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Listen to Kanye West's new #SWISH track "I Feel Like That." http://t.co/ska82CS7yq — Complex
How Kanye West changed the way we—Drake included—think about “ghostwriting” in rap: http://t.co/9E1JnifWvG http://t.co/pAnXeSfey9 — Complex
Watch Kanye West's reaction to trying on the Yeezy 750 Boost for the first time: http://t.co/eFSqoh8oWG — Complex
Eminem, Jay-Z and Kanye West have bigger vocabularies than Bob Dylan http://t.co/bXqWI0FVET #thingididntknowlastweek http://t.co/m9dcIFV0m6 — BBC News Magazine
Kanye West is a producer that collaborates with people on songs... — Funk Flex !!!!!
Kanye West and Steve McQueen debuted their "All Day/I Feel Like That" video at @LACMA. Details here: http://t.co/LAboGsbuxL — billboard
Watch @kanyewest's Steve McQueen-directed video for "All Day" and "I Feel That" http://t.co/cpPVsynsyE http://t.co/So4w4d03vo — Pitchfork
Tonight, Steve McQueen, Kanye West, and Michael Govan discussed "All Day/I Feel Like That" during a private event. http://t.co/osDZHWO3Yi — LACMA
Kanye West and Steven McQueen discussed the making of 'All Day / I Feel Like That' last night at @LACMA. http://t.co/sFCHJF43Ny — Complex
Kanye West's "All Day" video premieres tomorrow: http://t.co/SvPN0A6j4o — XXL Magazine
Kanye West, Steve McQueen discuss 'All Day / I Feel Like That' at LACMA http://t.co/TlGDrLDa46 — LAT Culture Monster
This is how Kanye reacted when he tried on the Yeezy 750 Boost for the very first time: http://t.co/MWZfXnyc4d http://t.co/lZ5V6gOuDT — Complex Sneakers
Steve McQueen with Kanye West: "All Day/I Feel Like That" is on view tomorrow through 7/28. http://t.co/wVJIXvpuww http://t.co/tOuqGhsXtL — LACMA
Kanye West uses a bigger vocabulary than Bob Dylan: http://t.co/q276nuFD2k — XXL Magazine

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