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Derrick Rose says the Knicks and the Warriors are the two super teams in the NBA — Bleacher Report
Derrick Rose talks upcoming season, says Knicks & Warriors viewed as NBA's "super teams" —
Derrick Rose thinks the Knicks (???) are being considered a "super team" (???) — Complex Sports
Derrick Rose doesn't want you calling the Knicks a superteam, even though nobody is: — SB Nation
Derrick Rose: Knicks and Warriors are the superteams — Sports Illustrated
Knicks' Derrick Rose: "They're saying us and Golden State are the super teams" — The Big Lead
Derrick Rose: Warriors and Knicks are 'Super Teams' — SLAM Magazine
"..they're saying us & Golden State are the super teams." - @drose to @langwhitaker STORY: — NBA TV
Gotta love Derrick Rose's optimism: "We have a chance to win every game, and in the league, that is rare.” — New York Post Sports
PHOTOS: Check out new @adidasHoops shoes for Andrew Wiggins, Derrick Rose and James Harden — SI NBA
Derrick Rose said that the Knicks are the only other superteam in the NBA other than the Warriors.... — Sportando
Derrick Rose: Knicks, Warriors Are The Super Teams: — RealGM
Derrick Rose seems to think the Knicks are a super team, like the Warriors. — theScore
Here's how Derrick Rose feels about being sent Nikes —

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