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VIDEO: Brawl erupts at the handshake line during a youth hockey game in Russia — Bleacher Report
#Sooooooooon "@vasilisa333: I'm going to fly to Sochi tonight!! See you at all of the show in Russia!! " — JARED LETO
I've got your tix for @ArtifactTheFilm. You comin' or what? #poland #russia — JARED LETO
Instead of asking State to release her emails, Mrs. Clinton could have asked China, Russia or Iran. I bet they have them too. — Ari Fleischer
"#LaunchAmerica will end our sole reliance on Russia." – Administrator Bolden — NASA
A/S Nuland on Russia’s actions in #Ukraine — Geoffrey Pyatt
Snowden: "Canadian intelligence has one of weakest oversight frameworks out of any Western ... agency in the world." — Glenn Greenwald
URGENT: Sanctions on Russia & Moscow's response created problems for all - Italian PM — RT
#Russia to team up with Asian allies in fight with #ISIS – security chief — RT
Russia orders surprise test of central nuclear base— — Newsweek
Russia's "shameful" political killings must end, President Putin says after Boris #Nemtsov murder — BBC Breaking News
Russia, Egypt to hold joint naval drill in Mediterranean — RT
Russia is holding military drills in nearby breakaway regions — via @RFERL — BI Military+Defense
A Russia that refuses to deal with the dark parts of its past can never build a bright future. — Carl Bildt
Russia to team up with Asian allies in fight with Islamic State – security chief #ISIS — RT

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