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RT if Justin Bieber isn't following you! — JustinBieberCrew.com
Justin Bieber gets 3,000 retweets for saying "thanks" so here is my attempt. thanks. — Rude Comedian
You know it's a good song when Justin Bieber turns up to it - @KalinAndMyles 'Love Robbery' 🙏 http://t.co/8a4crd8lo4 https://t.co/iiDo5WiwZw — Justin Bieber Babes
JUSTIN BIEBER DELETED PHOTO (On Pic #2) 😱😨 http://t.co/xn2DpkgwTl — I LOVE TATTS & SEX:)
Video of Justin Bieber in helmet riding Can-Am Trike & in Beverly Center Mall - Los Angeles (21 August) https://t.co/M76eg6y4YX — JustinBieberCrew.com
Vídeo antigo de Justin Bieber é divulgado pela empresa Fahlo no aplicativo Instagram: http://t.co/Pb7pHkAqR4 http://t.co/dilTBEbSLY — biebermania.com.br
Justin Bieber Hater A person who appreciates real music, and is not brainwashed by the talentless stuff produced by JustBin Bieber. — Urban Dictionary
Remember to go and download the "Fahlo" app - it will be coming loaded with Justin Bieber content soon! — JustinBieberCrew.com
remember when Justin fell off his segway and acted like nothing happened? lmao #MTVHottest Justin Bieber http://t.co/6dwuK3riOg — I HELD HIS HAND
if you remember when Justin broke his ankle than you've been here for a long time. #MTVHottest Justin Bieber http://t.co/ioEtI21Y4Y —
Justin Bieber Kisses Selena Gomez After Attending Bible Study (@justinbieber @selenagomez) - #celebrities... http://t.co/KaTj6IOJGv — KUDU!NEWS
Não esqueçam de usar as tags das votações! 😉 #MPN #Beliebers #MTVHottest Justin Bieber http://t.co/ILyqjMXoP7 — biebermania.com.br
Remember when Justin sang 'turn to you' to Pattie #MTVHottest Justin Bieber http://t.co/mM483cMmLH — Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber’s perfume deal leaves a bad smell for fragrance bosses http://t.co/66oZ0H7DNL #FilmOn #GingerClam #TVMix — FilmOnLive

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