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"He's up there with Derrick Rose, John Wall and Russell Westbrook. His speed is elite." - Paul George on Jeff Teague — Atlanta Hawks
They did Derrick Rose wrong... — Ridiculousness
DeAndre Jordan made 2 straight free throws before Derrick Rose came back. — Hall of Fame
You've got one job, and that is to get better. -Derrick Rose — Fitness Motivator
LMFAO they did derrick rose dirty — Ridiculousness
they did Derrick rose dirty bruh — She Wants The D
The story of Derrick Rose and the story of Easter are somewhat similar. Although instead of taking 3 days to rise again, it's taken 3 years. — Korked Bats
Chicago Bulls Taj Gibson, Derrick Rose, others believers after strange incident at hotel Skirvin in Oklahoma City - — Chicago Bulls Rumors
I wished we got to see Wall vs former Bulls PG Derrick Rose — Radon Randell
lmao so wrong — Captain Pajamas
Chicago Bulls Taj Gibson, Derrick Rose, others saw doors slam, strange noises while at hotel Skirvin in Oklahoma City. (Source: John Branch) — Chicago Bulls Rumors
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be the first top-2 pick to make the NBA Playoffs within 2 years of being drafted since Derrick Rose in '08. — Matt Jarman
Ojalá Derrick Rose en estos playoffs — iResultados NBA
Chicago Bulls GM Gar Forman said Thursday night that Derrick Rose has made progress and he'll come back and be 100%. (Interview: ESPN 1000) — Chicago Bulls Rumors

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