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We're loving all 12 words of this Kanye West performance... #BBMAs — E! Online
Some white powerful executive is sitting back saying so all we had to do was mute this Kanye guy the whole time? — Charlamagne Tha God
Kanye is bleeped so much, why even have him perform? Could barely hear it! #BBMAs — Perez Hilton
I can also barely see Kanye. This whole thing is a mess. #BBMAs — Perez Hilton
I don't think that's fair to Kanye. Only person should have been muted tonight at various points in their performance was Mariah. — Charlamagne Tha God
Kanye você está no palco?? #RangelNarrandoBBMA — Lucas Rangel
Kanye x Billboard Music Awards http://t.co/nyR8kbJBqG — Kim Kardashian West
I'm just watching this to see if Kanye is going to Kanye. — Charlamagne Tha God
I think they bleeping out most of Kanye's performance because they didn't want it to look so obvious when they bleeped Farrakhan's name out. — Charlamagne Tha God
Kanye wasn't censored his microphone didn't work. No one could hear him #BBMAs http://t.co/UB4td0vV6C — Casey Neistat
Kanye ta gritando "hands up" mas duvido que ta vendo algo no meio dessa fumaça — Lucas Rangel
What the hell is Kanye doing... Is the billboard awards on fire? You can't even see him wtf... — Tyler Carter
That Kanye performance was a lot like showing a friend a YouTube video with horrible wifi — Josh Abbott
Kanye is on fire tonight 🔥 #AllDay #BBMAs http://t.co/qnbYLq8pip — Vevo
Kanye West closing out but censoring the whole song basically was so so dumb — Jack Fowler

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