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Rihanna does it so easily 😍😍 http://t.co/d5avDWYjJn — FREDDY
Rihanna is out of everyone's league tbh no one deserves her https://t.co/FE3C65YzMU — FREDDY
Shade or nah? Drake name-dropped Rihanna instead of Madonna while performing "Madonna" in Houston. http://t.co/FkTZZwGZb2 — Complex
Rihanna gave Cara Delevingne the BEST career advice: http://t.co/EOBWoM5j8q http://t.co/bQLIAuC8ZI — ELLE Magazine (US)
Amor incondicional es lo que nunca sobrará...(aquí con Rihanna) a quién rescatamos de la calle siendo… https://t.co/i36io3xUi2 — David Zepeda
2K15 #MemorialDayWeeekend anthem: @rihanna #AmericanOxygen: http://t.co/ZeVK85VD0k🇺🇸 http://t.co/grYuiAIfnr — Def Jam Recordings
Buenos días!!!!!!! #rihanna ! http://t.co/t7i3POaVSy — David Zepeda
Rihanna gave Cara Delevingne the BEST career advice: http://t.co/6i6ph9vB0W http://t.co/rVffBUNSmk — ELLE Magazine (US)
Rihanna gave Cara Delevingne the BEST career advice: http://t.co/7Qwxe43tXk http://t.co/l2TGaH73h7 — ELLE Magazine (US)
Spoilt for choice, @MissVogueUK takes a look at @Rihanna's finest @dior moments http://t.co/ON0nzCwav3 http://t.co/HT20a7S6ux — VOGUE.CO.UK
.@Rihanna once told @JaneFonda: “Ohmigod! I want to be you when I grow up!” http://t.co/FsNqt2uNQB http://t.co/6Ucu1pj9j5 — W magazine
rihanna may be the goat at just like wearing clothes — L.A.S
Awww another sweet shout out to @rihanna from my son😗 #DecadeOfRihanna💎🌠 https://t.co/8MzzP9w8iW — Holly Robinson Peete
Watch @rihanna's full @dior "Secret Garden" video, featuring her new song: http://t.co/D2MDoaMuKb http://t.co/jTDUFK8rJH — InStyle

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