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Justin Bieber didn't diss Prince on Instagram, the 22-year-old's rep tells Billboard https://t.co/H1zZzOTNug https://t.co/cKC0HaBoP8 — billboard
Scientific quiz alert: Which Justin Bieber song fits your life based on your zodiac sign? https://t.co/iG0Urwq05A https://t.co/Uz11KC8EV2 — Sugarscape
NUEVO VIDEO!!! Pasar un dia con Justin Bieber o pasarlo con Miley Cyrus??? Que Prefieres!!! woohooo!! https://t.co/DcePuIbI7w — LuzuGames
Viel Spaß mit einem Tag von Justin Bieber! thx 4 support :* ►Video: https://t.co/wmF7ZSLo2c https://t.co/pyoIBncesC — Jan Meyer
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Da Justin Bieber a Cameron Dallas, ecco i best selfie of the week >> https://t.co/k9M2ejjsfJ https://t.co/cz3ot1HHPa — MTV Italia
Win a #PurposeTour VIP Experience! Share #965AMPradioBieber & sign up 2 win at https://t.co/UNmESGDYwy @JBCrewdotcom https://t.co/27yx77SSmC — Mike Adam
The Maine have released a Justin Bieber cover. https://t.co/ARdPipJnHx https://t.co/tolWu2Sh28 — Rock Sound
justin bieber shawn mendes nick jonas um dia os meus favs ainda me matam — +a
Sarina, la 14enne malata che ha commosso Justin Bieber  https://t.co/EX1wvGc3MT — La Stampa

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