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Stevie J cheated on mimi to get Joseline, what makes Joseline think he wont cheat when their in a relationship #LHHATL — pacrackz Aug.17
But Stevie J got a conscious doe? 😳 #LHHATL — Shekinah Jo
Joseline talk to Stevie j any kinda way 😂😂😂😂😂😂 — ɵʄʄɨɕɨɑƚ ɓɨʈɕɦ❗️
Stevie J what ever song you was working on throw it in the Trash — ⚡iKill⚡
"funny how mimi did all this investigating to find out about stevie j and joseline marriage but can't find out who leaked her tape" #LHHATL — youtube/alonzolerone
Joseline & Stevie j relationship is a joke. #LHHATL —
Josephine & stevie j relationship 😂😂😂 — , IG : Dymond.Famous
For once stevie j telling the truth lol — ⚡iKill⚡
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Member Joseline Hernandez Calls Out Mona Scott Young — XXL Magazine
A disease called moneyitis? Tired of money? That makes no sense Stevie J. #LHHATL — LeeleeSpeaks
Mimi think she some Beyonce lol She shoulda stayed with Stevie J #LHHATL — I FUCK ARAB BITCHES
Stevie J turned a hoe into a housewife 👰, and Nikko turned a housewife into a hoe 💃 #LHHATL — Swag_dreadhead
Stevie J fighting too hard to keep a hoe in his life. — Brandon
stevie j clinton. — Sean.
Why did Joseline think that Stevie J was gonna change once he "married" her. He got with you cheating on somebody. Lmao #LHHATL — Senator Fields

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