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-@LionelRichie, @RitaOra, @BarackObama and many more pay tribute to Prince https://t.co/tT45jCOKUS https://t.co/lCXO8jVIJ4 — hmv
Now Rita Ora is Becky, well played Jay and Bey, well played! 🍋 — Aida Rodriguez
(I was kinda hoping Becky was Rita Ora) — Christian Zamora
Lily Allen faces backlash after appearing to call out Rita Ora's tribute to Prince: https://t.co/fS94CcgGwJ https://t.co/7h5aGpYqvL — MTV Music
Rita Ora gets her hair done for 'Fifty Shades' filming! New pics: https://t.co/L6i1lJNyfc https://t.co/25jeoNKu7l — JustJared.com
@adidasoriginals X @ritaora Trapeze Collection. Shop: https://t.co/RPfs9mfMOh #AllintheDetails #adidasoriginals https://t.co/E9tMVjKW1Z — SIX:02
Smoking Rita Ora puffs away as she flashes her bra in racy sheer top https://t.co/shtemVVvi7 https://t.co/zKlpF1dOi1 — Daily Mail Celebrity
What a tease: Rita Ora flashes sideboob on Fifty Shades set https://t.co/SRCuU1UwwU https://t.co/2vnJ0KOPQq — Daily Star
Amazing. She's a legend RT @08dwayne: @sigmahq #AskSigma what was it like working with Rita Ora for your single coming home? — SIGMA
Quando será que @RitaOra vai lançar o dueto com Prince? Saiba tudo! https://t.co/3hlD9pYVOo https://t.co/ZxbWTc5jkc — PortalPOPline.com.br
From Lily Allen's safari nails to Kylie Jenner's encrusted talons, today's nail inspiration https://t.co/siHZAorNl7 https://t.co/WPLFZMoqBt — ELLEUK
-@LionelRichie, @RitaOra, @BarackObama and more pay tribute to Prince https://t.co/tT45jCx9wi #PrinceRIP https://t.co/kQFWIex483 — hmv

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