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Happy New Year to all of my Jewish friends! You’re more than my friends. You’re also my writers. — Ellen DeGeneres
Ad for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival — Brilliant Ads
Watch Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Rosh Hashana Greeting to Jewish Communities Around the World. Shana Tova! — PM of Israel
The Avengers was also the name of a Jewish team of assassins that used to kill Nazi war criminals after World War 2. — What The F*** Facts
Rosh Hashanah starts tomorrow at Sundown! A brief explainer about this "Sweet Jewish Holy Day" — Huffington Post
Shana Tova to the Jewish Communities Around the World! — PM of Israel
As Jewish settlements grow, this Palestinian family must demolish part of its E Jerusalem home — Kenneth Roth
A Muslim woman covers the yellow star of her Jewish neighbour with her veil to protect her, Sarajevo, 1941. — ClassicPics
Israel forces Palestinian family to demolish own house in Jerusalem bc they're not Jewish — Rania Khalek
Wishing all our Jewish sisters and brothers a good and sweet New Year! — HuffPost Religion
Gut Yontiff! (good Holidays! -Yiddish) To all our Jewish Brothers and sisters! — Mark Ruffalo
Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends celebrating the holiday. — Donald J. Trump
A Jewish group has raised $90,000 to build a “Third Temple” on Jerusalem's Temple Mount: — VICE News
my last day of school for the week today cause of the Jewish holiday ❤️ so happy for the 4 day weekend! — Madison Alamia
Today is a Jewish thing! Have good thing, Jews! — marc maron

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