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RT when you find Kanye http://t.co/QCdH9GAjR6 — Fill Werrell
Retweet when you find Kanye http://t.co/mAXwbSwX0w — Because I'm a Guy
RT when you find Kanye http://t.co/kWXEGkwzZd — can you not
Rt when you find Kanye ! (Hard) http://t.co/Fzk4JzSM4C —
Don't get into a relationship with someone unless they love you as much as Kanye West loves Kanye West. — Mind Blowing
So @KanyeWest just signed our production coordinator’s framed embroidered Kanye tweet. #LNSM http://t.co/3JZxLWxqvU — Late Night
therez 2 kindz uv ppl in dis wurld: 1. kanye 2. not kanye — Jey Z
rt when you find kanye http://t.co/Y8tt4jviF2 — -
rt when u find kanye http://t.co/QT7IsCCyxh — She Ratchet
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West will be having a "super, super small intimate" wedding in Paris this year ♥ We can't wait! — E! News
So sweet Kanye giving his microphone to this guy Rob who has a Yeezus tattoo!!! http://t.co/AnfbfYOKmj — Kim Kardashian
rt when you find Kanye http://t.co/YUzDofHJP9 — chloe
rt when u find kanye http://t.co/5wyAMTztYw —
Find Kanye part 2 http://t.co/mHN72xeP2z — Kanye The Type
New Music: Rick Ross - "Sanctified" (Featuring Kanye West & Big Sean) - TeamKanyeDaily http://t.co/nLlhBxqx6Z — Team Kanye Daily

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