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campaign slogan - it's time for kanye west to make america the kanye best #Kanye2020 — Dan Howell
If Kanye runs for President, I'll run for Prime Minister of Canada. — Stephen Amell
*wakes up thinking about president kanye* — Connor Franta
Kanye x Alexander Wang x Steven Klein x Do Something http://t.co/PnvFv8gm5H — Kim Kardashian West
Let's be real. If your ONLY TWO CHOICES were Trump or Kanye, who would you vote for? Retweet for Kanye. Favorite for Trump. — Shaun King
"Ready for Kanye" committee formed after @kanyewest declared his 2020 presidential aspirations http://t.co/3lsM4ljKn9 http://t.co/oaP1tBeSmi — CNN
One of my favorite parts of the night 😂😂 Kanye a real one 💯 https://t.co/mHLDgdThY7 — ♕DinahJane
it's easier for people to laugh at Kanye than it is for them to actually take in the fact that he has extremely valid points. — ac
"Esse dia tá igual o Kanye: não acaba nunca" KAKAKAK MELHOR TWEET — Lucas Rangel
"Kanye West announced that he's running for president in 2020. It might be more serious..." http://t.co/RaiWI8IjQC http://t.co/LUjq0flcdm — Fallon Tonight
Tô indo almoçar agora! O Kanye já parou de falar?? — Lucas Rangel
Kanye West promises free Yeezy sneakers for everyone if he's elected president: http://t.co/ctI16ltua6 — XXL Magazine
Kanye West got a pretty huge endorsement for president: http://t.co/x2cjxRJTnZ http://t.co/KW4f8fQT1T — MTV
Kanye is so cute, y'all. — Justin Timberlake
Kanye West says he'll be giving out free Yeezeys if he wins presidency. http://t.co/BUYR7tyBUW — WORLDSTARHIPHOP

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