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#hiphop #rap #news Kanye West Takes Over "Made In America" Festival In Philadelphia: Kanye West del... http://t.co/lo3qE6qDkq @DjScrill — KING ASSASSIN SHOW
when kanye west said "mayonnaise color benz, I push miracle whips" https://t.co/4I7eMTdNmB — BASED JE$U$
kanye west and steve aoki last night were more than performances, they were experiences — Jack
A snippet of Kanye West's "Awesome" played during tonight's "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" episode. http://t.co/sHWTD7r5TK — Complex
Kanye West Almost Finished The "Dark" & "Soulful" Sequel To Yeezus: http://t.co/S2Krv90hm1 — Boris Louskey
✪ #djkingassassin Kanye West, John Mayer, Juanes, Cypress Hill bring festive spirit to Made in A... http://t.co/B8L7vMMIhF #teamassassin — KING ASSASSIN SHOW
Billboard Magazine confirmed that Rihanna will be on Kanye West's new album, to be released this fall! — Rihanna News
Kanye work verwy hawd Kanye get a widdle sweepy Kanye wub his eyes Kanye west — g
.@KanyeWest shut down "Made in America" Festival in Los Angeles tonight. Watch his entire performance here: http://t.co/qPE80sBqBx — Complex
Kanye West's DAD was a paparazzo?!?!? http://t.co/YJCnEaKg6T http://t.co/zjSF8Fjax8 — TMZ
Rihanna is confirmed to be featured on Kanye West's next album! http://t.co/uNJZzfp53R — Rihanna Stats
I swear kanye west is something else http://t.co/YinMuDz1ms — That Awkward Moment
Kanye West Is Still a God http://t.co/6lt8ZYDiSW — VICE
Watch Kanye West's entire performance from the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia: http://t.co/y7rvzxUAfB — Rolling Stone
Kanye West Steve Stoute & Ben Horowitz Bring Technology & Culture Together: http://t.co/NunsWiZGRU — Boris Louskey

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