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And to the ones in da back... I'm blessed to have y'all ridin dis dick — Rihanna
When you're hurt because your mom won't let you sample the food while she's cooking and then Rihanna tweets the navy http://t.co/oviQU0tw30 — Mykail.
Rihanna may be the perfect embodiment of the modern pop star: http://t.co/l80vaK4jSZ http://t.co/kE1vgV2oSe — Forbes
Best Looks of the Week: Rihanna's Pink Skirt Suit, Kate Bosworth's Graphic ... - E! Online - #celebrities... http://t.co/bpblJgOY1c — KUDU!NEWS
If you think Rihanna is ugly you're clearly legally blind. 😩😍 http://t.co/JkFbDC0f3k — Sky
.@Rihanna Gives Fans What They Want With A Snippet Of New Music (LISTEN!) http://t.co/lmUVC9R1YE http://t.co/ioRzLVYsF6 — PopWrapped
Fav if you love Rihanna 😍 #RihannaNavy 💕 Get yours today at http://t.co/Psa3uLxYdC http://t.co/Zdu9CL6ByT — Hippie
Rihanna http://t.co/3fx9EuCrPB — Real Relationship.
Whos bomber 😍 RT For Lil Kim😷 FAV for Rihanna 😍💋💕 http://t.co/uG2OZ5xFRd 💎 http://t.co/s9rSVl1L1W — SCYLLA
Rihanna, Killer Mike, Pharrell and more react to Ferguson announcement - #celebrities #gossip #kudunews http://t.co/nMMbyt1AB6 — KUDU!NEWS
Sneak peek! Rihanna proves she is SO back with this teaser of her new album: http://t.co/ZBxcw1mzQO http://t.co/uhRPZXDnzg — ELLE Magazine (US)
Who's better? 👀 RT for Rihanna 🎶 FAV for Nicki 🎤 RT & FAV if they both slay Order both at http://t.co/td6cu5S320 http://t.co/LzlkLV4XGj — IG: JohnAllure
ICYMI: @Rihanna Gives Fans What They Want With A Snippet Of New Music (LISTEN!) http://t.co/lmUVC9R1YE — PopWrapped
Who do you Love more?? ☺️ Rt for Karrueche 😍 Fav for Rihanna 😻 http://t.co/Qgdxuc4JXX http://t.co/mpcGsZ996w — ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀SAN DIEGO
"Ayy fam snap this pic real quick for Rihanna" http://t.co/wDDTAspJ2T — Shai

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