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Derrick Rose leaves Bulls game with left hamstring tightness and will not return. He had 2 points in 10 minutes vs Nuggets. — SportsCenter
UPDATE: Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau says Derrick Rose did not re-injure hamstring and that he kept Rose out of game for precautionary reasons. — SportsCenter
Bulls edge Jazz, 97-95, as Derrick Rose & Pau Gasol return to game action. •Rose: 18 Pts, 5 Ast •Gasol: 23 Pts, 9 Reb — SportsCenter
THIS IS NOT A JOKE: Derrick Rose leaves with an injury...again. Bulls fans be like... — SportsNation
Derrick Rose slander is at an all-time high rn. — Complex
Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is fed up with Derrick Rose not playing consistently: — Complex
Derrick Rose going for an All-Time Record? #MostClaps #PassingTheWhiteMamba — NBA Memes
This might shock you, but Derrick Rose left tonight's game due to injury — Deadspin
LeBron James and Kyrie Irving have played more career minutes together (399) than Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose (314). — Kelly Scaletta
Derrick Rose has left the game with a left hamstring injury. My God. — OnlyTheNBA
The updated list of Derrick Rose's injuries since joining the Bulls: — Tim Reynolds
Chicago Bulls haven't lost a single game this season when Derrick Rose is playing a full game. Bulls are 4-5 when Derrick Rose is injured. — Chicago Bulls Rumors
Bulls: 5-1 when Derrick Rose plays, 4-4 when he does not — ESPN Stats & Info
Derrick Rose going for an All-Time Record? — SC Not Top Ten

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