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Sneak peak, gleeks! More exclusives when you get the final season. Pre-order now: #glee — GLEE
If you were to ask me, 'Did you just buy a LOT of Glee songs on iTunes?', I'd say, 'Yes I did'. — Louise
「glee」マーリー役のメリッサ・ブノワが“スーパーガール”として主演を務める米CBSの新作ヒーロードラマ「スーパーガール」のシリーズ化が決定しました。(Variety) @MelissaBenoist — 海外ドラマ&セレブ情報TVグルーヴ
Kevin McHale says Cory Monteith's death made it hard for Glee to come back: — E! Online
CELEB BLOG: #Glee's @NayaRivera on the first trimester - and why she's done with Thai food: — PEOPLE Babies
#fbf to when the incredible #VirtuallyFamous team got me balloons in honor of the last Glee ep airing… — Kevin McHale
"Glee's" Kevin McHale Says The Show Just Didn't Work Without Cory Monteith — Seventeen
Kevin McHale on 'Glee' following Cory Monteith's death: 'I didn't really want to be there' — Sugarscape
CBS picks up a #CriminalMinds spin-off, #RushHour and a comedy starring Glee's @JaneMarieLynch — TV Guide
アーティ役ケビン・マクヘイル、「glee」スピンオフ作品には消極的! その理由は?⇒  #kaigaidrama #海外ドラマ #gleejp — 海外ドラマ&セレブ情報TVグルーヴ
#RunePoll: Does this guy... A) Fill you with a little bit of glee? B) Make you fear for humanity? #BornTooLate — RuneScape
Glee star Kevin McHale says the show "jumped the shark" after Cory Monteith's death: — People's Choice
Great time for a great cause with my glee fam last night @kipplaschools is on the forefron… — Mark Salling

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