Justin Bieber - The Most Popular Tweets

.@JustinBieber's #WangoTango performance was pretty much everything: http://t.co/4wn3sgUrCe http://t.co/AAORMj1mYk — MTV
Justin Bieber looks back on his bad behavior: "I was disappointed in myself." http://t.co/WV74GIUnWv http://t.co/cKnc9vVgNI — E! Online
Justin Bieber explained how Skrillex and Diplo hijacked a song he was writing for piano: http://t.co/931Ae9TSum http://t.co/fqu2IAyFAj — billboard
#np ♫ Jack Ü ft. Justin Bieber "Where Are Ü Now" ♫ Playing now, turn it up! @Skrillex @diplo @justinbieber http://t.co/l4J0e8UkAl — 997 NOW
Justin Bieber: "Olhei para trás e estava desapontado comigo mesmo" http://t.co/Ynz0fXOniJ http://t.co/Jjwuq5u0oB — CAPRICHO
Justin Bieber is officially back and the dance moves are out of this world. http://t.co/9EFhf9ylYw http://t.co/6Shm37ufCQ — Sugarscape
Music stars including Justin Bieber, Rihanna & more paid tribute to their moms on Mother's Day http://t.co/3uThngRLfo http://t.co/dX2NJGlU9d — billboard
Justin Bieber has completed most of the probation terms of his vandalism case: http://t.co/6f5rz1zun8 — billboard
Justin Bieber wants you to know that he's disappointed in himself http://t.co/RhUaaK3l2O via @seventeen http://t.co/UqZJyPaxIP — People magazine
Nothing but 👏 👏 for @justinbieber's first live concert in two years! http://t.co/R1qhf82DPY http://t.co/5n2Mtv6YnK — Seventeen
Justin Bieber thanks his mum for putting an end to his 'stupid phase' of bad boy behaviour http://t.co/pvfygBCmm8 http://t.co/pfa9IcLuKo — Sugarscape
Justin Bieber made his comeback performance at Wango Tango and it was TOO GOOD. Watch: http://t.co/9EFhf9ylYw http://t.co/tgcRc6IRgB — Sugarscape
PHOTO: @JustinBieber ROCKS The Cover Of @Seventeen!!! #Beliebers @JustinBieberFan @JBCrewdotcom http://t.co/j0tsnhJbYr — Z100 New York
Justin Bieber completes his anger management courses--but still has more work to do: http://t.co/fnAd4Fj4LB — E! Online

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