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Told "U'v voted Modi not me, go to him for your passport”, man writes to PM, gets passport. Officer raided n arrested — हम भारत के लोग
Narendra Modi to be the first Indian PM to stay at US President's official guest house — dna
The Modi-led BJP scored a fantastic win in the general elections. Not sure if the Maharashtra/Delhi drama is to the benefit of the party. — Rajdeep Sardesai
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi discusses extremism threat. Interview airs this Sunday at 10 am + 1 pm ET on CNN — Fareed Zakaria
Priceless display of stupidity by this woman. What's her problem if Modi fasts, as long as he conducts meetings? — Kiran Kumar S
Pranab Mukherjee praises Narendra Modi government — Narendra Modi Fan
India's political evolution in next 4 years could potentially obliterate Congress. Can the Modi-Shah team reach here? — Dr. Praveen Patil
If Modi's decision to fast during his US trip caused so much pain among liberals..what will happen if Modi forces US officials to play garba — Paresh Rawal
CNN granted 1st interview with Modi since he became India’s new PM. @RaviAgrawalCNN reflects: — CNN International
PM #Modi will keep Navratri fast during #US visit — Narendra Modi Fan
NYT reporters will be answering questions on climate change, ISIS & Modi's visit. Ask a question here: — The New York Times
I'm shocked that my govt would spew this anti-Hindu moral equivalence BS on the eve of Modi's trip. Shame on @USCIRF — David B. Cohen
Modi at least gave 4 minutes to a Modi-hater like FareedZakaria ... Im not sure he would given even 4 seconds to @Bdutt ... LOL! — MediaCrooks
India's Modi to observe strict fast during maiden trip to U.S — Reuters Top News

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