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Well ok D. Rose — Peyton Siva Jr
Happy for D-Rose man he's been through so much adversity — CJ McCollum
"D-Rose" Fans! #Bulls http://t.co/NoXdHqRhIT — NBA Memes
CP3. D-Will. Russ. Dame. Steph. Kyrie. Wall. Rose. Golden Age of Point Guards. — Chris Palmer
End Q1: Team White leads Team Blue 34-26 on ESPN. D. Rose is 3/3 for 6p; DeRozan leads all with 9p. @usabasketball #USABMNT — NBA
D-Rose's Return! #KevinDurant #Bulls http://t.co/AQ3Jxg9x6l — NBA Memes
Derrick Rose looks like the old D-Rose, and this is making me super excited for the next season. — Basketball Forever
D-Rose dunk was cool but when he landed you know you were like.. http://t.co/9vDCQjNmFD — @KGTrashTalk
http://t.co/qmoWNs5M3Z predicts of Team USA Point guards: Curry, D-Rose are in; Lillard is out; and either Wall or Kyrie in, but not both. — Sam Amico
To happy to see D.Rose back playing again !!! — Rodney Purvis
"D-Rose" Fans! http://t.co/4xJ2P5q4an — SC Not Top Ten
D-Rose. Steph. Dame. John Wall. All under 26. No rings but give me this 4 vs 4 PGs of any era. — Chris Palmer
Morning Shootaround: Cavs lead Love chase, George thinks Pacers should have won title, D-Rose shines & much more http://t.co/XVx5RW29zH — NBA.com
Coach Krzyzewski - "D-Rose looks better now than in 2010 when he won the NBA MVP" #TheReturn http://t.co/j1MWS3Z8V0 — Sports Edits™
D•ローズ 復活! 昔のローズのような豪快なダンク。来年のローズにワクワクします。(今日はUSAの紅白戦) "@Bballforeverfb: Derrick Rose THROWS IT DOWN! #TeamUSA https://t.co/qXScppYwvH" — バスケがしたくなる動画集

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