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Finally watched the Glee finale. SEND HELP. — Kevin McHale
So happy to have so many of our AMAZING #glee crew members here at @ScreamQueens 😃 — Lea Michele
Watch @msleamichele reflect on the true meaning of #glee! — GLEE
Last Friday's finale was one OMG moment after another! Relive every glorious second now! #glee — GLEE
Before #glee club, Rachel & Kurt were just two kids looking for a place to belong. Watch the duo perform #Popular! — GLEE
The performances during the finale were unreal! Tweet us your favorites! #glee — GLEE
Seeing #Klaine sing and dance to this tune really is like a daydream! #DaydreamBeliever #glee — GLEE
#glee is all about joy & acceptance for @JennaUshkowitz! Tweet what the show means to you with #GleeToMe now! — GLEE
So true. "Glee Is Gone, But Its GIFs Will Live Forever" via @WIRED — Michael Hitchcock
On a spring Thursday, #RT & #Follow for the chance to #win Festival Glee! Shop now: — Clarks
「ワン・ダイレクション」ゼインの脱退に「フィフス・ハーモニー」カミラ、「glee」ケヴィン・マクヘイルらが反応⇒ #1DJapan #music — 海外ドラマ&セレブ情報TVグルーヴ
House GOP passes budget resolution the 1% can celebrate with glee — Daily Kos
This is the first week since 2009 when you can write a song and not fear it will be subjected to a Glee Cast Version. — daveweigel
.@chriscolfer (bekend als Kurt in Glee) heeft gisteren Disneyland Paris bezocht! #disneyspring @GLEEonFOX — Disneyland Paris NL
Great article from @wired for those of us who are feeling #glee withdrawals — Adam Anders

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