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Russia will be the biggest test for the EU's new high representative for foreign policy — The Economist
Russia's wounded economy is closer to crisis than the West or Vladimir Putin realise — The Economist
Russia has accused the West of seeking regime change in Moscow, prompting renewed comparisons with the Cold War era. — CNN Breaking News
Turquoise Ice in Northern Lake Baikal, Russia — OMG Facts
Russia was the first country to legalize abortion and homosexuality. — UberFacts
‘Invest in space, not war’ – Russian cosmonaut @OlegMKS urges Russia-US cooperation — RT
Russia is the most heavily policed country in the world — The Independent
US, Canada & Ukraine vote against Russia’s anti-Nazism resolution at UN — RT
Press Freedom 2014: 1 Finland 11 Estonia 18 Canada 46 US 47 Haiti 148 Russia 154 Turkey 175 China — Conrad Hackett
Moscow,Russia #KINGIN — T-Raww
Russia won’t sever ties with Europe, but no business as usual – Lavrov — RT
Putin says he will not remain Russia's president for life, but does not rule out running for a fourth term in 2018: — The Associated Press
‘Invest into space, not war’ – cosmonaut @OlegMKS urges #Russia-#US cooperation — RT
Russia's foreign minister joins #IranTalksVienna as nuclear deal deadline looms — BBC News (World)
Lavrov accuses West of seeking 'regime change' in Russia — Reuters Top News

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