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why did Kanye West make a song dissing gold diggers only to end up dating one? — UNANSWERED VERSES
Kanye West released "Graduation" on this day 7 years ago 9.11.2007 http://t.co/siX6wpp9Yy — KANYE WEST
Kanye West was reportedly rushed to the hospital after having a seizure. http://t.co/dZH1UjWrOU — Complex
15 ways Kanye West changed the game: http://t.co/QYZYYvzjC4 http://t.co/k56pzgT5lp — Complex
"I just needed time alone, wit my own thoughts" - Kanye West — Casey Veggies
Kanye West -- Hospitalized in Australia ... Horrible Migraine http://t.co/anRaKq18CC — TMZ
HOW MANY OF YALL LOVE YEEZY! 🙌🙌👏💯 Yall seen the Kanye Clothes?! 👇. . . . . . . . . .👇 http://t.co/uO0iBwuHaa http://t.co/7MSozFE367 — CALYP$O™
Mood : Kanye http://t.co/JPXFFdHl9f —
Kanye raps about "It ain't Ralph tho!" in a new verse: http://t.co/w28OtbiXUv — Complex
Celeb horror moment: in running to hug Chris Martin spilled Kanye West’s drink. Dr Dre though it funny at least #AppleEvent — Stephen Fry
When Kanye said "The same people that tried to black ball me forgot about 2 things, my black balls." http://t.co/jSmYhW5kTX — No Chill Nick
Kanye West Was Reportedly Rushed To The Hospital Tonight, Still Performed In Australia http://t.co/hugXehIWEU — XXL Magazine
Kanye West and Jay Z co-produce Chris Rock's new movie Top Five, and @questlove is the executive music producer http://t.co/ld2o8zWMQ5 — Pitchfork
Kanye West Rushed To The Hospital After Seizure, Reports Say “It Looked So Serious” http://t.co/IJSTCMiSP6 http://t.co/SMKDFsmIk8 — Funk Flex !!!!!

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