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St. Louis Rams Threaten To Leave Town Unless Taxpayers Personally Build Stadium With Bare Hands http://t.co/u27W3gE7tZ — The Onion
Zach Mettenberger: still throwing TDs into really, really, really tight spaces for the @Titans. #STLvsTEN http://t.co/JQvRg8t4Ey — NFL
Somehow... @BishopSankey just: -Got hit -Did a 360 on one leg -Picked up nearly 10 yards after contact #STLvsTEN http://t.co/9vtsibPftZ — NFL
Mariota made it look like he's been throwing for 35 yards (on the run!) in the NFL for years. #STLvsTEN http://t.co/6doyVWIq7g — NFL
Marcus Mariota goes 5-8 for 59 Yds as Titans beat Rams, 27-14. • Mettenberger: 7-9, 91 Yds, TD • Cox: Int, TD http://t.co/pWDZW22THX — SportsCenter
When the QB locks on the WR. And the DB locks on the QB. You get... Pick-6. #STLvsTEN http://t.co/agTNHcjZ6Q — NFL
That touch pass on the run from Marcus Mariota though 👀 #STLvsTEN http://t.co/fy0QZaCvdC — NFL Network
That's all she wrote here at Nissan Stadium tonight, folks. #Titans beat the #Rams 27-14. http://t.co/S6MJT9qaou — Tennessee Titans
At top of Rams-Titans on FOX, Randy Moss kicks door wide open on a potential return to the NFL. — ProFootballTalk
Marcus Mariota (5-8, 59 Yds) has a solid game as @Titans score 20 points in 1st half, go on to beat Rams, 27-14. http://t.co/oyGHfkUtxb — NFL on ESPN
The Texan @casekeenum7 slings an 80-yard touchdown pass to Chris Givens! #Rams on the board. — St. Louis Rams
Get pumped up for tonight's nationally televised (FOX) game against the @Titans! WATCH: http://t.co/XRqXkwErZB http://t.co/VLFSrvz2Ll — St. Louis Rams
Karnataka MLA Venkatesh Nayak among 5 killed as lorry rams into train in Andhra Pradesh http://t.co/1G8ZOMUjzs http://t.co/HWqBp2bKCW — BBC India
Five Players to Watch: 5. Matt Longacre 4. Rams Centers 3. Ethan Westbrooks 2. - 1. http://t.co/fCn6uXiSns http://t.co/Y50Ddw3YDf — St. Louis Rams
1st game of the season for me.back in Nashville to c the 2nd overall pick.titans/rams.#luvthisgame — Randy Moss

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