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my life consists of me always waking up first at friends places and being the only one awake — Matthew Espinosa
new york today was probably the best day of my life. or second best because when i was little i rode an elephant and that was AWESOME — camEEla cabeYo
Haha I love you all. Idk why I'm just so happy I have u all in my life.😌😌😌 — Matthew Espinosa
forgotten. I have that I never got the chance to meet u in person but know you inspired me the whole time! For every life u touched, u... — LeBron James
She don't want this life — Nash Grier
Hey all u awesome people, sorry I haven't been that active recently. Got caught up in life for a sec haha, I'll try and be more active 😌😌😌😜 — Matthew Espinosa
#LOTPAcousticVideo ❤️ — Shawn Mendes
GUYS go watch #LOTPAcousticVideo now here ! — Shawn Mendes
"Before you criticise or judge someone, you must first walk a mile in their shoes" - Saturday morning life quote. Keep it in your pocket! — Zoë
Destroying a @NandosUK with lifelong friends. Life is good! — Josh Devine
when everything is going smooth in life except for your poop — Luke Brooks
People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness — James Yammouni
Naps are my life — Jacob Whitesides
How has life outside of Storybrooke been treating Robin? #OnceUponATime is all-new tomorrow at 8|7c on ABC! — Once Upon A Time
We stress a lot over trying to make the right decision. In reality, there isn't always a right and wrong decision. That's life. — Lilly Singh

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