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Водилы снегоходов сносят самолеты миллионеров, боксеры-негры становятся русскими писателями, тёлки рулят министерством обороны. I ♥ U RUSSIA — Сурковъ
Russia spy plane intercepted in NATO airspace — FRANCE 24
Russia detains Moscow airport staff over the crash that killed Total's CEO — Wall Street Journal
Press Freedom 2014: 1 Finland 11 Estonia 18 Canada 46 US 47 Haiti 148 Russia 154 Turkey 175 China — Conrad Hackett
A Segunda Guerra Mundial só acabou oficialmente em 1990, depois da assinatura de um tratado entre a Rússia e a Alemanha. — Você Sabia?
Russia prepares for ice-cold war with show of military force in the Arctic — The Guardian
U.S. and Russia join forces to block nuclear safety measures, diplomats say: — Bloomberg News
Duma considers creating private military companies for "alternative settlement of armed conflicts outside Russia." — Daniel Sandford
Nuclear Warheads Russia: 8500 US: 7700 France: 300 China: 250 UK: 225 Pakistan: 120 India: 110 Israel: 80 N Korea: 8 — The Int. Spectator
Russia says Ukraine should find money to pay for gas within a week — Reuters Top News
Russia will be plunged into a recession if oil prices fall further — Business Insider
Not surprising, but Russia blocks effective OSCE monitoring of the border between Russia and Ukraine. — Carl Bildt
UPDATE: Cannabis Substitute 'Spice' Kills Dozens in Russia... — DRUDGE REPORT
TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — Estonia has summoned Russia's ambassador over an airspace violation by a Russian military aircraft. — Tony White
Russia will be plunged into a recession if oil prices fall further — Business Insider

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