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Kanye West is projecting the Famous video in Los Angeles right now https://t.co/OxaJEN9HBg — WORLDSTARHIPHOP
Nominees for Best Male Hip Hop Artist at the 2016 BET Awards. - J. Cole - Drake - Fetty Wap - Future - Kanye West - Kendrick Lamar — WORLDSTARHIPHOP
You have to be happy for Desiigner. He is an 18 year old kid signed to Kanye West with a #1 song! You would be this hyped too. #BETAwards — Only Hip Hop Facts
Kanye West, The Game and Ludacris' Boost Mobile commercial. https://t.co/W8gvt4DVam — Only Hip Hop Facts
Taylor Swift is reportedly “livid and horrified” over Kanye West’s “Famous” visual. https://t.co/XW1pNMfiHi — Complex
2004 - The Source's review of Kanye West's The College Dropout. https://t.co/FGvYMbD4nR — Only Hip Hop Facts
2005 - Kanye West posing for a Boost Mobile ad. https://t.co/jfoDpUDWjJ — Only Hip Hop Facts
Taylor Swift is pissed with Kanye West over her appearance in “Famous” video https://t.co/CnTxCCyTLX https://t.co/N1JT5vVILV — XXL Magazine
Kanye West explains "Famous" video concept https://t.co/dRTLEZ2tGO https://t.co/InssgtWVKd — billboard
George W. Bush Responds to Kanye West's NSFW "Famous" Orgy: That's not me! https://t.co/VU1D7US5bO https://t.co/Nl5LNoYSTj — The Daily Beast
Kanye West is now projecting the Famous video on buildings in LA. https://t.co/zrQjEeJohD — Only Hip Hop Facts
It's unclear how many celebs whose images are in Kanye's video agreed to their depictions https://t.co/prLn5RqdYo https://t.co/jNGw64wqPp — CNN
Kanye wiling with this https://t.co/jtTOAlhc7x — XXL Magazine
Kanye West's "Famous" music video makes its big, naked debut on E! News tonight (7 & 11!) https://t.co/D95ztyPPiV https://t.co/ZWDLtoC0F5 — E! News

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