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Someone photoshoped Kanye’s head onto North’s body and it’s the best thing you’ll see all day http://t.co/05OacUtLEI http://t.co/yK9gufLnW1 — BuzzFeed
She got that Kanye going for her haha http://t.co/5eGVu4s4Og — Ruby Rose
I dreamt I went shopping with Kanye. I woke up disappointed that I hadn't really purchased a diamond grill... I really liked it... 😔😂 — Jessie J
Kanye West Jon Stewart 2020. — deray mckesson
Baby Kanye is just adorable @KimKardashian @kanyewest http://t.co/COrVNMlfw1 #BabyKanye http://t.co/L8lRVBkcM6 — HuffPostUK Pictures
Kanye West will be performing '808s & Heartbreak' in full not once, but TWICE. Full details: http://t.co/hAMCCTzjpD http://t.co/rzZFSupAMq — Complex Music
We're easy to tell apart: Kim's famous for the movie CLERKS. I'm known for taking selfies with my sisters & Kanye... https://t.co/Xc30SiS2EL — KevinSmith
#hiphop #rap #news Kanye West Receives Portrait of Donda And North West from Fan: Artist Perspekti... http://t.co/vNbGZAihQm @DjScrill — DJ KING ASSASSIN
Here's the Kanye West/Taylor Swift 2020 campaign merch: http://t.co/Omtagqd6wm — billboard
Ice Cube thinks Kanye West would make a great president: http://t.co/Y9ymEab1z6 — XXL Magazine
Ice Cube supports Kanye West’s 2020 bid for the White House: http://t.co/Y9ymEab1z6 — XXL Magazine
North is a mini-Kanye! http://t.co/oyqjrjxeqv http://t.co/A9DMw584O8 — Daily Mail Celebrity
The Summer League @Wale @kanyewest https://t.co/95pkcwXuva — Ty Dolla $ign
Chelsea Clinton Is Asked About Kanye West Running for President and Her Perspective May Surprise You http://t.co/eBApTXvR4e — E! Online
Kanye Promises Free Yeezys for All if He's Elected President http://t.co/krjV5MD68g http://t.co/ulJFnM04Gg — ELLE Magazine (US)

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