Russia - The Most Popular Tweets

Andrei Kostitsyn wants to return to the NHL after four years in Russia. Believed to be some preliminary talks ongoing for a one-year deal. — Chris Johnston
National payment system to be launched in Russia this December – Central Bank — RT
A new law allows Russia to ban 'undesirable' human rights groups and other NGOs: — VICE News
Meanwhile in Russia: Public schools to teach you how to shoot and throw knives — RT
‘Flying robot’: Russia’s fifth generation T-50 fighter jet undergoing tests — RT
U.S. and European fighter jets begin Arctic exercise near Russia — Newsweek
Russia’s new T-50 fighter jet ‘almost a flying robot’ – developer (VIDEO) — RT
Russia’s new T-50 fighter jet ‘almost a flying robot’ – developer — RT
Russia plans to use prison labor to drive down costs for the 2018 World Cup. — FOX Soccer
#Russia attacks two neighbours. Two other neighbours react by moving closer to #NATO. Russia acts surprised, upset. — Canada at NATO
Russia's military forces stage a large exercise involving around 250 aircraft & 12,000 service personnel — BBC News (World)
'Our city turns into Atlantis!' Mysterious sinkholes spread across Urals mountains in Russia — RT

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