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In England, a failed suicide attempt used to be illegal and was punishable by death. — UberFacts
London and @WembleyStadium to host @UEFA #EURO2020 Final and Semi-Finals!!! #Wembley2020. http://t.co/4d0jcHAYDZ — England
We have heard the voice of Scotland and now the millions of voices of England must also be heard. #IndyRef — David Cameron
Javier Hernandez and Santiago Munez. The two Mexicans that have left England to join Real Madrid http://t.co/eql41TdsPQ — Football Funnys
After #indyref, we're asking you whether England should have its own parliament. RT for YES. Use other tweet for NO. http://t.co/jVmhVHUNC4 — Sky News Tonight
Scotland you have no idea how relieved the north of England is today - we need you to keep the balance between us and them ....😊 — John Bishop
PM: Just as Scotland will have more power over their affairs, it follows England, Wales and N Ireland must have a bigger say over theirs — UK Prime Minister
Wembley to host @UEFA #EURO2020 final & both semi-finals. Reaction from Geneva. #wembley2020 http://t.co/lB5JmnWVVl http://t.co/cGbrxy3uQq — England
PM: We have heard the voice of Scotland - and now the millions of voices of England must not go ignored. — UK Prime Minister
Scotland has decided to not separate from England. I'm happy that Hogwarts doesn't have to deal with a divorce. — Professor Snape
Scotland and England: 300 years of union - in pictures http://t.co/c1MdKmErBa http://t.co/cutpLQzIEW — The Guardian
유럽투어 무사히 끝마치고 올게요♥️ #scandal_in_europe #2014_UKISS_EUROPE_TOUR #Russia #England #France #UKISS #KISSme http://t.co/a7HKIBj6HX — U-KISS
Cameron said he wanted to listen to the "voices of England" on devolution. And here they are http://t.co/R6d4bPCtiz — John Prescott
Boss: "England is on its way to producing top, top quality players but there's still some way to go" #AVFCvAFC — Arsenal FC
Invented by Scots: Bovril, lime cordial, the telephone, TV, postmarks, Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Bank of England, the BBC, the US Navy. — The QI Elves

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