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Only budget since 1992 that has courageously ignored how the stock market would take it. It has looked more at India. Clearly Modi effect. — S Gurumurthy
1 hour,10 mnts &41 scnds speech of Modi in P'ment.but only thing NDTV & Nidhi listened & discussing is RSS reaction on Modi's religeous talk — Paresh Rawal
LIVE: Jaitley set to present Modi govt’s first full-year Budget today —
Yesterday...Jaitley administered anesthesia to the bogus agitation & fake claims of Cong+Oppn on #LAB.. Today Modi surgically destroyed them — MediaCrooks
PM Modi terms budget pragmatic, says will reignite growth —
PM Modi's speech in Parliament today @PMOIndia was like AB De Villiers record breaking innings. Opposition stunned. India has a great leader — Vijay Mallya
Two minutes of silence for conspiracy theorists who said Modi govt is an Ambani agent. — Narendra Modi Fan
India First - that's the religion of a true patriot and a 'selfless' nationalist. RT if you are with Modi ji. — Narendra Modi Fan
MMS sailed India thru World Economic Crisis twice, 2008 & 2012. Coalition Govt, Crude $140. Modi struggling with Crude $60 & 282 seats. Thx. — Vinod Mehta
After Arun Jaitley's command performance in RS yesterday, PM Modi delivering a blockbuster speech in LS. BJP mojo back? — Minhaz Merchant
Chidambaram once said- Modi knowledge of Economy can be written on back of a postage stamp. MNREGA comment proved Chidambaram right! Thx. — Vinod Mehta
So all @Tehelka pimps...incl @ShomaChaudhury @AashishKhetan campaigned for #Essar just as they campaigned to malign Modi @Timesnow @ndtv — MediaCrooks
#SuperBudget Live Updates of first full year Budget of Narendra Modi-led NDA government —
Dr @Swamy39 and PM Modi today in Parliament. — Ishkaran S. Bhandari
Today's Modi speech reminded me god father movie.NO ONE CAN OPEN MOUTH WHEN A LION IS SPEAKING. #pmkajawab — ❄ एक स्वयंसेवक ❄

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