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Me with the one and only @Rihanna at rehearsals for the MTV Movie Awards. Tune in tonight at 9/8c. http://t.co/QVCnaefR1Z — Marshall Mathers
Rihanna and Miley 😂 http://t.co/o8B6qVLTuP — no
well hey there @rihanna 👑 http://t.co/DhHcQAiLZH — KEY-YUHN!
Rihanna still gives no fxcks and decided against wearing clothes for the #MTVMovieAwards http://t.co/1XjQmOwg7p http://t.co/y359mGSpq5 — Global Grind
rihanna basically saying she's sleep on these other hoes: http://t.co/tlIVZNISnw — Miami
In case you haven't heard, Rihanna wore a see-through top to the Balmain after-party, SEE THROUGH!!! http://t.co/epaOEeBgW2 — KUDU!NEWS
My Queen @rihanna is delivering them vocals tonight!!! Live! Flawless! Fierceness! — Perez Hilton
rihanna and nicki minaj look so hot tonight i'm going to make a drink with all my tears — anthony spears
Lolo Jones takes a shot at Rihanna over Twitter - Los Angeles Times - #entertainment #music #gossip http://t.co/zw8VcOTrek — KUDU!NEWS
.@Rihanna + @Eminem = Perfection #MovieAwards — MTV
Rihanna & Drake 'In Ecstasy' — Couple Is So In Love At The Clippers Game - Hollywood Life - #entertainment... http://t.co/FhPPRh7JIy — KUDU!NEWS
Rihanna & Eminem Wow With 'Monster' At MTV… - Hollywood Life - #entertainment #music #gossip http://t.co/mSPvyvmnIr — KUDU!NEWS
Who's MTV Movie awards outfit looks better? RT for Nicki Minaj Fav for Rihanna http://t.co/uuCl4bAxNQ — Mathias
#MovieAwards performer @Rihanna has arrived! http://t.co/R4y5b0mitU http://t.co/KYtIwYJJWN — MTV

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