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On @WSelf’s point, Gove's staff "systematically destroyed official government correspondence”, @FT reports #bbcqt — BBC Question Time
Would be very happy to watch Gove and Self going at each other for a solid hour. This is proper telly. — Caitlin Moran
A number of people drawing attention to this: MT @DCANeale: Gove says debates are a good thing but won't debate with teachers #bbcqt — BBC Question Time
The full panel this week - Michael Gove, @DAlexanderMP, @wself, @oflynnexpress and @Louiseaileen70. We'll also have @FullFact with us #bbcqt — BBC Question Time
Lagos Gove. Fashola today rendered an unreserved apology to Ndigbo over the July 24 dumping of 72 alleged destitute in Anambra by his admin. — Nigeria Newsdesk
Enjoying Douglas and Gove just letting Self dig himself deeper and deeper with his ignorance — Alastair Campbell
Michael Gove sounds like Ronnie Corbett with a snoot full of amphetamine sulphate. #bbcqt — Danny Baker
YAY! At last, I found that BRILLIANT cartoon from Prospect Mag about Gove! Always makes me laugh. — Alex Andreou
Am in one of world's leading international schools in Brussels today. They're doing everything Gove hates and says doesn't work. Everything! — Ian Gilbert
Michael Gove demonstrates a higher degree of self-awareness than even I credited him with — Marcus Chown
'I find it difficult to sit here and listen to this' says Self. Bugger off then. Gove hit him and he hasn't recovered. Last time on? #bbcqt — Alastair Campbell
Bizarre claim from Gove that Ed didn't mention education in his speech. There's a massive section on schools: — Labour Press Team
In honour of his apearance on #bbcqt, time to RT my favourite picture of Michael Gove: — Pam Smith
Michael Gove's reasonableness confirming Tories worried re Labour move on energy prices #bbcqt — Alastair Campbell
Self attack on Gove quite good on substance but lost it with the sarcasm — Alastair Campbell

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