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Nikko: I Waited Too Long to Tell Mimi I Am Married - #celebrities #gossip #kudunews http://t.co/uJn0Z9OVhp — KUDU!NEWS
Damn mimi forehead went from 1-100 real quick. http://t.co/fdhhpB24T0 — Jeremy Nicolls
That Mimi in the shower line just killed em — WorldStar Romeo MTA
"Chicks holding my Rod like MiMi in the Shower"😂💀 #HipHopAwards — ✊B.I.G BOSS✊
😂😂😂 Mimi be getting trashed & she accepts it & still love the attention...a true bird #BETHipHopAwards — Eric 'Eezy' Smith
"It is the year 2014, and you are living a double life." http://t.co/LjLiMQVsAp — National Geographic
.@MimiFaust, @SnoopDogg + the #ShowerRod got us dying! WE LOVE YOU MIMI #HipHopAwards http://t.co/voYhjbsdNo — Love & Hip Hop
"Holdin rods, like I'm mimi in the shower" http://t.co/EGDHortqWV — Lustful Ló✖️
Hey Mimi!!!!! I been dranking shower water #HipHopAwards — SHEKINAH
You know Joseline is salty, Mimi's on stage and she's not😂😂😂 — ISCHAVELI
Pulling the rod like Mimi in the shower! He did that! — IG: iRickyVasquez
Snoop Pulled Out A Shower Rod And A Shower Cap On Mimi!!!! 😂😂😂😂 — $WAGTAC
Mimi has made herself into a never ending joke. Congrats. — Bria A
When murda mook said "chicks hold my rod like Mimi in the shower" #BETHipHopAwards #BETCyphers #HipHopAwards http://t.co/2Aezfi8vu4 — CяαіgSтυииа

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