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12.12.13 BJP said it would sit in opposition on principles and morality. Has BJP led by Modi become immoral?Y it is hell bent to form govt? — ashutosh
早稲田はパンドラの箱を空けず、政治解決を図ったということ。大衆向けにはこれで済む話だと思うけど、研究者に対しては早稲田は完全に信頼を失った。組織的に学位論文の不正を認めたわけだから。現状では、早稲田は研究者養成機関であることは諦めたということになる。 — modi operandi
PM Narendra Modi likely to induct INS Kolkata in last week of August — Narendra Modi PM
Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the New Chancery Building of the Indian Embassy, at Brasilia,in Brazil — PIB India
The Modi-Xi meeting, which yielded only platitudes, coincided with three incursions into Ladakh. Is that why Modi called it "very fruitful"? — Brahma Chellaney
Cleaning Up Varanasi Is a Test for Narendra Modi — The New York Times
Meeting with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi — President of Russia
USA wooing Modi intensely while worrying about his Hinduism and lack of secularism. Clash of Civ forces at work. — Rajiv Malhotra
Narendra Modi’s meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin has set the right chord — Narendra Modi PM
I am impressed with Narendra Modi's economic policies says Bill Clinton — Narendra Modi PM
#Modi govt resists one-sided anti-Israel resolution. Good riddance to Congress's knee-jerk, woolly headed leftism. — David B. Cohen
Half way across globe, Narendra Modi sows seeds of friendship — Narendra Modi PM
India under Narendra Modi may be best EM turnaround story: Nomura — Narendra Modi PM
Shri Narendra Modi and the President of Brazil, Ms. Dilma Rousseff at the signing ceremony, in Brasilia, Brazil — PIB India
Opinion: Narendra Modi is Going the Indira Gandhi Way — ashutosh

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