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We welcome SC judgement that there shud be a button at the bottom of EVM - None of the Above. — Arvind Kejriwal
Provide button on Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) for option to reject all candidates: Supreme Court tells Election Commission — NDTV
I welcome the decision of Supreme Court to provide 'None of the above' option in EVM. #RightToReject — Vijay Goel
I recall in our meetings with @DrSYQuraishi.He informed us that EC recommendation of NOTA on EVM was been pending with GOI since long! — Kiran Bedi
The option of not voting for anyone (and registering this move) was always there, but process needed paperwork, now it's on EVM. That's it. — Faking News
Breaking on @HeadlinesToday: SC says voters have the right to reject all candidates! Election commission to put (reject) button on EVM — GAURAV C SAWANT
Big judgement in supreme court tomorrow, whether there should be option of 'inme se koi nahi' on electronic voting machine(EVM)... — Vikrant Yadav
#SeeMore: Rahul Gandhi To Be The FACE oF The #RightToReject BUTTON ON EVM Machines: #RGvsMMS #Ordinance Supreme Court http://t.co/g5ZOxuUXEK — Rajdeep Chakraborty
क्या पता evm में राईट टू रिजेक्ट वाले बटन में कुछ खेल हो, बटन दबाने से कांग्रेस को वोट ना पड जाये ?? ये सब कुछ भी कर सकते है ? — Vibha ----- विभा
Voters have 'Right to Reject' : #EVM to have button for reject option — Doordarshan News
मतदाताओं को मिला 'किसी को वोट नहीं' का अधिकार, ईएमवी मशीन में होगा नो के विकल्प का बटन #EVM — Doordarshan News
There also needs to be a 'Bhagg Sala, Neta Banega Chutiye!' button on the EVM. — AristocRat Miller
Question EVM pe Congress ka symbol hoga ya Rahul Gandhi ka chehra .. — shilpi tewari
EVM options : 1) Congress 2) BJP 3) ╭∩╮_( ︶︿︶)_╭∩╮ — डार्क पैसेंजर
遠藤正明EVMツアー三本目の仙台JUNKBOX終了!ありがとうございました!それにしても激熱だったー! http://t.co/1bZCY6YD5W — TAKEO 

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