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Narendra Modi is trying to modernise India. Can he become a more liberal economic figure, too? — The Economist
Congratulations to BJP and Modi ji for their victory in Haryana and for their performance in Maharashtra — Arvind Kejriwal
Its not BJP of 1999. Its BJP of 2014. Its BJP of Modi+Shah. Grey haired journalists are still not getting it — Debashis Basu
Despite BJP feeling disappointed by no clear majority, Modi has proved that he is now the most electorally high -impact PM since Indira G — barkha dutt
Sanjay Jha on deathbed. Last words: "There is no Modi wave" — Poonam Khatri
Hi all. 'Go get your own Modi,' my col in ToI today: — Chetan Bhagat
#BJP's vote share doubled to about 32%; credit goes to #Modi than to any regional leader — EconomicTimes
Modi replaces Ram Guha in Nehru panel with the biggest intellectual heavyweight the Right can offer: Rajat Sharma. — Mihir Sharma
Amit Shah: Whoever said that the Modi wave is dead will know it's a Tsunami now. Live: — Firstpost
Modi drops Ram Guha, Mahesh Rangarajan and Gopalkrishna Gandhi from panel to celebrate Nehru's 125th b'day — Shivam Vij
The results in Maharashtra and Haryana is a reaffirmation of faith in the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi and his governance. — Arun Jaitley
If Modi slashes gas prices, I will join BJP: Kejriwal — Tajinder Pal S Bagga
Modi drops Ram Guha and Gopalkrishna Gandhi from panel commemorating Nehru's 125th birthday. — HellYeah!
If we don't get this govt to act against black money the agenda will be lost. Modi is the only, last hope. We need to work strategically — S Gurumurthy
Do yourself a favour.. stop behaving like stupid MSM.. Dont lecture Modi on morals that arent applied to others... Hes a politician too — MediaCrooks

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