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Forget the 1%. In Russia, just 110 people out of 140 million control 35% of the total wealth — The Economist
US responsible for two-thirds of all military conflicts – Russia’s top brass — RT
The two big parties differ, but Germans are hardening their views on Russia — The Economist
OPEC decision will keep oil prices low & hit Russia, Iran, US – experts — RT
Moscow's financial district is now a $12 billion reminder of Russia’s economic woes — The New York Times
The synthetic drug known as spice is ravaging Russia: — VICE News
Russia says four of its ships have carried out a drill in the English Channel. — Sky News
Rich people in Russia often hire fake ambulances to beat city traffic. They don't have medical equipment, but sofas and a flat screen TV. — Did You Know?
Russia melarang penampilan 'emo' & 'goth', tujuannya adalah menekan tingkat depresi dan angka bunuh diri di kalangan anak muda. — FAKTA FAKTANYA WOW™
Hi-tech gear stolen from Russia’s Mistral warship in France — RT
#Malaysia excluded from #MH17 probe – for 'not pointing fingers at Russia'? — RT
СПЕЦРЕПОРТАЖ-Как украинский олигарх получил миллиарды от соратников Путина — Агентство Рейтер
Он хочет, чтобы мы за сегодня подохли от хохота//Путин назвал импортные военные технологии "морально устаревшими" — Mark Feygin
1 USD= 49.99 RUBLE. The markets are punishing Russia far more than any meek Western government. Putin is squirming."" — Bill Browder
A voyeuristic trip through Russia with Yandex.Maps – in pictures via @guardianneweast — The Guardian

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