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ICYMI: Mariano Rivera's tip of the cap and dramatic exit made baseball fans around the world emotional and grateful. — SportsCenter
Why We Love Sports Today: Mariano Rivera pulled by Andy Pettitte & Derek Jeter. Smiles from Mo at first, then tears. — SportsCenter
Mariano Rivera's last appearance at Yankee Stadium. Yeah, we can’t believe it either: — Cut4
Mariano Rivera at home during Yankee career: • 314 career saves • 597 strikeouts • 2.46 ERA Remarkable run for greatest ever. Thank you, Mo. — SportsCenter
Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte pulled Mariano Rivera from the game. Yankee Stadium errupted..and cried. #ExitSandman — SportsCenter
Yankees will not be playing this Postseason. Thank you Mariano Rivera for one of the most memorable careers of all time #HatsOff — Baseball Lifestyle
Enter Sandman, exit Mariano Rivera. Hard to believe the Yankee legend has pitched in his final game at Yankee Stadium. #GoodbyeMo — ESPN
The amazing, emotional, exceptional video of Mariano Rivera getting "pulled" in his final game at Yankee Stadium — Rachel Nichols
An emotional Joe Girardi reflected on Mariano Rivera’s career and tonight’s memorable sendoff: #ExitSandman — New York Yankees
Mariano Rivera Orgullo de Puerto Caimito Panamá , el mejor cerrador de la historia del beisbol . Se retira el pero no su legado... — Residente C13/ RC13
Quick Work: Mariano Rivera has spent less than 18 total days on the mound in his career — darren rovell
Exit Sandman. Mariano Rivera's final walk off the Yankee Stadium mound. What a moment. — Yahoo Sports
The Mariano Rivera tribute spot will give you goosebumps: — MLB Fan Cave
Yankees manager Girardi might let Mariano Rivera play the outfield on final weekend before retirement: -SS — The Associated Press
Mariano Rivera made his final appearance at Yankee Stadium tonight. Let's take a look at Rivera's legendary career: — ESPN Stats & Info

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