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Beau's been really sick for a few days in Mexico, #getwellbeau — Luke Brooks
Mexico got the best of us http://t.co/vaW07YtJbq — James Yammouni
Even though I was sick in Mexico I still enjoyed it. The people are very respectful. Thanks for having us Mehiko — Beau Brooks
#mexico Here is the link for tickets to the #heffrondrive show in Mexico City! http://t.co/LIPtEd0cXJ — Kendall Schmidt
Deseo mucha suerte a @LauraPausini @julionalvarez83 y @OficialYuri en su faceta como coaches de @LaVozMexico Viva el arte de México!!! — David Bisbal
¡EXCLUSIVA MUNDIAL! Ve antes que nadie el primer trailer de #CincuentaSombras. En México: 12 feb 2015 RT! http://t.co/Spaj5kAli7 — Universal Pictures
Underwater Cave Diving, Mexico http://t.co/p09PxFA3MX — National Geographic
#QuieroDormirPero @Banxico dice que la economía mexicana repuntará el segundo bimestre del año.Eso me quita el sueño http://t.co/LajFpzj6yX — Quadratín México
Did you know Madonna took her entire entourage from her 1993 tour to watch Michael perform @ Mexico’s Estadio Azteca. http://t.co/TZPzFnUr6x — Michael Jackson
Sgt.Thamooressi has been held in Mexico for 115 Days. Mexico has zero respect for our border & our servicemen. Boycott! #freeourmarine — Donald J. Trump
México primer lugar con obesidad infantil ¡alarmante! 😩👊 — Jorge R. de la Gala
it's gonna be a party down in mexico next april and we want to see you there http://t.co/Fo3hJLU72A @Hydrafest — Fall Out Boy
Only in Mexico. http://t.co/Fw789ZxwQO — Troll Football
Mexico's Head Coach Just Might Be My Favorite Human Being...And This Is Why --> http://t.co/ihcLLp3kTW http://t.co/HfdI493kD6 — OMG Facts
#FF_Specialツ a los Líderes!!! En @LideresMexicano Los #300Lideres de Mexico @Paco_Olvera http://t.co/UMLUX5RLyO — OBSERVATORIO DEL PRI

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