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Dr. Kanye West!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you baby & I know your mom would be so proud too!!!! 🎓 http://t.co/dgcj3uUVvq — Kim Kardashian West
Me & Kanye West on stage rapping for the kids on the southside of chicago today. Blessed. http://t.co/qQ4FEhtW7t — VIC MENSA
VIDEO: Kanye West performs “All Day” during a timeout in Chicago’s Game 4 vs. Cleveland http://t.co/KdI98BwIi0 http://t.co/q9Ds3tBPdX — Bleacher Report
When you're smiling and having a good time, but then you realize you're Kanye West. https://t.co/6y1XnUB9Y6 — CBS Sports
Kanye West and @VicMensa gave Chicago high schoolers a suprise performance at @chancetherapper's "Open Mike" event. http://t.co/CcEwfHkltQ — Complex
Follow @ComplexStyle for live updates on Kanye West receiving his honorary doctorate 🎓 http://t.co/urRmn3h1aH http://t.co/qWisdaidsF — Complex Music
Watch @kanyewest, @justinbieber, @NickJonas and @FifthHarmony take over #WangoTango: http://t.co/PYw2MzoZz4 http://t.co/riGdPgxOjP — idolator dot com
Kanye West has been rapping since he was in third grade. — UberFacts
Chicago's own Kanye West just got the hometown @chicagobulls crowd on its feet! #CAVSvBULLS #NBAPlayoffs http://t.co/k18m58Xsb4 — NBA
Kanye West would like to wish himself a Happy Mother’s Day — samir mezrahi
Kanye West pumps up the crowd before Game 4. I'ma let you finish but that was pretty cool. http://t.co/C9gzi3qeMu — Dave McMenamin
OFFICIAL: Dr. West http://t.co/PUUfIVArkS #saic http://t.co/Oy67cMkVgl — Complex Style
Kanye West Receives Honorary Doctorate from The Art Institute of Chicago http://t.co/S1bII62A7v http://t.co/wb4ARNj5kH — Rap-Up
Live Stream: Kanye West receiving his honorary doctorate from The Art Institute of Chicago: http://t.co/6kqQjwm3tH http://t.co/C87Kydv7pp — Karεn Ciѵil
Kanye West is receiving an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago right now ---> http://t.co/Eiwtr8SwQn — Complex

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