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Listen to Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz fo freeeeeee now @ #MCandHerDeadPetz — Miley Ray Cyrus
Review: Miley Cyrus enlists @theflaminglips @arielxpink on her thrillingly weird surprise LP — NME
Miley Cyrus was the worst VMA host in recent memory. — Complex
Miley Cyrus was the worst VMA host in recent memory. — Complex
Josemi "El Burlao" es nuestro Miley Cyrus. — JÄGGER
.@MileyCyrus' #VMA performance was more important than you may think: — MTV
Miley Cyrus the most hood/street host the VMA's ever had. It was a few times I said I wouldn't let my daughter watch this. — Charlamagne Tha God
Miley Cyrus wayyyyyyy more fake street than Idris Elba. — Charlamagne Tha God
I really like Miley Cyrus. I think she's just being herself and doesn't care what people think. I admire that. — Oliver Kirby
Miley Cyrus’ VMA Outfits Are The Center Of A Major Unexpected Controversy — MTV
Miley Cyrus just torpedoed her own career, and MTV helped — The Verge
Nicki Minaj putting Miley Cyrus on blast was easily one of the best moments at the #VMAs: — Complex Music
Congrats to Miley Cyrus, who is now on a shortlist as one of the worst #VMAs hosts EVER: — Complex Music
"Kanye West announced that he's running for president in 2020. It might be more serious..." — Fallon Tonight
We totally dig @MileyCyrus' adventurous new album #MCandHerDeadPetz: — Entertainment Weekly

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