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Walking in the Rain..... @ St. Petersberg #Russia by Gordeev — Gabriele Corno
Is Russia bombing Ukr from air? Some reports fm Schastya were mistaken. But this evidence fm Azov strike concerning — Oliver Carroll
URGENT: Putin, Chinese VP launch Russia-China gas mega-project - 4tln cm over 30 yrs — RT
Russia's foreign minister says "immediate ceasefire" in Ukraine must be priority for talks taking place on Monday — BBC Breaking News
Meanwhile in Russia... Zenit sign Bart Simpson. — Nooruddean
Russia and Japan never signed a peace treaty ending World War II. — UberFacts
Russia's relationship with rest of world will change "radically" unless #Ukraine stance alters, UK PM says — BBC Breaking News
75 years ago today, a dictator invaded his neighbor & began WWII. #Poland #Russia #Ukraine — NATOSource
The map everyone must know: ethnic Russians beyond the borders of Russia that the Kremlin might "rescue." — Ben Judah
Murder rate rank 2012 1 Honduras 2 Venezuela 16 Brazil 20 Mexico 55 Russia 89 #US 102 India 126 Canada 155 Singapore — Conrad Hackett
Russia & China launch gas pipeline - it will lessen Russia's dependence on European buyers — BBC News (World)
Путин планировал аннексию Крыма и востока Украины еще в 2008 году, но асе пропустили мимо ушей — Николай Полозов
Former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong has signed for FC Ufa in Russia. (Source: Russia Today) — Transfer News Live
Russia launches construction of gas pipeline to China in $400 billion deal — The Independent
#BREAKING Ukraine defence minister warns of start of 'great war' with Russia — Agence France-Presse

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