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The Real Justin Bieber https://t.co/fKpiEUFIHv — John Shahidi
#MTVHottest Justin Bieber — Biel
Justin Bieber surprises deserving fans in "Knock Knock Live" preview: http://t.co/6XgQAcFIAc http://t.co/2XCTa1XgWd — billboard
.@JustinBieber surprises fans, inspires (happy) tears on #KnockKnockLive: http://t.co/MCwMAG6UQV http://t.co/JFyNjOOwHT — On Air/Ryan Seacrest
Justin Bieber surprises a fan on #KnockKnockLive! Check out the promo pics: http://t.co/LAGnBRAldD http://t.co/ChdUmuPr0Y — JustJared.com
Justin Bieber leva fã para baile de formatura em programa de TV http://t.co/iMl0GEk1E6 http://t.co/iQy44qvHv7 — CAPRICHO
Watch @JustinBieber learn Colombian slang from @JBalvin http://t.co/FRAVtMdvDQ http://t.co/RhnBZvRedY — billboard
This lucky girl gets a surprise visit from @justinbieber on tonight's all-new @KnockKnockFOX! http://t.co/Wx5xEcoAP2 http://t.co/fCksnMVgiH — Just Jared Jr.
J Balvin y Justin Bieber han sorprendido a sus fans al demostrar que en la música no hay fronteras: http://t.co/IkBbM9DzDL — Telehit
É MUITO AMOR! Justin Bieber leva fã para o Baile de Formatura de surpresa! Veja --> http://t.co/RLDGnDaPUr http://t.co/WHoMdgzcJt — E! Online Brasil
Spotted: Justin Bieber Trying Out Middle-Part Boy Band Hair http://t.co/KTYBbHv5JG — MTV News
Justin Bieber grabbed dinner with #OITNB's @RubyRose last night: http://t.co/lqZlD5OELd http://t.co/RmKCBqevPq — Just Jared Jr.
Hey! 'Where Are Ü Now' di Jack Ü + Justin Bieber è fissa nella #MTVDanceTop10. Alle 14 sul 67 http://t.co/eAzCvKrSOO http://t.co/27xsstQwXL — MTV Italia
wowowow i still can't believe justin bieber came through for my birthday wow this is so crazy wow http://t.co/1LgWsPcCVK — Gaby Wilson

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