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Peyton Manning on his $8,200 fine for taunting Texans’ D.J. Swearinger: "Money well spent." — Bleacher Report
“I accept the fine. It’s money well spent”-Peyton Manning on his $8,200 penalty for taunting » — NFL on ESPN
Peyton Manning notified by NFL he is fined $8,200 for taunting of DJ Swearinger. No appeal. Peyton: "I accept it. Money well spent." — Chris Mortensen
THIS JUST IN: Peyton Manning has been fined $8,200 for taunting Texans’ DB DJ Swearinger, per Chris Mortensen. — NFL on ESPN
Peyton Manning getting fined $8,200 for taunting is = to the avg American getting fined $27.52. — darren rovell
Yes, it was a different era but Andy Dalton and Peyton Manning's numbers in their first 3 seasons are eerily similar — Bleacher Report
Peyton Manning fined for taunting D.J. Swearinger: 'Money well spent’ — NFL: AroundTheLeague
"Peyton Manning will WIN another MVP & the @Patriots will WIN the AFC!" - @RealSkipBayless — ESPN First Take
QB Comparison: Peyton Manning vs. Andy Dalton (first 3 years) — The Sports Quotient
Andy Dalton vs Peyton Manning...First 3 Years — History Of Sports
Peyton Manning on his $8,200 fine for taunting: "Money well spent." Translation: "I got that in my couch cushions." — Andrew Brandt
Secret rehab saved Peyton Manning's career; watch preview via 60 Minutes Sports — CBS News
.@Broncos QB Peyton Manning on his fine, "I accept the fine. It's money well spent" #Sheriff — ESPN Denver
Peyton Manning was fined $8,200 for taunting. $8,200 to Peyton Manning is like dropping a penny at Walmart and being to lazy to pick it up — NFL ROAST
#Madden15Cheats Score a rushing TD with Peyton Manning, earn a free @PapaJohns pizza and a trip to #omaha — Peyton's Head

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