
Taco Bell is 💁. — Taco Bell
let's not forget what Taco Bell said last 4/20 http://t.co/sDWfWjgC1A — To The Kids Who...
lets not forget what taco bell said on 420 last year http://t.co/ePwFpECLR1 — Female Pains
I want Taco Bell .. Like .. Everything on the menu — Ronnie Banks
RT if you love Taco Bell! — Snapchat Problems
The scene outside a Taco Bell in Colorado http://t.co/zGU7HaEt9K — Shooter McGavin
that new Taco Bell "Ronald McDonald" commercial is so shady 👀 — Ryan Beatty
Taco Bell wedding cake 😍 http://t.co/iNZLCHay53 — LaQueefa™
Taco Bell is the right thing to do. — Taco Bell
99 problems and taco bell solves all of them — Taco Bell
Taco Bell Dunk Cam http://t.co/tKedOyPUvW — Best Vines
Y'all remember what Taco Bell did last year? http://t.co/E8nZlcCeQt —
"taco bell is nasty" http://t.co/G3K9dq5rLe — ange

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