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Tyler Lockett. 57 yards. To. The. HOUSE! #SEAvsSTL http://t.co/gbOWYqz8qh — NFL
Tyler Lockett is GONE! The rookie returns a punt 57 yards for the TD and Seahawks take 7-0 lead over Rams. — SportsCenter
ST. LOUIS SURVIVES! Rams get a big stop on 4th & short to beat the Seahawks, 34-31, in overtime. http://t.co/jVr6fK8qbm — SportsCenter
BEASTMODE ALERT: 10-yard runs are way more impressive when you carry the entire Rams defense on your back #SEAvsSTL http://t.co/eTEniLwl5h — NFL
UPSET ALERT! Rams defeat Seahawks 34-31 in OT. http://t.co/4eADo2cWBM — Bleacher Report NFL
UPSET ALERT: Stedman Bailey's OMG-over-the-shoulder basket catch has the Rams cookin' #SEAvsSTL http://t.co/duQDpgjM7l — NFL
4th and short. Game on the line. Give it to #BeastMode? STUFFED. Rams Win. #SEAvsSTL http://t.co/EdIKwFm7Rq — NFL
VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch refuses to go down as Rams try to tackle him #BeastMode http://t.co/4wKTaO6Jsb http://t.co/KrUlOH4fHx — Bleacher Report NFL
The St. Louis Rams are worth an estimated $930 million, making them the least valuable team in the NFL. — UberFacts
Tavon Austin saw Tyler Lockett's Return TD Took some notes Then took a punt 75 yards to the HOUSE himself #SEAvsSTL http://t.co/lISabD2YwA — NFL
Tavon Austin switches on the afterburners! He takes a punt back 75 yards for a TD and Rams are up on Seahawks, 24-13. — SportsCenter
RAMS WIN! St. Louis forces OT, scores 1st, and then stuffs Marshawn Lynch on 4th down to beat Seattle, 34-31. http://t.co/9nR6eCStpv — NFL on ESPN
As predicted here, Rams upset Seahawks - by wrongly going with Marshawn instead of RWilson on 4th and short. Dissension in Seattle. — Skip Bayless
The @STLouisRams’ troll game = 💯 http://t.co/pUdQpRc5sy http://t.co/z3rDmjBNzT — Bleacher Report
If that's a valid fair catch by Rams, shouldn't there be a penalty for clobbering him? — ProFootballTalk

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