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Kim - Where is North West? Kanye - *takes out compass* Kim - I mean my baby! Kanye - I'm right here. Kim - Jesus Kanye! Kanye - Yeezus* — Male Thoughts
When Kanye said "Suicide doors on the private jet, you know what that mean? I'm fly to death" http://t.co/NpZcFMBtWe — When Rapper Said
I want a relationship like Kanye has with himself. —
WATCH: Kris Humphries TAUNTED with "Kanye" chant during NBA game http://t.co/5un33XhjRL #TMZHWDSports http://t.co/6CVtFaYq18 — TMZ
kanye seem like the type of guy to go get a haircut but tell the barber not to touch his head — Yoncé
Rt for college drop out crew neck😍 Fav for colorful Kanye crew neck Get these and more @ http://t.co/G7d1kaQvs5 👈👈 http://t.co/qUPv05o2mx — fuck you mean?
When Kanye said "The plan was to drink till the pain over, but what's worse the pain or the hangover?" http://t.co/AdAAQTdSeB — She Wants The D
Kim: I love you Kanye: http://t.co/5ZLBJ3OLbR —
Ali Graham, the illustrator behind @lil_ye, has imagined Kanye West as a child: http://t.co/vvgRWEof96 http://t.co/RShXC1NYEq — Complex Style
Cedric the Entertainer -- San Francisco Giants Owe Kim Kardashian & Kanye West for World Series Win -... http://t.co/7q0Sfktq7n — KUDU!NEWS
Kanye West comiéndose a Kim Kardashian y yo aquí, con huevitos y frijoles. Maldita pobreza. — Yisus El Tuitero ®
*kanye dies* *kanye goes to heaven* *kanye meets himself* — TRASHMOCHA (Retired)

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