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Man feel bad for D.Rose! Keep your head up homie and stay strong G! — LeBron James
Damn man send one up for D Rose.. Hate this keeps coming back but like before it won't keep you down! 🙏 — Paul George
Magic Johnson's blood healthier than D Rose. — Meninist
Damn D Rose knees jokes not even funny no more, his knees are actually real life weak af. — Moe Alayan
everyone tlkin bad about D Rose, yall really need a reality check! nobody can help if they get hurt or not, but ppl always wanna be negative — Le'Veon Bell
This makes me so sad. Get well soon D Rose. https://t.co/G8VwNzV0XM — Athlete Confessions
Stat of the night: D Rose's 1st game of career w/o 2-pt FG (0-6). Finishes 1-13 from the field. (via @ESPNStatsInfo) http://t.co/QQpjwFSzPO — NBA on ESPN
Feel bad for D Rose.. Especially when you know how hard he's been working. — rudy gobert
Dam D. Rose ,,,, small things to a giant — Tity Boi (2 Chainz)
Noooo not again D Rose. My prayers are way up for you. #godsplan #dontloseyourfaith — Mo Williams
I feel like I'm hurt, that's how bad I feel for D Rose. Smh #gooddude — Mo Williams
I feel for D.Rose. At your best youre one of the dozen or so best people in the world at what you do and your body betrays you. — Larry Beyince
A rare pic of D. Rose http://t.co/JQgULoZoMU — ben
Never count anybody out. You don't know what's inside a man's heart. Pulling for D-Rose. — Chris Palmer

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