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Remember Leia? The puppy we got for Christmas? This is her now 😨 — OpTic Pamaj
I am BLOWN AWAY by the amount of B-day gifts I have been given by my Japanese fans & is like Christmas! — Mike Portnoy
This would make for an interesting Christmas movie. — TheLADbible
I saw a rough version of The Christmasaurus cover tonight. Was like opening a Christmas present! Can’t wait to show you! #TheChristmasaurus — Tom Fletcher
#throwback #thursday #tbt Almost halfway to #Christmas again! 🎄🎄🎄 xo #maserati #rudolph @ Santa… — Ariane Bellamar
#EarthDay #24Seven begins! It's April 22 in Kiritimati aka Christmas Island, Kiribati on the International Date line — NASA Earth
Merry Christmas 💚 — Dylan Holland
TBT: when @DeltaGoodrem played an early version of #dearlife for Molly at his house for Christmas during Cats — cameron adams
All I wanted for Christmas was a balanced knife juggler. It's still oppressive. Awful, irrelevant nerf and that's how it'll stay forever. — reynad
28. It doesn't matter how far in advance she tries to book it off, she always has to work on Christmas Day — innocent drinks
Victoria Wood's famous Christmas sketch. RIP — Daily Mail U.K.
Love yourself a Merry little Christmas... 🎤 - Jose — Eat Bulaga
Fantastic interview on CW Iowa .... 2 songs.... Acoustic Records... Blue Élan Records Christmas Records....... — Keith Harkin
For Christmas this year I'm giving out crisp, brand new 20 dollar bills! #HarrietTubman #GameChangers #herstory — LaChanze
I love new @itsthedarcys music day! It's like Christmas for your ears. — Eric Johnson

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