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Today is International Yoga Day - Narendra Modi's latest showcase for Indian cultural power — The Economist
Narendra Modi leads the world in a demonstration of Indian cultural power — The Economist
Mr @arunjaitley whilst you were leader of the opposition did u meet Mr Lalit Modi alone in #london for hours at the #stjamescourt taj hotel — Lalit Kumar Modi
#InternationalDayofYoga celebrated by millions across the world — The Telegraph
Narendra Modi took part in the largest yoga gathering in a single venue in history yesterday. — New York Times World
After centuries Yog hs been acknowledged all over World,it's a huge contribution by Modi ji to humanity: Swami Ramdev — ANI
India's prime minister led the world in celebrating International Yoga Day on June 21st — The Economist
Bend it like Narendra: Modi turns to tradition with yoga — Wall Street Journal
35,985 people, 84 nationalities - the world's largest #yoga lesson in India — GuinnessWorldRecords
Investment: 4 crore to buy Modi suit. Grateful BJP says thank you: 54 crores worth of land. #protip for best returns — Priyanka Chaturvedi
Gujarat Model : Invest 4.31 Crore and get back 54 crores The man who purchased Modi's suit gets special favour — Youth Congress
1/3 My specific Query to Congress Party - specifically - has the Modi Group or as a matter of fact any group ever provided you any of your — Lalit Kumar Modi
Here is India's PM Modi joining tens of thousands in New Delhi for global Yoga Day — Al Jazeera English
Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India led the first International Yoga Day in Delhi on Sunday. — New York Times World

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