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Oi linda, tem namo? - Sou lésbica E aquela sua amiga? - Sapata também. E aquela outrVEI TA VENDO AQUELA RODA? TUDO SAPATÃO, TUDO COLA VELCRO — Vailagay
Ramesh Undhad who runs Namo Mandir since 2006 at same place now asked2 keep quiet.He is confused why is Modi & BJP suddenly disowning him? — deepal trivedi
Message from NaMo: Work for the country — Narendra Modi Fan
"NaMo PM bann gaya to hum India se shift ho kar Pakistan chale jayenge" was the 'jumla' used by the Modi haters. #YouRemember — Keh Ke Peheno
NaMo demolishing Temples.. surely Religious Intolerance in India would have shocked Mahatma Gandhi — Ankur Singh
karyakarta: Smart Delhites got fooled by AAP bt we simple ppl of Assam are smarter in choosing our leader nd having trust on NaMo @Sudhanshu — Sudhanshu Mittal
Election humne jeet liya. ab baaki kaam aap kariye ~ AAP to NaMo — shilpi tewari
In less than 24 hrs.AAP has 1. Called batla encounters fake 2. Said theyl fulfill prmises only if NaMo gvs thm money 3. Clld NSG "informers" — Vande Mataram
Before our darling media jumps to conclusions on NaMo skipping Kejri oath, NaMo is in Maharashtra most of the day for several functions. — Kartikeya Tanna
Hitjob by Media busted by Namo himself & Chnls saying 'Union Minister Mohan kundariya to inaugurate it' - False news — Sandip Mandalia
BJP core that rallied behind Namo need to stand up & ask tough Qns....folks like AJ wield power disproportionate to their electoral clout — Alok Bhatt
NaMo's Digital Leadership marks a new milestone — Niti Central
LOL. Even Namo is trolling Rohit on his "talent" … — The UnReal Times
A decade long of rot in economy and what not. But NaMo is supposed to turnaround things in 8 months?! Jamaati cabal conspires and u fall?! — Sachin Reddy

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