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Michael Gove dismissing the EU Trade Commissioner as a "Swedish sociologist" is perfect moment to post this again — Robert Hutton
Where do we even start with Michael Gove’s hypocrisy on scaremongering? My piece: — Owen Jones
Michael Gove's hypocrisy is so intense that it has brutally murdered satire. I wrote about this murder here: — Owen Jones
Michael Gove: 'our best days lie ahead' — Telegraph Politics
Steve Bell on Michael Gove's plans for life outside the EU – cartoon — The Guardian
Steve Bell on Michael Gove's plans for life outside the EU – cartoon — The Guardian
If a Labour politician's wife had slagged off Kate as Mrs Gove does today it's all politician would get asked about. Gove gets free ride — Alastair Campbell
First Gove tried to rewrite our children's history books, now he is trying to rewrite their future. We are clearly @StrongerIn — Tim Farron
The important and persuasively argued bit of Michael Gove's speech — John Rentoul
Open Europe's key conclusion - which Gove omitted - is that to get growth outside the EU you need high immigration — Sam Coates Times
Relax everyone: after Brexit, UK will join Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Ukraine in free trade zone with EU, says #Gove — Lionel Barber
Michael Gove @vote_leave says the UK must leave the EU "before it's too late" — BBC Radio 4 Today
Outside the @vote_leave Michael Gove speech, @StrongerIn campaigners are handing out this manifesto ... — Chris Ship
At last the facts. Gove: Brexit means opening the door to cheap food world-wide. Goodbye UK Agriculture. Been nice knowing you. Steel next? — Paddy Ashdown
I have been so unsettled ever since Michael Gove got the same glasses as me. — Richard Osman

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