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Cavs playing as if their life is on the line G.S playing as if they have more #NBAFinals down the line #ThisIsNOW #competitionIsEverything — Kobe Bryant
ah the annual day of forced reflection on the progress and satisfaction of my life as i move one step closer to death — Dan Howell
Underneathe the stars listening to acoustic music at a bonfire with some awesome people... Life is awesome 🙏🏼🙌🏼👏🏼 — Demi Lovato
i'm not sure if i've ever laughed harder in my life. you guys are damn hilarious, i adore you — camEEla cabeYo
I feel like my whole life revolves around keeping my phone charged. — Caspar Lee
we're all on a life-long journey of self exploration & acceptance - it lifts my soul to see others take a step in their right direction — Connor Franta
live life like you never have before — Matthew Espinosa
Life moves so fast — Jack Johnson
I did not die, just haven't been tweeting a lot. Found this strange thing called "life" and have been trying to "live" it. Not recommended. — Bo Burnham
Seriously when I have a best friend they become my BEST friend for life! It's like that with all of them because I'm great at picking them 😎 — James Yammouni
love life and every teeny tiny thing it has to offer you — Carter Reynolds
austin butler is the love of my life — Typical Girl
【マモー・ミモー】あすの「LIFE!」は、いよいよマモーさんとミモーさんが一夜限りの復活をします。ミモーさんはもちろんちはるさん。放送は11(木)22:00からNHK総合でやるならやらねばです。(2号) — NHK広報局
An extraordinary man and life lead, Sir Christopher Lee. You were an icon, and a towering human being with stories for days. We'll miss you. — Elijah Wood

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