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If England win @UEFAEURO I'll do the first game at Euro 2020 in just my undies.....hey it worked for Leicester. — Gary Lineker
Is it England playing like Spurs or Spurs like England? — Vincent Kompany
73: YEEEEEEEEEEEEES! THERE IT IS! ERIC DIER! [1-0] #TogetherForEngland https://t.co/lJ49Jb0cpw — England
Come on England !!! @UEFAEURO — Louis Tomlinson
CONFIRMED: The #ENG teamsheet for tonight's #Euro2016 clash with #RUS. #TogetherForEngland https://t.co/waReXUHFgh — England
England's problem is not the players they played well tonight. It's the coaches and manager so so negative with substitutions. — Joseph Barton
England still haven't won their opening game in European Championship history. — Gary Lineker
Bosh. #TogetherForEngland https://t.co/V6OrPWKWJK — England
Really hoping for an England victory here. Want the whole country to get up to peak optimism before they totally implode. — Frankie Boyle
The way England have started it's hard to see us not winning this tournament. — Gary Lineker
Anyway relax everyone. England played well and it was very encouraging. — Gary Lineker
The story you won't hear. Vast majority of England fans enjoying a beer without trouble in Marseille. https://t.co/lRvXihRSpk — Toby Perkins
Russian fans chasing England supporters in the stadium. Looks like comical security. Where is the next World Cup again? — Dan Walker
BREAKING: England fan 'has cardiac arrest after being beaten by Russian hooligans' https://t.co/HcHUeEWoEO https://t.co/dOUKmdYK9p — Daily Mirror
Have never seen anything like this in football stadium. Utter panic in England as some Russians charged. Women and children trampled. — Nick Eardley

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