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Kanye West sued by fan who says Tidal duped him into subscribing https://t.co/I40MFfHDWt — TIME.com
They hate the new Kanye, Kanye West fans want to sue Kanye, and Tidal too, Kanye! https://t.co/tGnFnyeCBn https://t.co/MUhGaBDxvv — New York Daily News
Kanye West & TIDAL sued for making everybody think they had to sign up for TIDAL to get TLOP https://t.co/wEq5CzwBdi https://t.co/9028S3pQk5 — Pitchfork
Kanye West and Tidal are reportedly being sued over 'The Life of Pablo.' https://t.co/IB10TauYZG https://t.co/LMzF8otca5 — Complex
Kanye copped his first cell phone in 2011 just to text Kris Humphries shade to Kim: https://t.co/co28FvFpJc 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/1LVrGZo9wO — Complex
Watch this 70-Piece orchestra mashup Kanye's music with Beethoven's: https://t.co/hmE7zwJfdn https://t.co/iByb32Gx9m — Complex Music
Kanye West lost 'Life Of Pablo' lyrics after daughter flushed his phone down the toilet https://t.co/wLrchNo0Pa https://t.co/7MRJ6hamin — NME
Kanye West's original raps for "Life of Pablo" ended up in the toilet -- literally https://t.co/OAKEJoSkW7 https://t.co/9ISqqJUrib — CNN
Is Kanye West changing 'Yeezus' on Apple Music? https://t.co/SFWTBovELB https://t.co/ODyeHOtshe — Complex Music
Some dude is suing Kanye West for actually putting 'The Life of Pablo' on services other than Tidal https://t.co/IYS9EEfdr4 — XXL Magazine
Kanye West and Jay Z sued over claim “Pablo” was Tidal exclusive https://t.co/Gbf4rs3KiW https://t.co/4rkYQtzGCg — BuzzFeed
.@BoosieOfficial says Kanye West is "one of the most creative artists of all time" https://t.co/bobTlkOyWj https://t.co/7mBtdT8b1r — XXL Magazine

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