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Anu ba yan di ko na matatapos ang game!!! Tinatawag nako ni Rihanna werq werq werq na daw. — jose marie viceral
Rihanna's album gives me chills — Collins Key
.#Top3OnVevoAU 3. @ArianaGrande https://t.co/UDatjDNurh 2. @rihanna https://t.co/J4E9LmlYDw 1. @LittleMix https://t.co/UP2ULtc1jk 🇦🇺 — Vevo Australia
.#Top3OnVevoAU 3. @FifthHarmony https://t.co/Jh01wh50Bi 2. @ArianaGrande https://t.co/lRqu3dh3lU 1. @rihanna https://t.co/gB7KqOE8dp 🇦🇺 — Vevo Australia
#Top3onVevo Today: 3. @1future https://t.co/qmfPlNsnlA 2. @FifthHarmony https://t.co/Os5PAGCyXd 1. @rihanna https://t.co/h2LEKFss1Z — Vevo
.@Rihanna as Ygritte! 🏹: https://t.co/nl9yS46AKI #GameofThrones artwork: @paperescapade https://t.co/dEBXUMneBL — billboard
Hoy en #40GlobalShow31 no te pierdas lo último de @drake @alessiacara @DNCE @FifthHarmony @rihanna @lukasgraham @yearsandyears y muchos más! — Tony Aguilar
Game of Thrones meets @Madonna, @TaylorSwift13, and @Rihanna! 🐲👑 See our matchups: https://t.co/SbujC4crSk — billboard
Sometimes I think young voters should pick our next president and then I remember Rihanna "Work" has been #1 for 6 weeks in a row. — Kevin O'Neill
you know I got the sauce - rihanna #aaaaaayyyyyyyeeeeeee — سيف الله
If you're offended by Rihanna's nudity you're missing the point, writes @ninaraynars https://t.co/qVSetyAEh1 https://t.co/lHV5etzx6l — HuffPost.Ca Living
14 classic @rihanna looks we hope will inspire her new beauty line: https://t.co/JI8Jqbougu — Vogue Magazine
All of the 2016 surprise #Coachella performances (so far) https://t.co/mEhI2YIRML https://t.co/jB1oGp2SKb — billboard
Jamie Dornan and his wife are 50 shades of cute at Rihanna's concert: https://t.co/Fi5sEkHMpK https://t.co/JFAPLxEMSU — POPSUGAR
11 Killer GIFs You Need From Rihanna’s ‘Needed Me’ Video https://t.co/E2NUjFeCm0 https://t.co/CuWFXCIZy4 — MTV News

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