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Game of Thrones'da King Joffrey'den boşalan tahta, kimin geçeceği belli oldu. — Atilla Taş
If Joffrey comes back as a white walker, I'm going to be pissed. #GameOfThrones — Tyrion Lannister
You tell em Ned! — King Joffrey
I may be dead but you're still a peasant. — King Joffrey
On tonight's Easter Sunday episode of Game of Thrones, Joffrey gets resurrected from the dead. — King Joffrey
Sean Bean to play Julius Caesar...GEE I wonder how that'll end up... — King Joffrey
Heaven Update: Ned and I just ate some special brownies to celebrate the day. This should be fun. #Happy420Peasants — King Joffrey
RT if you're humming along with the Game of Thrones intro right now. — King Joffrey
Why is the Daily Mail PLEASED it took food away from people who need it? It's like the King Joffrey of Newspapers. — M. Cox
Spoiler Alert- Joffrey won't be getting any airtime tonight — George RR Martin
High up in heaven. #Happy420peasants — King Joffrey
In memory of King Joffrey, here's a Natabhairavi adaptation of Rains of Castamere — Ashok
Just about sums up his worth... — King Joffrey
I’m so glad King Joffrey doesn’t rise from the dead too. — Mo Twister
Joffrey — Cezmi Kalorifer

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