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Tonight's Pan Am Closing Ceremony will include performances by Kanye West, Serena Ryder and Pitbull! #TO2015 http://t.co/JJHN3SdrXg — Norm Kelly
The touching moment Kanye West met Caitlyn Jenner—watch the emotional #IAmCait clip: http://t.co/fovMP49hA5 http://t.co/lygiKKiLt8 — E! Online
Listen to Kanye West's latest single "I Feel Like That": http://t.co/FBkgfSGjPE http://t.co/q7iWwgXjCa — XXL Magazine
Listen to Kanye West's new #SWISH track "I Feel Like That." http://t.co/ska82CS7yq — Complex
VIDEO: @kanyewest's mic gets cut off at Pan Am closing ceremony, throws it in air & walks off http://t.co/O3TL2p58mx http://t.co/lMIzWayRh8 — Bleacher Report
Watch Kanye West meet Caitlyn Jenner for the first time: http://t.co/1rRcZxLS3e http://t.co/MlCjz22qPY — XXL Magazine
Hahahaha Kanye's mic failed at the Pan Am Games so he just chucked it and left http://t.co/Aq5vmvzxs0 http://t.co/qSmXtaT1Zl — Michael Katz
The moment Kanye West met Caitlyn Jenner—watch the touching #IAmCait clip: http://t.co/xNJr5LPZMg http://t.co/pBm3mycrfq — E! Online
Kanye West's mic drop to close out the Pan Am games in Toronto was pretty awesome. http://t.co/2V89xydjIS — Complex
VIDEO: Kanye West tosses mic at #PanAmGames closing ceremony after his sound goes out http://t.co/XoHxmCuxQ8 http://t.co/PE0QO1OOvZ — Bleacher Report
Kanye West and Steve McQueen debut short film "All Day/I Feel Like That" at L.A. museum pop-up. Our report: http://t.co/g1fL20cX08 — Rolling Stone
Kanye pretty much said it #IAmCait http://t.co/gIuFFSil9P http://t.co/FAbntgsICy — Mic
Enter Kanye #CBCPanAm http://t.co/ABkrVCotq3 — CBC Sports
Kanye's mic going dead at the Pan Am Closing is the new the cauldron doesn't work at the Olympics Opening — Bruce Arthur

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