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Ukrainians just pulled down a massive Lenin statue. What does that signal for Russia? — Washington Post
First Snow.... @ Gorky Park, Moscow #autumn #Russia — Gabriele Corno
Lake Baikal in The End of Summer #Russia — Gabriele Corno
You asked: Hello from Moscow, Russia! Good luck in this season Cristiano;) — Cristiano Ronaldo
The US has more women in prison than China, India & Russia combined — Conrad Hackett
Putin wasted opportunity to turn Russia into one of the world’s five biggest economies: — Bloomberg News
Today's transport oddity: Russia's abandoned 1970s jet-powered train rediscovered — Tim Dunn
LIVE: @Torres starts for @acmilan & there's action across Italy, Netherlands, France & Russia —
"We're not looking for confrontation, but we're going to be very firm about the principles at stake."-- Obama on relationship with Russia — 60 Minutes
Mark the time and date: WWIII just started, as strike on Syria is of course a strike on Russia. — Max Keiser
LAVROV: I don’t think we're on verge of new arms race, Russia definitely won’t be part of it — RT
Sep28.1976 38 years ago today The Greatest Heavyweight of all time Fedor Emelianenko was born in Rubizhne, Russia — MMA History Today
Today's @Vedomosti : "Foreign companies are leaving Russia 1 after another", lists recent examples - Blackstone, Adobe, Morgans HotelsGroup — Steve Rosenberg
Another sign Russia sanctions are working. Ruble Drops to Record, market is near panic — Bill Browder

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