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Thanks for all the support and preyers! Still not 100% sure what's up Trying to check myself outta hospital so I can go get scans X-ray&mri — Chad Reed
injury ankle sya ambil masa 4bulan juga bleh sembuh,sbab nmpak tulang retak d xray tdi..kemungkinan buat opration.esok buat MRI. hmm :'/ — Rozaimi abd Rahman
【タトゥーのリスク】 温泉、プール、サウナ、スポーツジムに入れない。 就職、出世が難しい。 MRI検査が受けられない。 生命保険に入れない。 C型肝炎になりやすい。 — このリスク知ってますか?
Kids at @muhealth can watch movies while undergoing an MRI, thanks to @CU4Kids help in funding $44,000 video goggles. — CMNHospitals
Advanced #MRI tech is revealing information that will aid diagnosis,treatment plan & evaluation for many diseases — Israel ישראל
In other injury news, I got word that Wes Johnson is supposed to have an MRI tomorrow. Should have more details tomorrow. — Serena Winters
医者の友人が言ってたな。「刺青でもタトゥーでも好きにしたらええけど、金属が体内に入るからこの先どんな病気になっても一生MRIは受けれんよ。眉毛だけでもアウト」 xsheeenax — ツイッターコピペ大全
MRI on Avery Bradley's rt ankle tomorrow. He's out tonight #celtics — gary washburn
Report from November 3, 2012: "Steve Nash's MRI shows non-displaced fracture in his left leg, out at least 1 week." —
That moment when Scott hugged Stiles before the MRI though — TEAM STILES
Avery Bradley said he is likely out Wednesday against #spurs but said he is not concern about the MRI. Just needs rest #celtics — gary washburn
Amir Johnson (ankle) will not play tonight. MRI came back clean, Casey says, but they'll give him a night of rest. No word on replacement — Josh Lewenberg
Veel vragen over blessure....vanmiddag naar het ziekenhuis voor mri scan. Hopen dat het meevalt @rodajckerkrade — anco jansen
MRI result: Nick Young suffered a non-displaced fracture of the patella and a bone bruise in his left knee. He's out a minimum of 2 weeks. — Mike Trudell
【タトゥーのリスク】 温泉、プール、サウナ、スポーツジムに入れない。 就職、出世が難しい。 MRI検査が受けられない。 生命保険に入れない。 C型肝炎になりやすい。 — 衝撃!実は知らないと危険な事実

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