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Goa Gong, yang ada di Pacitan, Jawa Timur, diklaim sebagai goa terindah di Asia Tenggara karena stalaktit dan stalakmitnya yang menawan. — Fakta Faktanya WOW!
Q3) We're live at the Grand Hyatt, Goa. Tell us what makes Goa the best place to launch the ElifeS5.5. http://t.co/bWliRnOYmW — Gionee India
Sunday with family. 2 days in Goa for Donny. And Then, Campaigning For AAP. decision made. Life is good. Let's spread the good word, yo! — raghu ram
AAP candidate from South Goa : Manohar Parrikar went overboard in arresting Tarun Tejpal #AAPKaRapePal http://t.co/B66wcQrsOO — Alok Pandey
RT @AAPGoa: @msisodia at AAP public meeting in Panaji Goa! http://t.co/M3VTOnER6Z #AskDilipAAP — Aam Aadmi Party
रेप के आरोपी तरुण तेजपाल को मिली AAP की 'सहानुभूति'... http://t.co/4Ao2ewlQtt — आज तक
AAP Candidate for South Goa, Swati Kerkar actually supports rapist Tejpal ? I cannot believe that a woman would support a beast like Tejpal — Rishi Bagree
AAP supporting rapist Tejpal. Need further proof of AAP Congress nexus?Goa CM went overbooard in arrestingTT says AAP http://t.co/CJsVNIumVd — A K Narendranath
Photoshopped crowd at AAP event in Goa? https://t.co/xyy9WmGCxO — Semu Bhatt
Footage of the Portuguese in Goa shooting and killing unarmed Indian demonstrators 1961. Freedom did not come cheap: https://t.co/8wUqKsncN2 — sanjeevsanyal
Starting early: A young @AamAadmiParty supporter at the AAP meet in Panjim, Goa, yesterday. (Pic: @Gauree_M) http://t.co/BGVHwN5kL2 — Nigel Britto
For all those who are not here at Goa, you can witness the grand launch here. http://t.co/MdCH9otuCV #GioneeSlimFest — Gionee India
“ AAP comes to Tejpal's rescue, says Goa CM went overboard in Tejpal arrest. // This party is worst then Congress”MADE FOR EACH OTHER — Jagdish Shetty
The stage is all set, people are settling down! The morning here in Goa looks blissful and ready to witness the #GioneeSlimFest. #launch — Gionee India
Y además viene: Carola + Nicky Romero + GOA !! http://t.co/V3JEwJHF1X — FABRIK OFICIAL

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