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Reporting from Iran, a Jewish newspaper sees no plot to destroy Israel — The New York Times
MUST READ: First visit by a Jewish pro-Israel paper to Iran. Report completely contradicts Netanyahu's fearmongering — Trita Parsi
When Jewish people look at Calais migrants, we see ourselves — Comment is free
Israel's new face of Jewish extremism - a 20-year-old mother — The Independent
Another Jewish Democratic Senator comes out in support of the #IranDeal. Thank You Senator @AlFranken: @MarkRuffalo — Trita Parsi
Suspected Jewish extremists set Palestinian Bedouin family's tent ablaze: — CNN International
Henry Siegman, Leading US Jewish Voice for Peace: Give Up on Netanyahu, Go to United Nations — Democracy Now!
Iran, home to thousands of Jews, synagogues and Jewish MPs, yet Western media... — Arash Karami
How did this US Jewish journalist meet an ayatollah in Iran? Hear his story on @BBCNewshour — Tim Franks
AIPAC must clamp down on racism in its ranks. AIPAC:ers opposing #IranDeal call Jewish deal backers "Arab lovers" at NY townhall @ggreenwald — Trita Parsi
Over 30 cars & houses in San Antonio Jewish community painted w/ swastikas and racial slurs: — Talking Points Memo
Racist vandalism--including Swastikas--of Jewish Community in San Antonio will not be tolerated. #txlege @TexasGOP — Greg Abbott
US Jewish paper reports Iran's Jews have "no hesitation about walking down the streets of Tehran wearing yarmulkes." — Trita Parsi
Jewish neighborhood in Texas spray painted with swastikas — Talking Points Memo
BREAKING Western reporter impressed by carefully stage-managed Potemkin Village and grateful to his regime minders — Sohrab Ahmari

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