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Fascinating how people are more outraged over fictional killings in a Rihanna video than the actual deaths of innocent citizens. — Kingsley
RT for Rihanna 🙈 #BBHMM Fav for Bieber 🙊 #LetsSeeTheRestOnShots http://t.co/3jc6Nga2Yz — Kingsley
Congrats @Rihanna on your 100 million song certifications! @RIAA #RecordBreaker http://t.co/uhUk6UsTFu http://t.co/PdscQFOHNv — billboard
Proud to be on the team!!! @PUMA X BADGAL #ForeverFaster https://t.co/LjRZF6r7lW — Rihanna
Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode, and REM have never had a number one single, but Rihanna has had 13. — UberFacts
We are proud to announce that @rihanna has been nominated for the #MTVMAMA2015 in the #MAMABestInternational category http://t.co/nJjtv9gIiH — MTV Base Africa
All the artists nominated for #MAMABestInternational : @BigSean x @NICKIMINAJ x @Beyonce x @chrisbrown x @rihanna !! http://t.co/JSIYgQvPRo — MTV Base Africa
Miley Cyrus faz graça comparando bumbuns de Bieber e Rihanna no Instagram http://t.co/eMqNbFzzY9 http://t.co/ZHlaXlqcjf — CAPRICHO
Rihanna still got them left over Jamaican girls she was pulling during her Pon de Replay days. This is difficult. — Vince Staples
#Top3onVevo Today: 3. @MarkRonson http://t.co/bCHuButfOc 2. @TaylorSwift13 http://t.co/QEgve3i75M 1. @Rihanna http://t.co/bLX9piKOkM — Vevo
Rihanna​ found her BBHMM henchwoman on Instagram​ and gave her the ultimate compliment http://t.co/O4KnII8NIP http://t.co/66RBULe04t — Global Grind
Vote for the best @AlexanderWangNY fashion moment of all time—@rihanna, @MileyCyrus, @beyonce, and more: http://t.co/bg4mMc5hBC — Vogue Magazine
10 reasons why @Rihanna might just have made the most important pop video of 2015: http://t.co/gqqDumiP0C #BBHMM http://t.co/LIWNwWWdzI — i-D
This is the Rihanna meme we never knew we needed http://t.co/lyBeGanx3K http://t.co/hGn1g3HZTa — BuzzFeed

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