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Yaaa Gunners Yaaaaaa ..... second time community shield maaan 😂👌💪 #YaGunnersYa #AFC #London #Wembley 🏆 — Mesut Özil
London I have a surprise for you. — HALSEY
Getting on stage at 2am doing a gig with tens of thousands of people then to the airport for breakfast with the dogs in London. Then nap — MIKA official
YOOOO???!!!!! MAN FLIPPED IT?!!!?!!! RT @QuickTempa: I don't do London accent impressions anymore guys stop asking 😭 — Jme
Taking James to London to spend a couple of days with me — Oli White
1920s London parks used sheep as natural lawnmowers: ht @theretronaut — Mashable
I'm in studio in Brussels, meanwhile in London the girls... — MIKA official
A new car showroom opens today in London. What does it offer? Bomb-proof cars, for one — The Economist
We will rise again on @VyRT. Help us unlock #ChurchOfMars: London for YOU to enjoy! → — MARS.
Landed in London and can't get home quick enough to see my baby. I think my heart might burst a little. ❤️❤️❤️ — Louise
Quick London Pit Stop! Who's out and about??? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 — bryanboy
It's cheaper to commute from Spain to London than actually live in London — The Independent
Benedict Cumberbatch, a Hamlet who’s one hot ticket in London — The New York Times
The focus of London’s first graffiti writers was the message; style wasn’t important. — VICE
Welcome to London, where a room the size of a Starbucks bathroom will cost you $1200 a month — VICE

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