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Peyton Manning has been "one-and-done" in playoffs 9 times. No other QB has done it more than 4 times since 1966. — SportsCenter
THIS JUST IN: Peyton Manning played Sunday's Divisional Playoff loss & past month of season with torn right quad. (via @AdamSchefter) — SportsCenter
Broncos QB Peyton Manning played Sunday’s Divisional Playoff loss and the past month of the season with a torn right quad, per two sources. — Adam Schefter
BREAKING: Peyton Manning to miss 1st quarter of Broncos/Colts game after failing to find coverage for his shift at Papa Johns. — Happy Gilmore
Peyton Manning: 9 "one-and-done" playoff appearances Tom Brady: 9 AFC Championship appearances. — NFL
The record he didn't want: Broncos QB Peyton Manning lost the 13th playoff game of his career, the most in NFL history. — Adam Schefter
Broncos strike first against Colts. Demaryius Thomas scores 6th career postseason TD on 1-yd catch from Peyton Manning. Denver goes up, 7-0. — SportsCenter
As Colts and Broncos prepare to meet, our @reesewaters went to Indianapolis to get fans' thoughts on Peyton Manning. — SportsCenter
Peyton Manning's New Direct TV Ad. — Ridiculousness
Specifically: Peyton Manning has a torn rectus femoris, which runs down center of thigh. Bruising was so severe it spread to back of his leg — Adam Schefter
Peyton Manning initially tore his right quad Dec. 14 in win over Chargers, per sources. MRI back in Denver confirmed tear. — Adam Schefter
Peyton Manning falls to 8-6 at home in postseason. No other starting QB in Super Bowl era has lost more than 3 home playoff games. — SportsCenter
Despite a rough last month of the season and no matter what happens... Peyton Manning = Legend. — NFL on ESPN
It's sad to say, but this is what Peyton Manning looks like now... — SportsNation
The difference between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning — Tom Brady's Ego

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