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This lake was the fourth largest on Earth. Now look at it. — Greenpeace
The climate change language police just struck again. — Greenpeace
World's largest democracy!, India freezes Greenpeace accounts for "anti-development" campaign. — Kenneth Roth
Home Ministry suspends Greenpeace India's registration, freezes all 7 bank accounts — Firstpost
The Home Ministry is doing the right thing by putting these ppl under scanner: Subramanian Swamy on Greenpeace seized — ANI
Alerta Greenpeace sobre derrame petrolero por explosión en Campeche — Proceso
#Chevron technicians find, mock & attempt to hide their destruction of Ecuador's #rainforest. — Greenpeace
.@Greenpeace activists on board ship could force Shell to be unable to drill in Arctic — 350 dot org
Govt bars Greenpeace India from receiving foreign funds, freezes bank accounts — Zee News
Empieza en el lago Inari la #ExpedicionArtico de mujeres con Elena Anaya y @Gemmamengualciv — Greenpeace España
And now for some good news: "Shell complaint claims Greenpeace activists risk success of Arctic drill " - — Naomi Klein
Shell complaint claims Greenpeace activists risk success of Arctic drill — The Guardian
Greenpeace bank accounts frozen by Indian government — The Guardian
A US court has no jurisdiction over a Dutch ship (@gp_espy) on the high seas. See #Legal101 — Greenpeace

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