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40% of Britons are excited for presents tomorrow, 60% are excited for Doctor Who. — Stats Britain
An unlicensed doctor who re-used needles has been charged over HIV outbreak in Cambodia: — CNN International
I'll sit with them for the most of the day and later we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by watching the Doctor Who Christmas special — WaterstonesOxfordSt
Ho Ho Ho meets Who Who Who on Christmas Day! Join the Doctor, Clara and Santa for a festive adventure. #DoctorWho — BBC One
In Delhi Acid attack on lady doctor, sources say mastermind is a doctor who used to love her. Seems education can't alter mentality @ibnlive — SAAHIL MENGHANI
67% of Britons woke up early to make sure they didn't miss Doctor Who. — Stats Britain
The Doctor is IN… the latest humble bundle! Over $399 worth of audio adventures in the Doctor Who Audiobook Bundle — Humble Bundle
The #DoctorWho Christmas special is right around the corner — IGN
In the new Dr Who, the doctor travels back in time and shows the Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas special to John Logie Baird, who kills himself. — Sixth Form Poet
Let's all take a moment amongst our families and presents to remember the true meaning of Christmas Day. The Doctor Who Christmas Special! — Luke Spillane
"Doctor Who" head writer Steven Moffat on the Doctor's Christmas episodes and more: — Los Angeles Times
For all us non-brits: What are Christmas crackers?! @Jenna_Coleman_ explains on! #DoctorWho — Doctor Who on BBCA
RT if you’re a woman interested in writing for #DoctorWho. — The Mary Sue
Finally! The 2 men who were caught on CCTV throwing acid on a lady doctor in Delhi.. have been arrested! — Gargi Rawat
Just one hour to go until this year's Doctor Who Special, Last Christmas! Make sure you're in front of the TV, at 6:15pm, on @BBCOne! — Doctor Who Magazine

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