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Brazil legend @10Ronaldinho has signed for Mexican side @Club_Queretaro on a 2-year deal - —
A member of FIFA's financial watchdog has been arrested. Charged with money-laundering. I know, it's hard to believe. — Gary Lineker
When you've had 78% possession and 21 shots on target but you lose to a last minute goal on FIFA — Football Funnys
When you had 80% of possession and 27 shots on FIFA but lost the game by a last minute header — Football Funnys
Top 10 Players on FIFA 15 1Messi 93 2Ronaldo 92 3Robben 90 4Zlatan 90 5Neuer 90 6Iniesta 89 7Suárez 89 8Bastian 88 9Ribéry 88 10Hazard 88 — Footy Jokes
A FIFA official has been arrested for corruption and money laundering allegations — Bleacher Report
Top 10 Players on FIFA 15: Messi 93 Ronaldo 92 Robben 90 Zlatan 90 Neuer 90 Iniesta 89 Suárez 89 Schweinsteiger 88 Ribéry 88 Hazard 88 — Uber Football Fact
Ronaldinho al Querétaro, Chicharito al Real Madrid. Diosito está jugando FIFA 15 y es mexicano. — SIMPLEMENTE FÚTBOL
If Germany win tonight with 3+ goals i wil pre order fifa 15 for EVERY retweeter, Must follow me and RT this to enter — Footy Related
According to FIFA's ratings, Man Utd should have the best team on the new game. See here: . — GeniusFootball
DEMO DEL FIFA 15: El 9 de septiembre LANZAMIENTO: El 26 de septiembre ¡QUE GANAS! — Fútbol Fichajes
1. Follow το @PlaisioOfficial 2. RT αυτό, διεκδίκησε το Xbox One μαζί με τα Forza 5 & Fifa 15. #Plaisio_Xbox_contest — Plaisio
(FIFA 14) للسعوديين : الهلال أكثر — D7om alhrbi❤5/5

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