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U.S.: Russia violated missile treaty. — CNN Breaking News
Driven to Excel: Oppy passes Russia for off-Earth driving record. ~25mi(40km) + going — Spirit and Oppy
Breaking News: U.S. and Europe Agree to Sharply Escalate Sanctions on Russia — The New York Times
YASSS MT @MarsRovers Oppy passes Russia for off-Earth driving record — Curiosity Rover
Breaking News: U.S. Says Russia Violated Arms Treaty — The New York Times
Retweet if you're from Philippines,Indonesia,Malaysia,Japan,Singapore,Vietnam,Thailand,Australia,USA,Germany,Canada,Russia,Europe — EXOFFICAL
Russia broke a key arms control treaty by testing a nuclear cruise missile, US government says — BBC News (World)
Court in the Netherlands orders Russia to pay $50bn in damages to shareholders of defunct oil giant Yukos — BBC Breaking News
Pluto is smaller than Russia. — UberFacts
US says Russia tested cruise missile in violation of arms control treaty, senior American officials say - @nytimes — Breaking News
This is what is normally refereed to as acts of war by one state against another. Here Russia against Ukraine. — Carl Bildt
Hague court orders Russia to pay more than $50 billion to shareholders in Yukos case: — Reuters Top News
US releases images it claims as evidence of Russia firing artillery into Ukraine: — ABC News
President Obama and European leaders agreed to adopt new sanctions against critical sectors of Russia's economy: — Wall Street Journal
The U.S. government says these satellite images show Russia firing into Ukraine — NBC News

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