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@AnnaKendrick47 @ChoMatic she once said my tats looked like Michael J Fox drew them and Stevie Wonder filled them in <3 — Lena Dunham
Stevie J and Motlop have both turned up to the club, Johnson looked ginger but no crutches. Motlop looked fine. — Chris Stubbs
Wait, did Stevie J. and The Puerto Rican Princess Joseline land a spin-off reality show? --> — BET
Stevie J and Joseline marriage maybe fake but they ride for each other #LHHReunion — Zoe
#GettingHammered with @StevieJWest @LLMajer @MissRuth1021 and MORE! 10P Eastern TONIGHT #AltConRadio (646) 716-7039 — Hammy
LIVE NOW! #GettingHammered with @StevieJWest @LLMajer @MissRuth1021 and MORE! BE THERE DAMNIT! #AltConRadio — Hammy
#GettingHammered TONIGHT with @StevieJWest @LLMajer @MissRuth1021 Plus #TheVeryBadGoat singing? O.o 10P #AltConRadio — Hammy
Stevie J : "It's Hot" Benzino: "That's That Coke" Me: — ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Flocka first stop is to see Stevie J — DJ #GSU #OKC
Shout out 2 @YoGottiKOM Da club went nuts when Stevie J played "Everybody" they also went nuts when he played Meek Mills Intro #FreeMeekMill — Kevin Hart
So Joseline & Stevie J the ONLY ones on that stage that did coke/cocaine before?? I think NOT. 😒🐸☕️ #LHHATL — Jeezus
Joseline & Stevie J might not have the best relationship on Love & Hip-Hop ATL but they down to ride for each other 👊🔐😍🙌 #LHHATLReunion — 〽️oney 〽️itch
Joseline and Stevie j got exactly what they wanted they whole show to be about them. Guess they did win — lil duval
Stevie J and Benzino were best friends and look what happen. That's why I don't have friends. 😣😣 #LHHATLReunion — Cjayy ✗♥ℴ

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