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Rest Easy To Benizo's Mama Waka's Brother & Mimi Father Life's short🙏😩😦 #LHHATL — KissingKayBarlow❤✈
I like Ariane she tells MiMi the truth even if she doesn't want to hear it.Plus, she's supportive. So far she has been a good friend #LHHATL — SLIM PHATTY
Mimi gotta Good Friend in Ariane #LHHATL — SHEKINAH
RT if You want to Meet One Direction 😍 #MTVHottest One Direction #BestFandom2014 Directioners http://t.co/V5eufsdBEk — saman barzani
Mimi piss me off but Joseline have no room to talk lmao http://t.co/DzQPytLwLQ — Chenelle✨
Mimi going thru a hell of a lot mane, keep ha in ya prayers 💯 #LHHATL — lil boosie
This Joseline and Mimi beef is gettin old. — Crystal
First Waka's brother , then Benzino's mom & now MiMi's dad 😔 RIP 👼🙏 #LHHATL — CreamBoyBossKd 82K
Ariane defends Mimi better than Stevie or Nikko ever did. #LHHATL — Sunjai ღツ
Nikko only wants the money he doesn't care for Mimi #LAHHATL — Ricky Webb
Mimi just keeps on getting used & played like a fool by that clown dude,while she continues to try 2 force everybody else 2 like him #LHHATL — Eric #EezyFam Smith
I think Mimi lying. I don't think Stevie did all of that right after her dad died...we don't believe you, you need more ppl #LHHATL — Eric #EezyFam Smith
Mimi you let me down every episode. #LHHATL — Chenelle✨
Mimi & Dawn be like .. #LHHATL http://t.co/hglVVciysD — Yazmin Renee
i BET NO ONE CAN HATE LIAM PAYNE RETWEET IF YOU LOVE HIM 😍 #MTVHottest One Direction #BestFandom2014 Directioners http://t.co/0hrqUK5xtQ — saman barzani

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