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Maps tv. Yesung ✌️ #yesung #maps #whystyle #Indonesia #jakarta — Yesung
Thailand joins Malaysia and Indonesia in saying it will no longer push back boats carrying stranded migrants — BBC Breaking News
Indonesia's “virginity tests” obsession highlights its truly rotten armed forces —
Malaysia and Indonesia agree to offer temporary shelter for migrants stranded on boats off their coasts — BBC Breaking News
BREAKING: Indonesia, Malaysia agree to take in migrants on ships, as long as help is given to resettle them, Malaysian state media says. — CNN International
Tuduhan & fitnah yg disampaikan Menteri ESDM & pihak-pihak tertentu sulit saya terima. Rakyat Indonesia, doakan saya kuat menghadapi. *SBY* — S. B. Yudhoyono
More than 370 migrants rescued, taken to Indonesia after being stranded at sea for months, officials say - @AP — Breaking News
MORE: More than 370 migrants stranded at sea for months rescued and taken to Indonesia: — The Associated Press
#Malaysia #Thailand & #Indonesia have a duty to protect #HumanRights of people stranded at sea — AmnestyInternational
Malam Ini 11 Anak Indonesia Terbang ke Inggris untuk Berlatih di Akademi MU via @detikSport — detikcom
Bad policy as much as bad infrastructure is holding Indonesia back — The Economist
BREAKING: More than 100 migrants have been rescued and taken to Indonesia after 4 months at sea. — The Associated Press
Update: Hundreds of refugees rescued off Indonesia. — AJE News
Photo of the Day: Bali, Indonesia. Photo: Childs — SURFER
Indonesia cruelly prohibits bringing any Royingya Muslims ashore from their floating prisons. — Kenneth Roth

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