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No one can pull off black lipstick like Rihanna 😍 http://t.co/L8H2PhisW8 — FREDDY
No one can pull off black lipstick like Rihanna http://t.co/yW1KR0fdoW — Giuly 300k
Take a look back at @Rihanna's GRAMMY Fashion Evolution http://t.co/O5EB226l1m http://t.co/ucRXN8vQw9 — The GRAMMYs
.@rihanna rocks the cover of i-D's Music Issue! http://t.co/upIGaBpeQE http://t.co/Tg7EymUOAn — i-D
It took @Rihanna, @KanyeWest & @PaulMcCartney about "FourFiveSeconds" to hit the #Hot100 http://t.co/AVcWeNi0g6 — billboard
RT For Rihanna 😏🙌 FAV For Aaliyah 😍🌹 Get Both At 👉http://t.co/8FwScFT16d👈 Use Rep Code "Cash" 😘☑️ http://t.co/QfoZLXyCZL — REAL SPIT THO
"It's like you're screaming but no one can hear you." - Rihanna. — Song Quotes ♪
omg just saw Katy Perry & Rihanna on the tube http://t.co/90HWqyhghh — dan⚓️
Billboard Hot 100: #54(new) FourFiveSeconds, @rihanna, @kanyewest and @PaulMcCartney. — Chart News
Rihanna only gets better 😍🔥 http://t.co/4fV4iHeSnc — Jay Lopez
Lovatics votem na demi aqui http://t.co/KYeL2d3QCN e deem rt nesse tweet pra ajudar a divulgar #HappyLovaticDay http://t.co/wxm7OGZIWO — Curiosidade de fãs
rihanna and beyonce 😍 http://t.co/E6gBPR4bec — Girl Hacks
"Rihanna can't write songs"..yet she wrote MOST of the songs on her most critically acclaimed album 'Rated R' http://t.co/QTDfg5nnCV — FourFive.

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