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Being an idol is all about falling down 9 times and getting up 10 times. Justin Bieber is the best idol http://t.co/VnWUdUEMyR — :)
Justin Bieber grants young girl's wish, takes her as his date to awards show http://t.co/QD2NlUFslF #YHA http://t.co/bswEpWi1aW — Variety
Retweet if you want to gain just follow everyone who retweets this and follow back who ever follows you #MTVhottest Justin Bieber — ☾HE FOLLOWED ME
Hey @TMZ instead talking about a damn mustache why don't you mention this? http://t.co/rv6v6tP0ht Or is charity stuff too good for ya? — Kenny Hamilton
.@JustinBieber has made a fan's dream come true by taking her as his date to the Young Hollywood Awards. So classy! http://t.co/rCSAggmvOh — ANDPOP
$ RT if you want to gain $ Follow @SirJDBizzle $ Follow everyone who rts & fback (skip this & I'll block u) #MTVHottest Justin Bieber — Justin Favd My Tweet
existe 7 bilhoes de sorrisos no mundo, e o meu favorito sempre vai ser o sorriso do Justin Bieber 😍👌😍 http://t.co/smDVqM00S7 — Gabriel Reis
What starts with P & ends with orn? Popcorn What starts with F & ends with uck? Firetruck. What starts with G & ends with ay? Justin Bieber — Steve Stifler
Justin Bieber has granted over 200 wishes for Make a Wish https://t.co/L8QKoLg5hC — John Shahidi

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