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Who's up for a trip to America to see some VERY special @paramore shows? — Rock Sound
Subscribe to The Paramore Newsletter at the bottom of for #WritingTheFuture pre-sale tickets! — PARAMORE
Mark your calendars for #WritingTheFuture! Check out all the dates at — PARAMORE
Ain't it fun... to be on the road? @Paramore has announced an intimate U.S. spring tour: — billboard
"The truth never set me free, so I'll do it myself." -Paramore — Best Music Lyric
The @copelandband and @paramore news is the best thing I've heard all year and I am so excited for the LA show 😭🙌 — the ready set
Próximo Sábado 7 de Febrero Concierto Tributo #Paramore Sesión especial: #MCR #30STM #FOB #ATL — IndependanceUnder18
Paramore’s music video for ‘Ain’t It Fun’ has over 39M views now! Watch: — The Paramore Band
Hey, America. You're SUPER lucky to have this @paramore intimate tour. Can we come? — Rock Sound
Paramore bring the Self-Titled Era to a close! Get more details & dates at! #WritingTheFuture — Paramore News
RT If you like AA BMTH MCR PTV SWS BLINK-182 OM&M AAR BVB ATL KISS MMF PARAMORE COLDPLAY IG HH 5SOS And follow @peelingjustin — Forging The Truth
Nova foto! Fã com Taylor York e o ex-baterista do Paramore, Zac Farro. Amizade é tudo né pessoal! 💖 — Paramore Brasil
#WritingTheFuture: An intimate evening of music with Paramore & Copeland! Share & RT! — Paramore News
i had a dream i was listening to paramore so i woke up and listened to paramore this is a pointless tweet hi — Karim
paramore never ends — Paramore

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