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alright i think twitter is fixed... I'm sorry some of my replies & everything from last night had to get deleted. will make it up to you. — Ariana Grande
Good Night :) — Super Junior 이동해
Physically and mentally tired. It has been a hectic day since last night. I am still hoping for a miracle, but..., hm. Goodnight, daddy. :') — .
The @Spurs clinched their 17th straight playoff berth last night. A lot's changed over that span. (via @SportsNation) — ESPN
The first person you think of in the morning, or last person you think of at night, is either the cause of your happiness or your pain. — to be honest..
You could give me 45 years to do homework and I still wouldn't do it until the night before. — Students Problems
85% of my dreams have involved food for about a month now 🍗😴🍕😴 last night I was eating at a buffet — Normani Kordei
Trying to reply to texts in the middle of the night — Proud Male
To honor the late Ralph Wilson, the @BuffaloBills left one light on at The Ralph last night. (via @manecci) — ESPN
Kevin Durant COLD BLOODED from deep. KD has 37 on the night (5-9 3-pt FG) — SportsCenter
Dear Mind, please stop thinking so much at night, I need to sleep. — Dailyteenwords
The @BuffaloBills left one light on at Ralph Wilson Stadium last night. #RIPMrWilson — NFL
What a phenomenal night at the @DonaldGlover #ChildishGambino concert. Seriously a one of a kind artist. Sensational! — AllyBrooke Hernandez
#UberFactsWordOfTheDay: Nyctophilia – love of darkness or night. Finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness. — UberFacts
I made a new song last night, and I dropped cause I wanted to. #Sox - Home Studio. — Chance The Rapper

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