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Russia sends ships, aircraft and forces to Syria in move that puts Washington on edge: — Reuters Top News
#happybirthday baby boy!!! in Russia we gonna party so hard that we can't even look straig… — Tokio Hotel
Things could be worse for Brazil. It could be Russia — The Economist
Bulgaria refuses Russian aircraft permission to cross airspace amid fears Russia increasing military support to Syria — BBC News (World)
EXCLUSIVE: Russia has stated building a huge military base near the Ukrainian border. — Reuters Top News
BREAKING: Bulgaria denies airspace use for Russian supply flights to #Syria - Reuters — RT
Russia confirms it has military advisers in Syria — The New York Times
Russia undeterred after Kerry phone call, continues flights to Syria via @LucasFoxNews — Fox News
Russia has always supplied equipment to Syria to help fight terrorism - Foreign Ministry — RT
Russia is ready to establish airbases in neighboring countries – Russian PM — RT
Russia has confirmed that it has military advisers in Syria, @NeilMacFarquhar reports. — New York Times World
Russia ready to accept Syrian #refugees - ombudsman — RT
Russia never denied arms supplies to Syria. They help Damascus to fight terrorism. — Alexander Yakovenko

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