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Pro-Russian separatists probably shot down MH17 "by mistake", no link to Russia found - US intelligence — BBC Breaking News
Ukraine says 2 of its military jets were shot down today after flying near Ukraine-Russia border. — CNN Breaking News
BREAKING: US officials: Intel suggests Malaysia plane shot down by separatists, no link to Russia found. — The Associated Press
Why is Russia important for Europe's nuclear energy? — BBC News (World)
France defies allies by confirming plans to deliver warship to Russia — NBC News
#BREAKING: Missiles that shot down two fighter jets fired from Russia: Kiev — Agence France-Presse
EU threatens Russia with potentially damaging sactions, but delays action for a few days: — Reuters Top News
U.S. intelligence is unclear on how much of a role Russia played in downing MH17, U.S. officials say. — CNN Breaking News
MORE:U.S. officials say they have no evidence directly linking Russia to downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: — The Associated Press
Putin bans protests and signs law with potential to censor Facebook and Twitter in Russia: — Mashable
In a move that defies allies, France will move forward with delivering a first warship to Russia: — Reuters Top News
Ukraine says pro-Russia rebels shot down two of its fighter jets not far from #MH17 site: — Reuters Top News
Ukraine security council says according to preliminary information, missiles that brought down two fighter jets were fired from Russia. — Reuters Top News
Work on the Russia 2018 #WorldCup stadium in Samara has begun with a special ceremony today - —
Since the Crimean invasion, Russia-listed stocks have lost $28 billion in market value: — Bloomberg News

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