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Yes, it's true: Police only shot four people (and nobody died) in all of England the past two years http://t.co/OiBPihiKQG via @dailykos — Mark Ruffalo
This is why Raheem Sterling felt too tired to play for England. http://t.co/wMgbAxMhvm — Footy Humour
What I'm reading: "Why Schools in England Are Teaching 5-Year-Olds How to Code": Bloomberg http://t.co/dYGjvD6gtX — Fareed Zakaria
Why Raheem Sterling was too tired to play for England 😅😅😅😅😅 http://t.co/bIWAJV1PxN — Sports Wankers
Why schools in England are teaching 5-year-olds how to code: http://t.co/mPngRVRrxV — Bloomberg News
Beautiful England http://t.co/JrdJJz1Iv1 — Best Earth Pics
RT & follow @VauxhallEngland to win a signed #England shirt! Ends 19/10/14! T&Cs http://t.co/4DX1I5k4Ct — Vauxhall England
Beautiful England http://t.co/jdd7OQ1u2m — Earth Pictures™
Katrina Hodge was Miss England 2009, now she's a corporal in the British Army. http://t.co/StM1WoQoY0 — People
The Hobbit, was first published in England in 1937. with a printing run of 1,500 copies http://t.co/RNJpdVJNFk — ✍ Bibliophilia
Man gets trapped in #Waterstones bookshop; uses Twitter to escape http://t.co/ls2HRdSjqt http://t.co/1CQdTy0uSW — BBC News (UK)
After adjusting for population #'s you are still 100 times more likely to be killed by police in the USA than England http://t.co/5LUK4QLNaJ — Shaun King
Most Hated Clubs In England - http://t.co/L2ohYeTrZR http://t.co/CXTrYPnknv — The Batman
England under-21s could be a title contender at Euro 2015. Via @WhoScored: http://t.co/e1c6qqxnBf http://t.co/uVp4esPagd — ESPN FC

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