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You can help save Britain’s pioneering Jewish LGBT history project @RainbowJews from closing down. Donate & RT now: — Stephen Fry
The death of foreign fighter Max Steinberg and how Birthright Israel radicalizes Jewish American youth for #JSIL: — Max Blumenthal
Man who wrote code of ethics 4 #JSIL's army says the Gaza slaughter was a "deeply Jewish" response #antisemitism — Rania Khalek
Swastikas found spray-painted outside Jewish fraternity during holiest holiday — Huffington Post
A Jewish fraternity house at Emory University was vandalized and tagged with the swastikas symbol. — Everything Georgia
Jewish fraternity at Emory University terrorized with anti-Semitic graffiti - — Newsweek
"*harry tweets about a jewish holiday* *gets called an angel* *zayn tweets about his religion* *gets called a terrorist*" — Confessions
A Jewish woman and a Palestinian woman protesting together in 1973, 1992, and 2001' — Classic Pics
Israelis waving ISIS-style flags protest non-Jewish African refugees #JSIL via @davidsheen — Rania Khalek
Jewish moderates of #IfNotNow interrupt High Holidays w/ protest against occupation No Jewish consensus on #JSIL — Max Blumenthal
Psaki: US believes there is no need 4 Palestinian Authority 2recognize Israel as Jewish State. — Feisty☀️Floridian
From last night: Jewish African-Israeli storeowner attacked by Jewish Israeli mob, assuming he’s a non-Jewish African — David Sheen
Programs that explicitly aim to radicalize Jewish youth into being #JSIL settlers/foreign fighters are tax deductible — Rania Khalek
#JSIL's governing body funds an anti-miscegenation group that "rescues" Jewish women from Arab men, just like the KKK — Rania Khalek
The #JSIL hashtag focuses discussion on the brutal logic of an exclusively Jewish state reliant on perpetual ethnic cleansing and war. — Max Blumenthal

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