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That last tweet was towards justin bieber... I feel so bad for the kid.. He has saved millions donated millions help change the world. — Taylor Caniff
Belieber Gaintweet (only beliebers) Retweet if you love Justin Bieber follow everyone who retweets this and follow back whoever follows you — Justin Favd My Tweet
RT if Justin Bieber doesn't follow you! — JustinBieberCrew.com
Polícia é chamada depois de incidente envolvendo Justin Bieber em restaurante: http://t.co/B8SEFqdzMu http://t.co/iFaJdnKlDa — biebermania.com.br
SHOTS: No estúdio, Justin Bieber publica selfie em resposta ao cantor Cody Simpson: http://t.co/XIFKMApWKC http://t.co/ZNyxE8IwuO — biebermania.com.br
JUSTIN BIEBER DELETED PHOTO (On Pic #2) 😱😨 http://t.co/1j4DN7dvbX — Rihanna
Keep voting for Justin to be crowned MTV's hottest celeb! It ends on the 27th of August. #MTVHottest Justin Bieber http://t.co/Uc2ZeoLmQh — JustinBieberCrew.com
you know Justin Bieber is in town when http://t.co/ftJjjP0Yeg —
Burger King announced they've bought Tim Hortons and are moving to Canada, if this is America's retaliation for Justin Bieber, well done. — kelly oxford
Vocalista do Cobra Starship fala da época em que abriu shows de Justin na América do Sul: http://t.co/3bnxb2kHvv http://t.co/1bjJ1ErcZW — biebermania.com.br
Justin fazendo sinal para os paparazzi, enquanto saia para jantar em Hollywood - 25/08: http://t.co/FH4anUmbzS http://t.co/OLxKWgFKxg — biebermania.com.br
Lo que en realidad pasó cuando detuvieron a Justin Bieber. https://t.co/kNh34m3SZ6 — Vine
Whoa I wonder how many girls justin bieber has hugged in his lifetime like the actual number — Lisa Cimorelli
Taylor Caniff on Justin Bieber: "I feel so bad for the kid.. He has saved millions donated millions help change the world." — JustinBieberCrew.com

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