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Losing that 17-point first-half lead in Portland is nowhere near as serious for the Bulls as D-Rose having that knee examined...Scary. — Michael Wilbon
I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball. -Pete Rose — Baseball Quotes
Basketball Gods robbed us of supreme greatness from Grant Hill, Brandon Roy & my fav, Bill Walton. Lets hope D. Rose isn't on that list. — Not Bill Walton
**BREAKING NBA NEWS** Bulls sources are stating that (G) D.Rose has torn his ACL, this time in right knee. season over... — Incarcerated Bob IBN
Prayers up for D.Rose — Rockie Fresh
Hope D Rose is alright — Wesley Matthews
D-Rose leaves the locker room on crutches on Friday. (USA Today Sports Photo) #bulls http://t.co/wwi5auhCSF — Amanda Kaschube
Deng (11 & 10) and D-Rose (17 & 4) pacing @chicagobulls' 59-44 lead over @Trailblazers at halftime on #LeaguePass. Matthews has 16p. — NBA
Yo D Rose jokes aren't cool right now... Y'all gotta chill — NBA RETWEET
Hope D.Rose will be ok #prayforhim — Nicolas Batum
Not even a bulls fan but really hope D. Rose can make a comeback soon.. — Ryan Higa
Hope my man D Rose is ok — John Lucas III
Man, you really gotta feel for D-Rose. He gives it his all out there. To see him go down with freak injuries is like T-Mac or G-Hill. #Sad — Basketball Forever
#BullsTV: D Rose scoops and scores http://t.co/c8DUBVGQPx #CHIvsDEN — Chicago Bulls
D-Rose looks sharp tonight. Like his old self. — chris palmer

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