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List of people (men or women) who’ve scored hat-tricks in World Cup finals. 1966—Geoff Hurst (England) 2015—Carli Lloyd (USA) End of list — Bleacher Report UK
Our heroic #Lionesses are on their way home - with their bronze medals in tow. http://t.co/EJ94JqWHPe — England
The England women's team made history, but they've been reduced to this by... England http://t.co/rdJUEZZUNP http://t.co/0huWZkb8U9 — The Independent
@grimmers back in England for the first time properly since Brits, it's lovely to hear you on the radio innit — Ed Sheeran
We did it... @England #BronzeMedal #Lionesses http://t.co/NaEPHrSQJz — Stephanie Houghton
Congratulations to @ArsenalLadies’ @England players, who finish the World Cup in third place: http://t.co/jxf6i3mqtc http://t.co/f7Tx2pRX4s — Arsenal FC
This advert is the perfect tribute to England's women's football team http://t.co/FddWRMR3Ro http://t.co/jLuj6Sykx7 — The Independent
Just raised with the Speaker that I got this response on what legislation is England only. Scotland Bill is included! http://t.co/0ArJa8Saqd — Kirsty Blackman
The #Lionesses have landed! #WeCanPlay http://t.co/rxdeD91dzP — England
And ENGLAND lost to Japan... — KSI [SDMN]
England, does what it wants... http://t.co/yt6fyDXXZT — Paddy Power
O’Driscoll ends a spell with England U19s to take up the role of assistant manager to Brendan Rodgers at Anfield #LFC http://t.co/8wn0lVLZUl — Liverpool FC
Scotland is an "England and Wales only" issue, SNP MP told. http://t.co/nWY8wdosUE http://t.co/JCMwx2awRZ — Jamie Ross
London Underground strike will "definitely go ahead" for 24 hours from Wednesday evening, union Aslef says http://t.co/9BTTwHVQPe — BBC Breaking News
Off to England. Thank you for all my friends. Can't wait for back in the team! 帰るでー!今シーズンも頑張ります! http://t.co/4bA0Hwn4AJ — MAYA YOSHIDA

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