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Peyton Manning now has 16 seasons with at least 20 Pass TD, passing Brett Favre for most in NFL history. — SportsCenter
Peyton Manning's biggest problem last night? The Broncos' scoreboard operator. VIDEO: — SportsCenter
The Broncos have so many weapons on offense…Peyton Manning’s season feels like this right now: — SportsNation
Denver won last night, but Peyton Manning wasn't happy with the team's scoreboard operator » — NFL on ESPN
Peyton Manning had an interesting audible last night as the Broncos were running out the clock. — NFL on ESPN
Peyton Manning yelling at the Bronco fans "DAMN YOU PEOPLE, THIS IS FOOTBALL, NOT A ROCK CONCERT. Love it — Shooter McGavin
GIF: Peyton Manning looks super annoyed as he tried to get the Denver crowd to quiet down — Bleacher Report
Peyton Manning: 10 TD, 0 Int in last 3 games — ESPN Stats & Info
Peyton Manning has had it with the Broncos' scoreboard operator: — Deadspin
At the moment, at age 38, Peyton Manning is playing quarterback at the highest level anyone has ever played the position. — Skip Bayless
Here's Peyton yelling SHUT THE F- UP! at his own fans: Yet ANOTHER reason he's a THUG: #smh — SportsPickle
Once Mr. 510 gets rolling, he's hard to stop. Can the Chargers slow down Peyton Manning? — NFL Network
Broncos QB Peyton Manning rips scoreboard operator for being 'disrespectful' — Sports Illustrated
Peyton Manning had to yell SHUT UP at Denver fans after they caused a false start: — SB Nation
Career INTs when training with less than 4 minutes to go: Drew Brees- 24 Peyton Manning- 21 Tom Brady- 8 Tony Romo- 7 — PatriotsSB49

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