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Jewish center shootings suspect affiliated with white-supremacist groups, investigators say. — CNN Breaking News
Three people dead after shooting at Jewish center in Overland Park, Kansas, official says. — CNN Breaking News
An elderly woman and teenager are among the victims of Jewish center shooting, police chaplain says. — CNN Breaking News
The suspect in shootings at two Jewish facilities is a man in his 70s, Overland Park police chief said. — CNN Breaking News
Shootings reported at 2 Jewish-related sites in Overland Park, Kansas - @KCTV5 — Breaking News
JUST IN: Suspect in Kansas Jewish center shootings identified as Frazier Glenn Miller, 73, former KKK grand dragon — CBS News
Frazier Glenn Cross is the suspect in shootings at a Jewish community center and retirement home, official says. — CNN Breaking News
Just finished up the first Seder with my family! Happy Passover to all of my Jewish followers :) #ChagSameach — Troye Sivan
US shooting attacks leave three dead at Jewish community centre and retirement home in Kansas City — BBC Breaking News
The suspect in the Kansas City-area Jewish Center shootings is a former KKK leader, sources tell @NBCNews — Breaking News
3 dead, 1 wounded after shootings at Jewish Community Center & nearby retirement community near Kansas City: — The Associated Press
Shots fired at Jewish centers in Overland Park, Kansas. More on — CNN Breaking News
Report: 1 person in custody following shootings at Jewish-related sites in Overland Park, Kansas - @41ActionNews — Breaking News
Awful news about the murders at the Jewish community cntr in Overland Park, KS. The human capacity for cruelty is baffling. Sending my love. — olivia wilde
Happy Passover! Wishing you a beautiful holiday. And sending heartfelt prayers of healing to the Jewish Community in Kansas City. #Pesach — kerry washington

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