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¡Feliz cumpleaños, Maradona (54)! Revive la trayectoria del argentino que conquistó el mundo: — en español
Just been to the gym... Feeling very sick 😷😰 i think i'll stick to fifa 👌✌️ x — Reece Bibby
Happy birthday Marco van Basten! @OnsOranje, @AFCAjax & @acmilan legend turns 50 today —
OJO, sorteo 50.000 monedas de Fifa 15 para todas las plataformas Para participar da RT a esto y sígueme Esta noche en directo, doy ganador — Estrimo
[#Fifa] Le bouton Manuel Neuer ! Via @InsoliteFoot — Footballogue
FIFA представила официальный мяч Чемпионата мира по футболу в России — Разрыхлитель Мозгов™
Benfica boss Jorge Jesus believes he should have been on Fifa's Coach of the Year shortlist — BBC Sport
FIFA and only FIFA. — Football Trolls
Any man who says his wedding day is the happiest day of his life has obviously never scored an over-head kick on FIFA. — Sheldon Sarcasm!
LAST LAST COMP IF DIVINE RULE or BROWN PETE wins the 7:00 Kempton WE WILL GIVE 1 Follower who RTS A PS4 or XBOX ONE with FIFA 15 — Football Accumulator
Takut banget sama FIFA.. cina aja berani bikin wei bo sbg pengganti facebook.. mental dijajah 3,5 abad gini neh minder di banned asing — Rudi Valinka #BEJO
The whole world will be watching #FCBBVB tomorrow: Broadcast in 208 of the 209 FIFA nations, including New Caledonia, Comoros and Aruba. — FC Bayern English
C'était top de vous voir tout à l'heure ! J'me suis bien fais défoncer sur FIFA c'était cool. Finalement peut être nouvelle vidéo ce soir ! — Squeezie
On my way to @EAMobile FIFA 15 Ultimate Team event at Apple Store, Regent St. Is anyone heading down for 7pm? #FIFA15AppleStore #ad — Aaron Ramsey
Kalo dihukum 2 tahun gak dilibatkan di pertandingan2 resmi FIFA gak apa2,.gak ada yg penting juga even2 utk 2 tahun kedepan — Rudi Valinka #BEJO

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