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After reading it i am now convinced NaMo is on a right track. Typically buck passing attempt to save real culprits. — Prabhu Chawla
Second half of my massage on conclusion of #ParivartanYatra ..see you tommorow with Namo in Bhagalpur Mega rally — Giriraj Singh
@asuri_raman : None. Namo promised it without ifs and buts. Defence Minister cleared it. — Subramanian Swamy
Secondo 'sto senatore non c'è differenza tra il 2x1000 dato ai partiti e le DONAZIONI LIBERALI. Namo bene! — Giulia Di Vita
Btw I'm not in agreement with Hardik Patel or his demands. But he is an indicator again that NaMo isn't as invincible as he's made out to be — Hansal Mehta
@swamy_fan : Why? No need to since RSS views on Namo govt are my views too.. — Subramanian Swamy

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