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Super speech by Modi; not so super behaviour by some bhakts. Guess some things won't change. — Rajdeep Sardesai
I belong to no political party or ideology. Am delighted that MODI is India's Prime Minister. For far too long we've had readers no leaders. — SUHEL SETH
Thousands of Indian-Americans gather at Madison Square Garden to hear Indian PM Narendra #Modi — BBC News (World)
Happy that Modi committed to Obama that India would join the anti-ISIS war. Now Indo-US good relations will reach new unprecedented heights. — Subramanian Swamy
Amma in Jail. ISRO on Mars. Modi in America. A few years ago, nobody would have offered 1 in a million odds for this. — Chetan Bhagat
Through his speech, Modi has raised the bar for his own performance. It is a good challenge to set oneself. — Harsha Bhogle
PM Modi's presence on stage & powerful oratory is undeniable. His Make in India single window plan & Clean up India drive is welcome news. — Farhan Akhtar
We went to Mars at less than cost of a Hollywood Movie ~ Modi We went to Mars at less than cost of a Statue Modi is Building ~ Obama — Joy
Shocking video of Modi supporters attacking @sardesairajdeep. Will PM denounce this? Hope authorities act quickly. — Aam Aadmi Party
Idiots, stop cheering every line of Modi. He is not a stand up comedian. Listen quietly to what he says. And realise what you owe to India. — Rofl Indian
If I call a Journalist Paid Media then its an abuse. If Journalist calls me a Paid Modi supporter then its a Journalistic duty. SecLib logic — Narayanan
Modi: agshushagwgjaiayrqcansyx Crowd: yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy! Modi: jduagfagsjizgavsjkx Crowd: yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Modi: Crowd: yeaaaayyy!!! — Ms Bambastic
"Were you paid to attend MSG?"asks @sardesairajdeep suggesting people bribed into coming. #Loaded .Clear he can't accept Modi's popularity. — rupa subramanya
He(PM Modi) will become the next Ronald Reagan,he knows how to get things done-Pete Sessions,US Congressman — ANI
I think we don't need to be here (NYC) anymore, Modi ji is bringing change to our country: PM Narendra Modi supporter — ANI

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