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Five things Modi did to impress Obama. 1. He wore his name on his sleeve — Wall Street Journal
India Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known to hug leaders whom he considers trusted partners — The New York Times
A year ago, conventional wisdom said electing Modi would hurt US-India ties. Instead the opposite happened. [My take] — Sadanand Dhume
RT MAX BREAKING : Gujarat CM Modi slammed Indian PM Modi over nuclear deal with US calling him agent of US govt. — Kirti Saxena
American Modi meets Indian Modi — Kal Penn
Here is the transcript of the episode of 'Mann Ki Baat' with President Obama & myself. — Narendra Modi
The story of the BJP is Modi bailed, Bedi failed, Obama trailed, says Raghav Chadda, AAP leader #BediObamaNama — TIMES NOW
Smell class bias in chatter over Modi fabric? Monogrammed shirts, routine. Rajiv wore Gucci shoes, Modi chaiwala so keep to humble dhotis?!? — Shekhar Gupta
Look closely at this "pinstriped" suit Modi wore to receive Obama: — Wall Street Journal
Inspired by Modi sir, Gadkari ji too wanted a suit that would suit his tastes, but look what he's got! — Roflindian 2.0
The NDTV discussion right now is banal. It's come right back to Modi and Sangh Parivar bashing. Obama and foreign policy are irrelevant! — Ashok Malik
A friend got call from US asking what is"Monkey Bath" dt Modi & Obama planning together.Took while to realise reference was to Mann Ki Baat! — Madhu Kishwar
Modi-Obama Mann Ki Baat at 8 p.m. tonight —
They laughed at a dalit Mayawati holding purse and now an OBC Modi wearing suit. Brahminical beasts making fun of the "lesser" people. #IOI — Rahul Roushan
.@AashishKhetan 6 CMs including Modi have gone on dharnas in the past, yet only @ArvindKejriwal's dharna is seen as non-constitutional — HeadlinesToday

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