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Robbie Gray. Stevie J. Jarrad McVeigh. The boys have come to play! Australia 35 - Ireland 7 #IRS2014 — AFL
QT: Australia 22 - Ireland 4. Stevie J showing he's just as adept with a round ball as he is with a Sherrin. #IRS2014 — AFL
Stevie J has four overs at half time. Riewoldt's kicked three. Aussies lead 0.11.2 (35) to @officialgaa 0.1.4 (7) #IRS2014 — AFL
Stevie J dope 😎😎😎 — Ace Skywalker ♠️
If joseline & Stevie j can work out their issues & still manage to b together so can we — The Shay Washington
Stevie J made a beeline in the Dockers' rooms to pick his locker before Australian IRS team training today. — Patrick Keane
Benzino was allegedly making death threats to Stevie J: — XXL Magazine

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