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The color of a dress? Really? That's what you're asking Me? THE OCEAN LEVELS ROSE FOUR INCHES IN TWO YEARS. You know that, right? — God
Forget the dress. Is this Derrick Rose or Dwyane Wade? — Funny Basketball
Derrick Rose undergoes successful surgery for meniscus tear. Bulls estimate his recovery to be 4-6 weeks. — SportsCenter
Derrick Rose had surgery and walked out of the hospital, could return in 4 weeks. Awesome. — NBA Legion
VIDEO: Powerade releases a Derrick Rose commercial featuring a poem by a young Tupac Shakur — Bleacher Report
Forget the dress. Is this Derrick Rose or Dwyane Wade? — Sports Pics
Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? - Tupac Shakur #powerthrough — POWERADE
Il existe un lac en Australie où l'eau est naturellement rose. — Le sxviez-vous?
Been told Rose's surgery lasted roughly 10 minutes and that he had no swelling before. Compared to pebble in shoe. Now removed, pain-free. — K.C. Johnson
Forget about the dress is this D. Rose or D. Wade... — REAL 1
Report: Derrick Rose underwent successful surgery and should return within 4-6 weeks — Bleacher Report
If Rose returns in 4 weeks, he could play in 9 regular-season games. If he returns in 6, he could play in the final 3. — K.C. Johnson
Forget the dress. Is this D Rose or D Wade? — Men's Thoughts
Gar Forman says Rose surgery successful and 4-6 week recovery — Sam Smith
FIRST LOOK: Wisconsin basketball "March Madness" uniforms with Rose, Lillard & Wall shoe options — Darren Rovell

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