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#GoT just made me very happy not "Joffrey Wedding Day" happy... but close. #ThatsWhatYouGet #YoureNotSmirkingNow #HowAreYOURAccommodations? — yvette nicole brown
I never thought I would hate a character more that Joffrey. #GameOfThrones — Erik Griffin
i had no idea i could hate a character more than Joffrey Baratheon. oh, hello Ramsey Snow! — Amanda Seales
Tbh I thought Joffrey was bad... @iwanrheon damn, son. — Maisie Williams
I never thought anything or anyone could be worse than Joffrey. #Dang #GoT — yvette nicole brown
Peter Dinklage Mocks Joffrey in '#GameofThrones: The Musical' (Video) — Hollywood Reporter
Ramsay Bolton já é mais odiado do que Joffrey, Carminha e Odete Roitman juntos — Sensacionalista
#GoT's major flaw is a lazy reliance on Who Will Rape Sansa as a narrative engine. (Joffrey? Peasants? The Hound? Tyrion? Littlefinger? Etc) — Spencer Ackerman
Ramsay really is the man Joffrey never had a chance to be. #GameOfThrones — Jonah Goldberg
WTF is with people suddenly finding GoT offensive? Joffrey raped & murdered 2 prostitutes on his birthday. What show have you been watching? — Megan Ganz
never thought I could hate someone more than Joffrey...but yet here we are #GameOfThrones — Layla Covino
If Joffrey had lived longer — Rohan
Jack Gleeson​ cumple hoy 23 años. ¡Feliz Día del Nombre, Joffrey! #JuegodeTronos #VivePoniente — Juego de Tronos

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