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Rihanna was an army cadet that trained with the Barbadian military. — UberFacts
Who did it better? RT for Rihanna FAV for Beyoncé http://t.co/LHrkVVrKnS — Bruno Kureem Mars.
Rihanna is mad at CBS for taking the time to discuss domestic violence prior to last week's game instead of playing her pregame song. *sigh* — Jenny Johnson
PROOF that Rihanna is still close to Chris Brown's heart http://t.co/OkCJG8pmmy http://t.co/fyEMQQLfqW — TMZ
PROOF that Rihanna is still close to Chris Brown's heart http://t.co/JepujlYchl http://t.co/gfSYK8pS8D — TMZ
RT for Rihanna FAV for Rita Ora http://t.co/v4HJmAFvWO — Pari
Combien de RT pour @rihanna au baptême de sa nièce ? Elles sont trop mignonnes ! http://t.co/Av9CGRnXx0 http://t.co/AFzlujjWfa — NRJ
«Cessez d'attendre le moment parfait, prenez le moment que vous avez et rendez le parfait.» - Rihanna — Citations de Stars
@rihanna @ORousteing @KimKardashian @Twitter #closethewordgap #AskHillary The one who has a good friend doesn’t need any mirror. — DR ISSA WAKED
Rihanna with baby Majesty ❤️ http://t.co/MCkzvKYEDN — Rihanna Diva
Who did it better? RT for Beyoncé FAV for Rihanna http://t.co/JK5z6zqKXO” — ♛N A T H A N♛
There r certain songs Jonah & I have where if they come on, no matter what, even if we're kissin Rihanna, we stop what we're doing & turn up — Joey Gatto
Lady @rihanna sure lights up the night in Marc Jacobs #RE15 💗💗 http://t.co/2atk2wucAT — Marc Jacobs Intl
CBS and the NFL punished Rihanna for being a victim of domestic abuse http://t.co/3bMlaJgka3 http://t.co/UIaetPEvkh — Vox

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