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In the first ever international soccer match, England played a 1-1-8 formation. (That's one defender, one midfielder and eight forwards). — What The F*** Facts
New York City FC signs former England star Frank Lampard. Lampard is Chelsea's all-time leading goal scorer. http://t.co/Dsjz82ukKi — SportsCenter
There's no photobomb like a Queen of England photobomb. http://t.co/Wzf0qrDsrg http://t.co/2ADoQzeppj — Mashable
Down @ Langly Park #England http://t.co/WVcHBXM3gt — Gabriele Corno
The Queen of England photobombed an Australian field hockey player's selfie. It's as awesome as it sounds. http://t.co/tsTGGWaDmY — SportsCenter
.@didierdrogba has signed a one-year deal with @chelseafc, reuniting him with Jose Mourinho - http://t.co/vVzX4Pe6OJ http://t.co/qcaFbUl3gF — FIFA.com
The Queen of England pulled off a epic photobomb this morning: http://t.co/KolU6lHgh3 http://t.co/w1fTYbWjdZ — New York Post
The Church of England's eleventh commandment: Thou shalt obey Parliament and public opinion http://t.co/g8PmzNYD6H http://t.co/rq8viLWsO2 — The Economist
Toe wrestling is a sport in northern England. — UberFacts
RT & follow @VauxhallEngland to win a Steven Gerrard signed #England shirt! Ends 11pm 27/07/14! T&Cs http://t.co/Tz49FADyGl — Vauxhall England
In England, a failed suicide attempt used to be illegal and was punishable by death. — Psychological Facts
Scholes best player I trained with at England. Played the role Gerrard now is for Lfc and ran the game for Man U great player. Opinions!! — Jamie Carragher
Gronk draws the cheers... But @judybattista says NE's title hopes are tied to another star: http://t.co/Dkhb6aHasV http://t.co/D352d1QmGE — NFL

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