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Jesus was. Jesus came. Jesus loved. Jesus taught. Jesus served. Jesus wept. Jesus died. Jesus rose. Jesus reigns. Jesus is coming back. — Ephesians 2:1-10 ✞
The Lord rose after 3days and 3 nights and saw this.So he asked God-Father is this a miracle or am I back in the 80s? — John Bishop
Because Christ rose from the dead on Easter, the future is unimaginably wonderful! — Timothy Keller
@trailblazers Retweet if you want the Blazers to bring a title back to the Rose City. — ESPN
The issue on which everything stands is not whether or not you like Christianity, but whether or not He rose from the dead. — Timothy Keller
And on the 3rd day Jesus rose from the dead and said “Forget the poor. That was the old me. Now just oppress gays and women.” — Top Conservative Cat
Happy Easter! He died for our sins and today he rose again. Take some time to say a prayer today and say thank you. God Bless — Matt Duchene
When Jesus rose from the dead He didn't make a speech to the world, He made breakfast for His friends. #TheFirstBreakfast — Bob Goff
Yeah, Jesus apparently rose from the dead without a revival kit but he didn't have 50 in 2007 or 2006 — not Dany Heatley
WSHH After Dark: Demi Rose Mawby (19-Years-Old) & Chloe Saxon Of UK (*Warning* Must Be 18yrs Or Older To... — KUDU!NEWS
Drake Talks Toronto Raptors With Jalen Rose & Bill Simmons! - #entertainment #music #gossip — KUDU!NEWS
Jesus rose so we could rise.. Don't let the trials keep you down! — Tony A. Gaskins Jr
Me: "mom can I ask you Something"? Mom: "is it about Justin Bieber"? Me: — Janet
his name is justin bieber but you can call him perfection — Janet

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