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Is it just me or is Lady Gaga, like, fully LIVING right now?!? #goals — Taylor Swift
Lady Gaga ควงคู่หมั้นลงแช่น้ำเย็นเฉียบในทะเลสาบมิชิแกนเพื่อระดมทุนช่วยเหลือกลุ่มเด็กพิเศษองค์กร Special Olympics — JokeJaith
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney jump into an icy lake for the Polar Plunge charity event! — E! Online
Lady Gaga participated in the Chicago Polar Plunge 2015 in Chicago (and her hair froze)! — billboard
Lady Gaga went for a swim in Chicago and her hair froze — BuzzFeed
Lady Gaga takes a dip in the ice cold waters of Lake Michigan to raise money for the Special Olympics! — Lady Gaga Daily
Photos: Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney jump into Lake Michigan for charity — Lady Gaga Daily
Lady Gaga, Vince Vaughn, Taylor Kinney plunge into icy Lake Michigan, in photos. — Chicago Tribune
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney take a plunge in the lake to benefit Special Olympics Chicago! 💪 — Lady Gaga Daily
Lady Gaga wrote her hit 'Just Dance' with her producer RedOne, in 10 minutes. — UberFacts
"I’m every icon. I’m an icon that is made out of all the colors on the palette. I have no restrictions." - Lady Gaga — Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga & Taylor playing in the water at the 2015 Polar Plunge. — Lady Gaga Now
Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney took the plunge -- but it's not what you think! — People magazine
#HappyBirthdayJustinBieber! Lady Gaga has continuously supported him through thick and thin. 👏 — Lady Gaga
In case you were living under a rock this week... Lady Gaga to star in #AHS season 5: — Entertainment Weekly

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