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@rihanna is #everythinggoals — Demi Lovato
#BBHMMVideo #Thursday ON @Vevo http://t.co/pki3GI8eFe — Rihanna
This is going to be epic! Watch the official trailer for @Rihanna's #BBHMMVideo 💰 http://t.co/15NsUhOw6K https://t.co/aaW00zggw6 — Vevo
.@rihanna: producers betta have my money for all these jokes. #BETAwards2015 http://t.co/n9ecpSoI2K — The FADER
Real talk 😂 we need answers #BETAwards #Rihanna http://t.co/KjLPeibkXO — Power 105.1
.@Rihanna is here with us at the #BETAwards tonight! #BBHMM — BET
.@rihanna dominated #BETAwards2015 without leaving her seat. http://t.co/KfeQkPXb0T http://t.co/9472yTgsb3 — The FADER
"Be a man, not a heartbreaker!" Thank you for the advice @rihanna http://t.co/fRGmz8VhHC — Miles Brown
The 15 best pop songs of 2015… so far (ft. @FifthHarmony + @taylorswift13 + @Rihanna): http://t.co/UYak50NgiX http://t.co/Uay0ftVtRA — MTV
Dear @Rihanna we need to know what you're up to with that roll of tape 😂 #BETAwards2015 http://t.co/6ShETsiTGW — iHeartRadio
For the #BETawards2015 in LA, presenter @Rihanna wore a #GiorgioArmani tuxedo jacket & silk shorts. http://t.co/7dFqX73xXt — Armani
Who is Rihanna about to tie up with her duct tape? #BETAwards http://t.co/y4XBNhEUio — Janet Mock
#BBHMM video premieres Thursday @Rihanna http://t.co/kyqEY06XiM — Rap-Up
Yes @rihanna we’re ready! #BETAwards2015 http://t.co/BZKgycbHcM — The FADER
Heads up BISHES! We have the trailer to @rihanna's #BBHMMVideo! http://t.co/NGREu3knS5 OMFG. #BBHMMVideoOnThursday http://t.co/oxsyvZZjIl — Vevo Australia

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