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Is it weird that I feel like I'm somewhat closer to people just cause they show up in my dreams? Like, Rihanna and I are best friends now — Lauren Jauregui
March 26 #BBHMM https://t.co/wW1p2ApVF9 — Rihanna
http://t.co/gI7yLxp0Bd #R8 #BBHMM #March26 https://t.co/fpObjuELZO — Rihanna
Head to Dubsmash for a sneak peek of my new single #BBHMM!! http://t.co/epMtBf34Rh — Rihanna
We don't know what @rihanna has up her sleeve but it's GOT to be good! #R8 #BBHMM http://t.co/p2WrIvnfE1 — Vevo
rihanna releasing new music = official sign that winter is over — Ryan Seacrest
Me and @rihanna are twinsies. http://t.co/Y271ZFEKfT — Seth Rogen
Rihanna might be dropping new music tomorrow. http://t.co/GruSHiAz07 http://t.co/wTnYUBWhPq — Complex
. @brinireyes321 lol RIHANNA?! — Nash Grier
Hear an exclusive first listen of @Rihanna's #BBHMM before everyone else through @Dubsmashapp: http://t.co/LLp6Eo0D5T #R8 — Roc Nation
Nothin' like a little @Rihanna to get the day started 🙌 http://t.co/3StSMJusKV http://t.co/iJMcMVscLL — Vevo
New @Rihanna. So turnt right now. #BBHMM http://t.co/fApOMjdDp2 http://t.co/gUqxSXGLmG — iTunes Music
Watch @Rihanna perform #BBHMM for the first time ever at @iHeartRadio Music Awards this Sunday live on NBC at 8/7c. — Roc Nation
NEW RIHANNA TOMORROW!?!?!?!?!!! https://t.co/jjYq6XU5Kq http://t.co/kRTBR7v6xR — BuzzFeed
rihanna — Mitch Grassi

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